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Saturday April 22, 2006
Earth Day Special: Multiple Chemical Sensitivites

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For about a decade I hosted massive earth day shows here at WJFF involving tons of kids, who'd  arrive here in buses or car loads to read their thoughts about the health of the earth over the air.

The students' excitement about being live on the radio was evident. They were proud of their ideas, or reporting that their brownie troup had picked up the litter at Walnut Mountain, for example. But I knew there were certainly big business decisions that were affecting the earth in massively damaging ways while these innocent kids were working on getting 5 cents back from bottles at the grocery store.  These decisions would render the children's accomplishments miniscule even though these precious kids were placing enourmous pride on their efforts to pick up litter at their campsite or road for example. It seemed that the show needed to go beyond picking up litter.

I want to begin Folk Plus today with a song by Pat Humphris and Sandy O. singing out the warnings of Rachel Carson.

Rachel was hired by the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries to write radio scripts during the Depression. Disturbed by the profligate use of synthetic chemical pesticides after World War II, Carson reluctantly changed her focus in order to warn the public about the long term effects of misusing pesticides. In Silent Spring (1962) she challenged the practices of agricultural scientists and the government, and called for a change in the way humankind viewed the natural world.  Carson was attacked by the chemical industry and some in government as an alarmist. Eventually as her assertions proved true, as Time magazine wrote: "all but the most self-serving of Carson's attackers were backing rapidly toward safer ground. In their ugly campaign to reduce a brave scientist's protest to a matter of public relations, the chemical interests had only increased public awareness.”

1. Pat Humprhies, Sandy O - Silent Spring
One x 1,000,000 = change -
Today's Folk Plus earth day show will focus on some of the victims of environmental illness. People are suffering from the mismanagement of our earths natural balances.  There are serious signs of the planets continued poisoning. The problem is that the people who profit from the continued pollutions don't pay the financial nor the health costs. Not yet, at any rate. Many suffer from chemical damage and I'm exploring that today musically and with guests on Folk Plus. Not all can be accessable  by phone as they live without anything around them.

I'm hoping I have on the line Maxina Ventura who founded the East Bay Pesticide Alert after her family was poisoned in Sonoma Valley by the spraying of wine vineyards.  She and two children were poisoned by pesticides when they lived in Wine Country, in Sonoma, and developed MCS in response to years' worth of exposures. Her kids could not attend school, as they would have problems both with pesticides and other toxins used on the grounds, and in the buildings, and even the laundry and personal "care" products used by students and teachers."   She said that whole days can be lost by exposure to someone with Tide or fabric softeners on their clothing.
Her website will tell the "real" story about west nyle virus and reactions to pesticides.
She tells everyone is one accident away from these reactions.  510-895-2312.

2.  Metal Drums - Patty Larkin
     Live in the Square - Philo
     "63 million.. that won't bring back their children" It seems companies have greater protection than the population.
Poisoning of the earth is throwing everything off balance. we are relying on the government to act in our best interests and they are not.
The next guest was a chemically intolerant sufferer from San Fransisco. December of 1990 Trudy Fielding had her carpets cleaned. She and her family have suffered with multiple chemical sensitivites (MCS) since. Her children could not attend school due to the toxic attacks of cleaners, fragrances, white board markers, etc. She has been pretty much homebound for the last 16 years, all from having her carpets dry cleaned. She tells people could be just one accident away from joinging my ranks, of the respirator wearing odd looking people"

Trudy is planning a  protest rally for awareness of MCS. Its the first in the world public rally/awareness event for PEOPLE damaged by chemicals. She says: "This is not save the whales-this is save the people. We all know the environment is a mess- What we all don’t know is that there are people getting sick. They have something called MCS-Multiple Chemical sensitivity. You won’t see them or if you do they are the strange people wearing gas masks at the grocery store. We are the canaries-We want to warn you that you could be one toxic chemical exposure away from joining our ranks.   A little knowledge that could save you or yours a lot of misery.
Monday May 1st at noon. Where: San Francisco’s Union Square at Powell & Post
When: Monday May 1, 2006 noon to 2 pm.  Contact Trudy Fielding  650 872-1488


Theres a girl in Australia, named Season who is 24, and has not left her home in eight years. She has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a disease where the immune system cannot tolerate common chemicals. This condition occurred after an over-exposure to a fragranced product. It's result is deadly symptoms from inhaling any of the banned substances. After four near-death experiences she was ordered to stay home, in a controlled, segregated environment. For the past eight years, Season has been  ‘bedroom- kitchen- bathroom-bound’ in her outer-suburban Adelaide, Australia home due to a condition called multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). The body will be defeated, and act out with rashing, nervous systems malfunctions, muscle aches, bleeding ears, dizziness, light sensitivity or breathing difficulties.

