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Saturday March 4,  2006: Highlighting Sing Out Spirng 2006

I'm going to pull from more of the issue than the review section of new releases.

Folk News includes:

Featured songs in the issue:

Sons of the Never Wrong featured article page 19

1. Sons of the Never Wrong - Too Many 434
Nuthatch Sutie - Gadfly

SO list the song as being "about the encessant ranting on everyday life, chronicling the constant complaints of too much politics, not enough love and other gripes of the same ik. Roper explains that when  the quick and the dead come walking down the sidewalk like theyve never left, we are reminded whether in plentry or scarcity, nothing disentangles our everdayness bu the spirit of those things lost when only perspecitrve can be found."

Uncle Earl feature page 34

This group consists of four members either side of 30 years old. Uncle Earl guitarist Kristen Andreassen says her general grew up with as a product "It came from a  plastic disc. And I think a lot of young kidsa re responding against that. The way to be a rebel today is to pick up an old instrument and play it wi th our friends, just for fun"

Uncle Earl -  Take These Chains 340
She Waits for Night - Rounder

This was written as Ellen Hamilton, lead singer for Night Sun. It was written while listening to news of Baghdad. Her musical and life partner, Chris Coleman, advised she cut out half the words. Pairing it down proved a better song  she admitted, noting it became a great example of how less is more. Sing Out calls it a "rootsy, swinging Gospel arrangement"

Night Sun page 105
Night Sun (Ellen Hamilton) -  Don't Count Riches 332
Drive - Borealis

Now to some reviews:

Les Charbonniers De L'enfer - Le Bedeau de St. David 240
Wo - La Tribu

Using Just voices and feet to scape sound and traverse time. Picture a cross between a medieval choral piece and a sea shanty and you have "Le Bedeau de St. David" Sort of. .. Voices are used for call and responce songs taht are teh staple of quesbecois music, but also to simulate fiddle and few other  things."

Liz Carroll and John Doyle - "The Ronana Boys/Ralph's 2-3-5 352
In Play - Compass
I lost the insert for this. I hang the inserts on a clothes line to off gas the terrible ink and printing smells taht are trapped in the cases. Usually Im aware of the weather and leave them out only in wind, but theirs got covered in rain and was ruined. So, since the review gave the title cut info, thats what I cued up.
SO says: "Doyle was former frontman of the group Solas, and Caroll won the senior all Ireland championship at 18. The duo sticks to traditional jigs and reels opening with the the latter on "the Ronana Boys/Ralph's 2-3-5"

Debra Cowan and Michael DeLalla - Walloping Window Blind 302
Dad's Dinner Pail - Falling Mountain

From a collection of "over 30 years by Helen Harness Flanders who was determined to preserve the trational music of New England, often variants of Scots/English songs. Not only did Cowan and DeLalla read Flanders' notes and articles, but also listened to some of the original recordngs... about as close as a contempoarry artist can come to the true oral tradition. The result is a delightful variety of music from "Bold Richard" to the rollicking "Walloping Window Blind"

Tom Paxton with Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - Last Thing on My Mind 353
Tom Paxton with Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - (Parady) Last Thing on My Mind 105 & 53 sec into 17
Live in the UK - Pax Records

"Live performance recroding .. not intended to be a CD for release, the songs were simply recorded to mini-disc at different concerts around the U.K. There was no need for expensive equipment or fancy editing to capture the essence of Tom paxton's warm and wonerful perormances.

Joyce Andersen - (Eric Anderson) For what I was Gained 753
Love and Thirst - Joyscream

"Andersen is bold and fearless throughout Love and Thirst, an album of 11 originals and one each from Bob Wills and Eirc Anderson (aaparently no relation)

Dan McKinnon - Kith and Kin 400
Fields of Dreams and Glory - Dan MacKinnon

"Many of the songs illuminate points of Canadian history through tales of individual lives rather than  grandiose epics "Kith and Kin" tells of world war 11 brides elaving family and friends in Eurpoe to settle in Canada."

