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Saturday March 25,  2006: Two Cuts -  "While finishing my second year of med school,(2005)  taking the national board exam, and starting third year clinical rotations, I was able to fit in a few cool concerts in 2005 ...My study on mothers singing to their premie infants, conducted at CCMC, was accepted for publication this year, and I received an unexpected and welcome scholarship from the Joseph Collins Foundation for my work in medicine and the arts. Otherwise, a pretty humdrum year. "

1. Hugh Blumenfeld - Mozart's Money 315
Mozart's Money - 1 - 800 - Prime CD

2. Hugh Blumenfeld - Raphael 348
Mozart's Money - 1 - 800 - Prime CD - "My first album "The Tide", which was produced by Shawn Colvin and has her singing some amazing harmonies, has just been re-released.  It's been re-mastered, has a brand new package, and 2 previously unreleased tracks." -  Lucy will be doing a series of concerts this spring to benefit "," a wonderful organization that is improving the lives of children in orphanges in China. Lucy discovered it while adopting her daughter Molly.   Tonight she's at the Emelin thearre in mamaraneck NY 914 698 0098

3. Lucy Kaplansky - Scorpion 354
Flesh and Bone - Red House - (800) 695-4687.

4. Lucy Kaplansky - The Tide 415
The Tide - Re release on Red House

Darryl Purpose has led a diverse and interesting life. Lured as a teenager to the world of casino gambling, Purpose went from betting dollars on the graveyard shifts in downtown Las Vegas, to being one of the best blackjack players in the world by his mid twenties. In his late twenties, Purpose left Blackjack to walk across the country (L.A. to DC) with the ‘Great Peace March.’ Writing and playing music as a member of the ‘house band’ of the GPM—his first performing experience— was a watershed event for Purpose, leaving him with a permanent thirst for the connection possible through music.

5. Daryl Purpose - Dangerous Game 407
Smae River twice -

6. Daryl Purpose - Mr. Schwinn 440
Trasvellers' Code - -
"Give up trying to label this band and just fall in with the music" - Sing Out Magazine
. .. superbly crafted songs and eclectic sound. Night Sun has been featured in Billboard Magazine as a top Canadian act and awarded the Silver Star in contemporary folk music by the British Crossroads Music Awards.  The Toronto Star has described their sound as "Celtic Zydeko with a Klezmer twist,"
Lead singer Ellen Hamilton is a winner of Ontario's Songs From the Heart and the band has been given a best folk recording award by CBC Radio's national arts program, Definitely Not the Opera.  Night Sun has closed Canada Day ceremonies in Ottawa, performed on national television and radio and at major festivals across the country"

7. Night Sun - One Moment of Grace 324
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

8. Night Sun - Petawawa River 347
Drive - Borealis Records

Nate Borofsky, Doris Muramatsu, and Ty Greenstein scheduled the group's first rehearsal for September 11, 2001. Doris and Ty, who met in the second grade, had recently abandoned their former project as a duo; their friend Nate had just moved to New York after four solo years on the Boston music scene. When all three suddenly found themselves living in the same Brooklyn apartment, ... but the events of September 11 helped shape the trio's vision: "It brought us in touch with our own mortality. We realized that we wanted to have fun, to do what felt right to us, and to not take ourselves too seriously. We started out by calling ourselves Girlyman."

9.  Girlyman - On the Air 310
Little Star - Daemon Records

10.  Girlyman - Superior 300
Little Star - Daemon Recrods

Cosy Sheridan delivers one of the most well-rounded concert performances of anyone in folk music today, which is why Acoustic Guitar Magazine has written, "If I were going to throw an all-girl dinner party at which I wanted to laugh and cry from the hor d'oeuvres to the chocolate pudding, Cosy Sheridan is the first woman I'd invite." JANIS IAN - "It's always a pleasure to meet another fabulously gifted female performer."