Patients, in most cases, can die from this assault. Inside the body is going through turmoil. The immune system has been damaged. T-cells are depressed, meaning the body is now physically unable to defend itself from toxins. Although it can still stand up to common illnesses, chemicals cause debilitating symptoms.

Her christened name is Season, but under the psuedonym ‘Bubblegirl’ she has written several books.


3. Cosy Sheridan - Don't Go In the Water
Grand Design - waterbug
 "Arsenic, acetone, methylene chloride..."  (During this song someone called in to say they have been permanently damaged from methylene chloride)


From this list: - of 20 common chemcials in fragrance products, I highlighted Methylene chloride

10. METHYLENE CHLORIDE (in: shampoo, cologne, paint and varnish remover)
Banned by the FDA in 1988! No enforcement possible due to trade secret laws protecting chemical fragrance industry. On EPA, RCRA, CERCLA Hazardous Waste lists. "Carcinogenic" ..."Absorbed, stored in body fat, it metabolizes to carbon monoxide, reducing oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood." "Headache, giddiness, stupor, irritability, fatigue, tingling in the limbs." Causes CNS disorder.

95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other known toxics and sensitizers - capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. Neurotoxins: At Home and the Workplace, Report by the Committee on Science & Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, Sept. 16, 1986. (Report 99-827)

About 11 million have MCS as I do. Many live away from society to avoid the following poisons which causes severe headaches, vertigo, brain fog, neurological damage, severe chest pains and muscle aches. These chemicals affect everyone, but until your system becomes overloaded and crashes , it only manifests itself in subtle ailments.

Twenty Most Common Chemicals in Thirty-one Fragrance Products [based on a] 1991 EPA Study   Compiled by Julia Kendall (1935 - 1997); distributed by Environmental Health Network(used by permission)  Reference: Lance Wallace, Environmental Protection Agency; Phone: (703) 648-4287   Excerpts from "Health Hazard Information"  Symptoms of exposure are taken from industry-generated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)


MCS can land athletes out of competitions. March 02, 2006

"LONDON, Ont. -- At the Scott Tournament of Hearts curling competition, Nova Scotia's Mary-anne Arsenault was having breathing difficulties and her legs were wobbly. She started feeling nauseous when she was on the ice and the girls were concerned so she came off and then she started having some trouble breathing. Shed been affected by a perfume called  'Poison' by Christian Dior. Players were asked to refrain from wearing perfume for the rest of the tournament. Arsenault has won five Canadian women's curling championships


I spent Easter visiting Anna Martin. She lives on a hilltop near Cortland NY. She lived all winter in a tent avoiding particleboard, people's laundry products, dryer sheets, air fresheners, perfumes, newspapers, etc which trigger serious physical and mental responces. She grew up on a farm and was exposed to pesticides. Then in college she used roach bombs, lots of fragrance and began reacting to many triggers mentioned above. She told us about how she lived on the hilltop all winter with dogs pulling water on sleds, and remaking a carport tent to work as a home. She holds a degree in Environmental Science and now runs eco housing out of syracuse NY.

Reactions in MCS are triggered by a vast array of everyday chemicals from perfume to diesel exhaust. The common ingredients in most of these chemical products are hydrocarbon based volatile organic chemicals (VOC's). Phenols (containing benzene) are commonly implicated. With everyday cosmetic and household chemical products, it is generally the addition of perfume that makes them bad news for MCS sufferers. Typically a sufferer will notice a sensitivity to one or two things to start with, perfume and cigarette smoke for example, and then will rapidly become sensitized to more and more chemical sources over a relatively short period of time.


Indoor Air:   According to the EPA:

From New York State Office of General Services (OGS) Commissioner Daniel D. Hogan -

During his State of the State address in January, Governor Pataki announced he had signed an Executive Order that requires all State agencies to purchase only cleaning products with environmentally friendly attributes

The law takes effect on September 1, 2006 and is mandatory for all schools throughout New York State to purchase environmentally-sensitive cleaning products for use in maintaining their facilities. The primary focus is to protect the health of children and school staff and minimize any adverse impacts on children’s health and the environment. Even more so than adults, children are vulnerable to, and may be severely affected by, exposure to chemicals, hazardous wastes, and other environmental hazards.
public comment its proposed guidelines and specifications for New York State in accordance with Governor Pataki’s Clean and Healthy Schools legislation.

The public comment period began April 12, 2006 and will end on May 3, 2006.
Comments may be sent to:  or you may request a hardcopy by contacting the OGS Environmental Services Unit at 518-402-1782.  A notice has been posted in the New York State Register as well.