Kelly Muhollan - Wallace Stephens experts from Continual Conversation with a Silent man 354 Langston Hughes God to Hungry Child 200
Never Ending Conversation - Termite Tracs

"art song settings of well known poems.. Mulhollan has composed folk-influenced music for his settings and created accesible songs from the poetry" Also on the release is Donna Stjerna, Mulhollna's partner from the band Still on the Hill.

Quicksilver - England Green 518
Promise - Wilf's Records

One of the cleverest CDs I've heard in recent memory. The expertly chosen material showcases them at thier best. Most of it is intelligntly humorous, one might say cheeky in British parlance...  If you're tired of the same ol same ol check out Quicksilver."

Eleanore and Paul Kamm - Talk Radio 546
Like Water - Freewheel

"If you like the sound of creative portest and conscience along with a splendid love song or two from two people who definitely know how to make music, check out this recording" - SO (Oak Tree was chosen to feature on the compilation by Sing Out, but I have an unexplainable knee jerk reaction to the grammar, which even bothered my daughter, I chose another cut to feature today.

Liz Carlisle - 9/8 Central
Five Star Day - Wildground
Carlisle's pleasing voice always sounds like it knows where it's going and feels the meaning of the words she's singin. "9/8 Centrial" is a terrific song about the disenfranchisment of rural America and small town life in a sparsely populated state. "

Tim Grimm - Everybody's Gone Crazy 409
Back Fields - Wind River
He had several successful years as an actor in Los Angeles. He co-starred in the NBC series Reasonable Doubts and appeared in half a dozen feature films, including Clear and Present Danger opposite Harrison Ford. Tired of living in LA, Tim and his wife bought an old farm not far from where he grew up. It was during the time they were deciding to leave behind their lifestyle in LA, that Tim began to write songs again" -

SO: "11 originals and one Bob Dylan song contians unbridles passion and poetry. Grimm co-authored six of the orignals with his wife Jan Lucas, who is waging a brave battle against leukemia.... Everybody's Gone Crazy about the mayehm and frantic nature of our contemporary society."

Andrew Calhoun - Atmosphere 350
Staring at the Sun:Songs 1973-81 - Waterbug

Always a brave songwirter, Calhoun looks back at some of his frist songs.. he wrote as a young man"

Berryman's - Some Days 242   Dem Deer 155
Some Days - Cornbelt Records
SO: "Left of center fun"
Me: I love these guys- intelligence hitting your funny bone

--------------------   Now selections from the compilation included in each Sing Out

Dan Berggren - River Driving 308 cut 8
Jolly TInker - Gumstump

Laura Cortese =- Green Wedding 327 cut 11
Hush - Jar Productions

Rod MacDonald - Smoke 343 cut 13
Tale of Two Americas -  Wind River
Rod said he wrote this "after the state of Florida enacgexc a ban on smoking in the palces I play down here... People go outside to smoke every now and then, miss some fo the music, come back in annd ask us to play something we just did a coupld of songs ago"

Lauren Sheehan and Billy Oskay - Two Wings 355 cut 15
Two Wings - Wilson River

Jon Boden and John Spiers - Bold Sir Rylas 435 cut 17
Songs - Fellside

Kate Rusby and John McCusker - Game of All Fours 338 cut 18
Girl who Couldn't Fly - Compass

News on Awards:

First ever Canadian Folk Music Awares were December 10 in Gatineau, Quebec.

Winners include Lynn Miles - Contemporary singer, english songwriter,

Lynn Miles - Rainmaker 458
Love Sweet Love - True North

Ian Robb - Trad singer and

Ian Robb

Le Vent Du Nord, Trad Album
Le Vend Du Nord - Cre Mardi/ la Turlutte du Rang des sloans 430
Les Amants Du Saint-Laurent - Borealis

Genticorum - best ensemble
Genticorum - Les Tisserandes 415
Genticorum -

Trout Fishing - Merry Fishes to All, wond the gold award by the nal parenting pulications awards