11. Cosy Sheridan - Broken Place 355
Saturn Return - Waterbug

12. Cosy Sheridan - Quietly Led 327
Quietly Led - Waterbug (August 13, 1952 - July 19, 2002) Dave Carter Memorial Fund Distributed - Saturday, August 13, 2005
We are pleased to announce that on August 11, the Dave Carter Memorial Fund, which totalled more than $14,000, was distributed to these worthy causes: Dove Lewis Memorial Animal Hospital (OR); Oregon Natural Resources Council (OR); Ethos (OR); and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (UT). A generous grant to Friends of Forest Park in Ore. will be used to name a park bridge for Dave.  Happy Birthday Dave!
Tracy invited to Falcon Ridge - Early bird tickets are on sale now until March 15, 2006 -  This year the festival moves to Dodds Farm in Hillsdale, just up the road from the old locale.

13. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer- Ordinary Town 248
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature Sounds

14.  Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer- Tillman Co. 325
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature Sounds

 (born: June 4, 1976) Kasey Chambers  is Australia's most popular country music performer with two successive albums reaching number one on the Australian album charts in 2002 and 2004. Each of her solo albums has achieved platinum status in Australia. She bagan as a family band, In 1986, the family formed the Dead Ringer Band with Bill and Diane, her parents, as the initial members and Kasey and Nash joining the band a year later.

15. Kasey Chambers - The Captain 437
The Captain - Asylum records

16. Kasey Chambers - Cry Like A Baby 358
The Captain - Asylum records -

"What tales this singer-songwriter from Philadelphia has...
With insight and good humor, he has taken these life experiences
and distilled them into old fashioned story songs
brimming with wit and compassion."
---New York Times

17.  Chuck Brodsky - Two Left Feet 425
Tulips for Lunch- waterbug

In 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked and threatened to blow up an airliner, extorted $200,000 from its owner,
Northwest Orient, then leaped from the airborne 727 with 21 pounds of $20 bills strapped to his torso.
He was never seen again—dead or alive. The crime was perfect if he lived, perfectly crazy if he didn't.

18 Chuck Brodsky - Ballad of D.B.Cooper 509
Tulips for Lunch- waterbug

Lynn Miles from an interview at 1380am CKPC Lite 92.1 fm from Brantford Ontario, speaks about writing styles.

May 7th she'll be coming to OCCC campus - Morrison Mansion - 115 South St. Middletown, NY

21. Lynn Miles - Lonliness 332
Slightly Haunted - Philo

22. Lynn Miles - 8 Hour Drive 311
Love Sweet Love - True North

Sat. May 20, 8pm:

Cheryl Wheeler On how she came to write "Unworthy"
She be coming to OCCC campus - Morrison Mansion - 115 South St. Middletown, NY

23. Cheryl Wheeler - Unworthy 321
Slyvia Hotel - Philo

24. Cheryl Wheeler - Arrow 419
CCircles and arrows - Philo

The daughter of successful songwriter Terry Gilkyson, Eliza is a third generation musician who grew up in Los Angeles knowing that her life would revolve around music. “I got into it for all the wrong reasons, more as a survival tool than anything else, but it proved to serve me more than I dared to imagine.”
Eliza recorded Land of Milk and Honey in 2004, a recording decidedly more sociopolitical in theme, that was nominated for a Grammy. Her most recent CD is Paradise Hotel which has already made DJ Top Ten lists all over the US and Europe.
Sun. April 2, 3pm she'll be coming to OCCC campus - Morrison Mansion - 115 South St. Middletown, NY

25. Eliza Gilkyson - Hiway 9 - 400
Land of Milk and Honey - Red House

26. Eliza Gilkyson  - Borderline 242
Paradise Hotel - Red House

27 . Burns Sisters - Dance Upon this earth 327
In This World - Philo -  We are going on the road with Arlo Guthrie again in March....!
  "Great voices. Great songs. Great hair. I hate them." - Christine Lavin
"If I could split myself in three I would be the Burns Sisters." - Janis Ian

28. Burns Sisters - Something Real 357
OUt of the Blue - Philo - When it comes to being funny, I think I've spent the first thirty years trying to be as funny as Tom Lehrer and the last part will be trying to be as funny as the Berrymans. They don't come any funnier than that... Tom Paxton  Peter and Lou Berryman just have to be the funnybones of the Midwest. Public radio listeners know that this Madison-based duo is pure entertainment.

29  Lou and Peter Berryman - Homelessness 255
Some Days - Cornbelt Records

30 . Lou and Peter Berryman - Dust the Piano 259
Some Days - Cornbelt Records

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