The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday January 21,  2006: Love and not love

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1 Dean Martin - That's Amore 235
Thats Amore - Prism

2 Martyn Joeseph - Love is 221
Whoever It Was that Brought Me Here- Appleseed
what love is

3 Lynn Miles - Wrong 427
Night in a Strange Town - Philo
what love isn't

4 We're About 9 - Love songs 237
Live Wherever You Are -

5 Christine Lavin - Doris & Edwin: The Movie 456
Live at the Cactus Cafe - Philo
they 'fell' in love

6 Beatles - It's Only Love 200
Beatles Anthology 2 - capital/apple

7 David Kleiner - Baby I Burn 307
This Human heart -

8 Lynn Miles - Flames of Love  355
Love Sweet Love - Ture North

9 Matt Watroba & Anne Hills - (Hagberg/Peak) Old Love 346
Best is Yet to Be -  Ledegwood Recrods

10 Darryl Purpose - Ring on  My Hand 308
Travelers' code - Tangible
"now I hear my heart beat, in the breast of another"

11 Pat Humphries - People Love 320
Hands - Appleseed
"what will we tell our children?"

12 Susan Werner - I Can't Let You In 344
Time Between Trains - Bottom Line
would some prefer violent heterosexual relationships to loving homosexual ones

13 Terry Tufts - You Said 337
2 Nights Solo - Nutshell music
"I'll never meet your expectations"

14 Ella Fitzgerald I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair 254
Thats Amore - Prism
"and send him on his way"

15 Mustard's Retreat - I'd Rather Be Lonely 241
Gathering of Moments -
"love is a battle"

16 Carrie Newcomer - I'm Not Thinking of You 321
My Father's Only Son - Philo
"I'm not falling ..."

17 Lui Collins - Leaving Fort Knox  202
Leaving Fort Knox  - Molly Gamblin Music
"i fought to get in, I'll fight to get out...and I ain't looking backwards"

18 Richard Shindell - Are You Happy Now? 346
Sparrows Point - Shanachie
now we're divorced

19 Susan Piper - Anything for Love 352
New on the Planet - Sliced Bread
"anything at all"

20 T.R.Ritchie - Why Does Love Make Me stupid 251
My father's Wildest Dream - Apex Records
blaming cupid?

21 Cozy Sheridan - I'd Fall For You
Quietly Led - Waterbug
"We've done plenty of damage, my letters and I"

22 Jack Williams - Count on Me 409
Laughing in the face of the blues -Wind river
you can always count on someone who loves you

23 Jay Hitt - Angela's Eyes 430
Tricentric Entry
lying about being in love

24 Pat Wictor - Love is the Water 258
Tricentric Entry
at teh Night eagle Feb 4th

25 Townes Van Zandt - I'll Be Here in the Morning 254
Townes van Zandt - Tomato
Just one of his many love songs

26 Holly Near -  Simply Love 247
And Still We Sing - calico tracks
its only my love for a woman

27 Mark Weigle - Two Cowboy Waltz 317
The Truth Is -
love for a man

28 Brooks Williams - My Love will Follow You 354
Hundred Year Shoadow - Signature Sounds
"my heart will not lose track"

29 James Keelaghan - Love What A Road 312
Road -
"you breathe deep and bring my world to a standsill"

30 David Francey - Broken Glass 319
Skating Rink -
"thats my heart everytime that girl walks past"

31 Dan McKinnon - (Fisher) Every Man's Heart 400
Fields of dreams and Glory -

32 JohnSmith - Love's worth Fighting For 352
Traveler -
soldiers for love

33 Sonia - Gangsters of Love 406
No Bomb is Smart - Disappear Fear records
"break the law everyday to love you"

34 Steve Goodman - ( Smith )  The Dutchman 418
Somebody Else's Troubles- Buddah

35 fades out....Lynn Miles Sweet and Tender Heart 215
Love Sweet Love - True North
"need true love more than anything"

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