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Saturday  December 10, 2005 : Themes two at a time, including Award nominations

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Today on Folk Plus, taking two songs at a time.

Going to start by listening to two nominees in several categories for  the Candadian Folk Music Awards. Awards will be announced this evening at the presentation which is happening at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, Québec 8 pm tonight.

Two songs nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards: Best Album-Contemporary

1. David Francey - Waking Hour 344
The Waking Hour -Jericho Beach Music

2. The Bills - Let Em Run 345
Let ‘Em Run -Borealis

Two songs nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards: Best Songwriter-English

3. Lynn Miles -Trying not to Be So Sad
Love Sweet Love -True North

4. James Keelaghan - Hold Your Ground
Then Again l-Jericho Beach Music

Two songs nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards: Best Ensemble

5. Le Vent du Nord - Bon Buveur/Reel
Album-Les Amants du Saint-Laurent -Borealis

6. Genticorum - Les cousinages
Malins Plaisirs -Roues et Archets

Two songs nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards: Best Singer-Traditional

7. Enoch Kent - Green Grow the RUshes
For the Women-Second Avenue Records

8. Ian Robb - Chicken on a Raft
Jiig-Fallen Angle Music

Two songs on who is playing locally this weekend: Bodles Opera House
39 Main St, Chester, NY 10918  845-469-4595
Saturday Sat, Dec 10 8:30 pm

9. Christine Lavin - I Didn't Mean It
Cactus Cafe - Night Eagle Cafe
Oxford New York 13830  (607) 843-7378
Sun. Dec.11th.4:00pm $25.00, John McCutcheon

10. John McCutcheon - Keep It Straight
Hail to the Chief -

Two Folk Grammy nominations
Nominations for the Grammys were announced Dec. 8th, this past thursday.

Folk Grammy Nominations : Category 67: Best Traditional Folk Album

11. Tom Paxton - Ashcroft
Live In The UK - Pax Records
nominated along with The Chieftains, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Tim O'Brien, Jo-EL Sonnier

Folk Grammy Nominations : Category 68: Best Contemporary Folk Album (Vocal or Instrumental.)

12. Rodney Crowell  - Beautiful Despair 353
The Outsider - Columbia Records
nominated along with Ry Cooder, Nickel Creek, John Prine and Bruce Springstein

Two songs on artists vehicles:

13 Cary Cooper - Yellow
Yellow -

14 All About Buford - Supercar
Supercar -

Two songs on superwoman syndrome:

16. Jody Kessler - Superwoman
Another Day of Loving -

17. Patricia Shih - Superwoman
Nerfa Submission -

Two songs on polluting our waters

18. Cosy Sheridan - Don't Go in the Water329
Grand Design - BWE Music

19. Berrymans - Household Fluids 314
Some Days - Cornbelt Records

Two songs on enemies

20. Rod MacDonald - My Belloved Enemy 352
Tale of Two Americas - Wind River

21. Dar Williams - Beautiful Enemy
My Better Self - Razor and Tie

Two songs on siblings

22. Hugh Blumenfeld - Brothers 3
Strong in Spirit - 1 800 PRIME CD

23. Vicky Harris - Sisters 332
Touch -

Two songs on pets

24. Les Barker - Go, Stay and Fetch - 333
Up the Creek without a Poodle -
poetic onslought of humor and thought

25 Cindy Mangsen - Our Cats
Cat Tales: Songs of the Feline Persuasion - Compass Rose

Two songs from mythology

Medusa was the serpent-headed monster of Greek mythology whose hideous appearance turned men into stone. Originally a fair maiden, she was violated by Poseidon in a temple of the goddess Athena, who then punished her by transforming her into an ugly monster with snakes for hair. Perseus, with the help of the Hermes and Athena, was able to lop off Medusa's head by looking only at her reflection during his attack.

26. Eileen McGann - Medusa
Beyond the Storm - Dragon wing music

Persephone is the goddess of the underworld in Greek mythology and  daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Persephone was beautiful and Hades wanted her for himself. He abducted her. Broken-hearted, Demeter wandered the earth, looking for her daughter. As goddess of the harvest she withdrew herself in loneliness, and the earth ceased to be fertile. A deal was struck to share her, and thus, the seasons.

27. Cosy Sheridan - The Pomegranate Seed 319
Pomegranate Seed - Wind River

Two songs on TV

28. Michael McNevin - Sketch
Sketch -

28. Kristina Olsen -  Better than TV
All OVer Down Under -

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