The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday April 1,  2006: Spring, Baseball, Flowers etc
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Chuck Brodsky - 7th Inning stretch 32
The Baseball Ballads - Records

Chuck Brodsky - Dock Ellis' No-No 446
The Baseball Ballads - Records

Trout Fishing in America - Hard Ball 303
My World - Trout Music

Lou and Petere Berryman's - Here's Lou with the Sports226
We Don't Talk About That! - CornBelt records

Christine Lavin - Ballad of a Ballgame 741
Sometimes Mother Really Knows Best - Appleseed

Michael McNevin - Pride of Niles-Centerville Little Leage 329
Secondhand story - Mudpuddle Music

Tom Russell - The Kid from Spavinaw (about Mickey Mantle)
Modern Art -  Hightone

Heidi Muller - I Like Baseball 402
Giving Back - self

Erik Balkey - Baseball in My Blood
While the Paint Dries  -  Hudson Harding Music

Lui Collins - Spring .52
Closer - Waterbug

John McCutcheon - Spring Fever 352
Springsongs - Kids Rounder

Juliet Wyers - First Hot Day 355
Clear -

Mark Erelli - Seasons Pass 340

John McCutcheon - Spring Cleaning 256
Springsongs - Kids Rounder

Paul Mills - Yard Sale Song 257
Other Side of the Glass - Borealis

Nancy White - I Sweep the Sidewalk with the Hose 146
Stickers on Fruit - Borealis

Cosy Sheridan - Uraban Assalt Vehicle 130
Anthymn - Wind River

Tamarack- Maple Syrup 304
Leaving Inverarden

Peggy Seeger -Fatal Flower Garden
Heading forHome -  Appleseed's

Tom Paxton - Whose Garden Was This? 229
I Can't Help But wonder Where I'm Bound

David Mallett: - The Garden Song 330
Parallel Lives - Flying Fish

Kat Eggleston' - My Father's Garden 335
Second nature - Waterbug

Brooks Williams - Tulips in the Spring 341
Back to Mercy - Green Linnet

Smith Sisters - Bramble & The Rose 310
A Canary's Song - Flying Fish

Dick Gaughin - Wild Roses 4
Outlaws & Dreamers - Appleseed

Suzy Bogguss - (Foster) May the Red Rose Live Always 410
Beautiful Dreamer: Songs of Stephen Foster - American Roots

Peter Siegel  - Bugs 419
The Show -

David Francey - Red-Winged Blackbird 240
Tron Screen Door -
"Thought I heard a red-winged blackbird down my road"

Finest Kind (Ian Robb, Ann Downey, Shelley Posen) - I Heard the Bluebird Sing 208
Lost in a Song -
"counting every hour til the bluebird chirps his welcome into the world once more"

Kallet, Epstein, Cicone - Be Like a Bird 402
Only Human- Overall Music-
"Yet sings, knowing she has wings"

David Olney - Birds 430
Migration - Loudhouse Recrods

Eddie Reader - Winter it is Past 415
Songs fo Robert Burns - Compass

Lui Collins - Hanging Up the Snowshoes 356
Closer - Waterbug

Petito & Ritter - Catskill Green347
Catskill Collection compiled by Jan Ungar and Molly Mason -

Some MP#s off the net

Mark Graham - Dick Cheney's Got A Shotgun
on Laurie Lewis's site

Dixie Chicks - Not Ready to Make Nice

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