4. David Rovics - We Just Want the World 3:40
    We Just Want the World -
    We don't want your big machines, we just want the world
The EPA has actually allowed the testing of pesticides on humans. Barbara Boxer    succeeded in keeping it banned for six months, but its back legal now. The more you know the more you realize you dont know.  Syntheticly fragrant products are protectd by trade secrets.. "The more you know, the more you realize you don't  know."  Our best defence is educaiton.  Some watchdog groups doing just that:

Lois Gibbs - of Love Canal fame began the Center for Health, Environment And Justice - Don't let Congress increase our exposure to chemicals that cause cancer and brain damage

Cynthia Wilson runs the  "chemical Injury Information network". Its a nonprofit education and advocacy organization for people with chemical sensitivities. They have found that avoidance of problem chemicals was the only consistently effective treatment. Wilson says that 15% have some form of chemical sensitivity; 3% have it in a severe enough to cause major life-style changes. CIIN puts out "Our Toxic Times" which monitors regulations and governmental action as well as offering help with safe housing and commentary on medical alerts.


Today I'm giving a voice to those with MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Many get this illness from synthetic fragrance expsoures,flea powders, pesticide zaps,    Just one exposure can cause this debilitating illness. Any one of you could be one exposure away from a respirator and homebound life in an attempt to avoid. And avoidance is the only remedy.

A few months ago our station manager Christine Ahern had on the leading scholar on global warming Dr. Michael Oppenheimer. He is a professor of Geosciences and International Affairs at Princeton University and had just appeared on Oprah. He says "The climate is changing. Human beings are largely responsible, and it's just going to keep getting warmer until we act to remove the pollution. Over the next 10 to 30 years, Earth could be as much as three degrees warmer than today," says Dr. Oppenheimer. "By 50 years from now, Earth could be five degrees or so warmer than today." Even if we stopped damaging pollutions today the effects would not turn around for several decades.

Robert M. Thorson is a professor of geology at the University of Connecticut has stated that The Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier in east Greenland, has more than doubled its speed to 8 miles per year within the past five years.

There are more immediate signs than warnings of rising Florida coastlines, and iceburgs melting to know that the planet is damaged, because people are damaged. Their systems can no longer process pollutants and chemicals in low exposures. we are going to hear from some of these poeple. They cant come to the station because they cant go into much of society. Imagine having skin cancer and teh whole worlds a beach. Imagine having emphazeema and everyone is constatnly smoking. We will be speaking with a segment of the population you probably don't see. They have chemical damage, chemical intolerance. This illness is officially labelled Multiple Chemical sensitivites and in Canada more often Environmental Illness

5. Kim Palmer - Allergic to the 20th Century
Songs from a Porcelain Trailer - self
"excuse me if Im woozy and my words are slurred"
Arizona draws many people. Many communities and areas are made up of those trying to excape the toxins of the world that are triggers for their illness. The New York Times had an article recently about the selling of some property, and the realtors didn't care to keep if a fragrance free buyer, causing controversy.

Thilde Jensen is a Danish woman who spends her winters in Arizona,  She became sick about 3 years ago, living by a major highway with constantly backed up traffic by the bridge after 911. She was also a photographer exposed to chemicals. In Denmark there is much more awareness there. She spoke about how she survives, what she has to go through to show up in society, go to a store etc. She has stripped her truck of all padding and replaced it with wools and cottons. She's taped all venting with aluminum tape.
Since she lives outside year round, and must move there seasonally. I visited her in Tuxton New York where she is living in a tent and building a chemically tolerant home this summer. She feels fortunate to be living in nature and not reacting to toxins now on a daily basis.


Next I want to make you aware of an amazing prosed ordinance. Iv'e never read anything like it.

Proposed Ordinance fm Liberty Township, PA.
regarding "chemical trespass" (toxicants entering our bodies without our consent)
Section 3. Purpose. The Board of Supervisors of Liberty Township recognizes that over eighty thousand (80,000) corporate-produced chemicals are currently used in the United States, and that scientists estimate that over seven hundred (700) of those corporate-produced chemicals are now found within the body of every human. Only a small percentage of those chemicals have ever been screened for even one potential health effect, such as cancer, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, or injury to the immune system.

Section 4. Purpose. The purpose of this Ordinance is to recognize that it is an inviolate, fundamental, and inalienable right of each person residing within the Township of Liberty to be free from involuntary invasions of their bodies by corporate chemicals.

.. it goes on to hold companies accountable.


Shedding light on Gulf War Ills By Kevin Lamb Dayton Daily News  (synopsis)

The Department of Defense gave Wright State University $7.2 million toward the cost of the study and the establishment of its Center for Genomics Research. The goal was to explain a serious medical condition affecting thousands of Gulf War veterans, whose symptoms have been dismissed and ridiculed for lack of understanding them.  Researchers also shed important new light on another serious medical condition affecting millions of civilians whose symptoms have also been dismissed and ridiculed: Multiple-chemical sensitivity.
Both have a debilitating collection of long term reactions to things like fragrances, paint, new carpeting, chemical from fluorescent lighting etc... causing diverse symptoms: cloudy thinking, unable to concentrate or remember, weakness, pain or numbness in the muscles and joints,  headaches, dizziness, rashes, diarrhea or persistent fatigue. Its a legitimate problem.

 "It doesn't necessarily take high levels of chemicals," said Daniel Organisciak, who chairs the department of biochemistry and molecular biology at Wright State. Organisciak explored the similarities between Gulf War veterans and the broader chemically sensitive population, which the National Academy of Sciences has estimated at up to 15 percent of Americans.  "Not just the levels that we already knew might cause problems, but relatively low levels that might be in the environment all the time."  Researchers were able to discriminate between normal and sensitive groups by analyzing blood samples.


Other studies

Acetaldehyde is a fungal waste product. Acetaldehydes are known to poison tissues -- accumulating in the brain, spinal cord,
joints,muscles and tissues." Dr. Cooter - author of   "Beating Chronic Disease",

Dr,. Shoemaker of Pocomoke Maryland is author of a book called Mold Warriors. He has done more research in the biotoxic pathway than anyone, having appeared twice before congress in an effort to help the EPA define safe expsoure levls and in support of Congressman John Conyers, Jr. Introduction of H.R. 1268: The United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act
("The Melina Bill")  will mandate comprehensive research into mold growth, create programs to educate the public about the dangers of toxic mold, and provide assistance to victims.
Shoemaker runs tests showing biological markers - including the gene susceptibility HLA DR test and the visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) testwill also help you sort out whether the illness could be related to mold toxins, such as from exposure to water-damaged buildings.


Pricilla from Tuxton NY spoke about exposures to mold in moldy corn dust while working on her family farm as a teen. She couldn't breathe that night, suffering an asthma attack. This left her responsive to molds and fragrances afterwards. She wonders if the mold exposure might be responsible.
Pricilla spoke about her agricultural fence business, working with pressure treated yellow pine. She worked with CCA  copper chromated arsenic posts. Some posts came dusty and dirty after drying in the Georgia fields molding and run through processing plants with the mildew and mold when bundled. She is suffering from mental slowless and physical reactions to newspapers, fragrances and plastics.


Anna Martin spoke about careers that develope this illness: painters, mechanics, office workers near xeroxing, blue colar jobs, chemical corp, metalsmiths, dentists, dental assistants.. Some have subtle sensitivities. You ahve to pay attention to your bodies feelings, headaches..etc.


Theres always a difficulty balancing  having a job and exposing yourself to something detremental to your health.

6. James Gordon - Coke Oven Brook
Pipe Street Dreams - Wind River
"arsenic and mercury, that's the company's legacy"
"most of us have been taken with the cancer"


A woman e mailed me before I came in today.
"I worked in a moldy basement in a federal building for eight years. My bucket overflowed. I got asthma and MCS. I am now a virtual prisoner in my own home with aircleaners and the government, which I worked for, refuses to help me. I cannot handle cooking odors, perfumes, car exhaust. I step outside and its ear pain so bad it cripples me." Janet Stevens

I want to emphasize that many of you are just one exposure away from getting this yourself.
One flea powder application, one pesticide spray caught in the wind, one mold mycotoxin, one fragrance chemical expsoure that will but your load over the top for your system to process.


Merle Haggard interview:

When asked about his health, Haggard's reply, in part, was:
"...I have a fungal pneumonia problem that I deal with... It's a thing that's
going on throughout America, and people aren't aware of. There's a
lot of mold... People are losing their health, and I'm one of those unfortunate people."


Sandra bullock also had a moldy home, so did ed macmahan who lost his dog to the exposures.
Bullock just buldozed down her old home, running the machine herself. After proving architectural mistakes caused the damages to her home Bullock said, in a written statement after the verdict was reached, "I felt firmly committed to see this process through to a just conclusion, no matter what the outcome, especially for all those homeowners who could never afford to come this far."

Speaking of people who couldnt....... enter the Chandlers from nearby New Paltz NY.....

The Chandlers spent four years, much of their time and all of their money fighting to be compensated for their unlivable home. That home became unlivable after a contractor's repairs created problems with growing toxin producing molds. They had massive headaches, shaking hands, their son had dificulty concentrating in school and his grades plummeted. He came down with a staph infection he couldn't shake,developed bloody pimples  food allergies and intestinal complications. Jeff was getting migraines that would last for days. The family was exhausted all the time. Soon, the Chandlers were all sick with crushing headaches and trouble focusing. Their children suffered the most, experiencing tremors and skin lesions.

Thos who cause the problem are not the ones taht suffer. Its the nimby attitude.

7.  Artisan - NIMBY
Our Back Yard -


House Bill 4766, An Act Relative to Healthy Schools and Public  Buildings. Passing in mass. The bill would require the Department of Public Health and the Division of Occupational Safety to establish standards concerning conditions that affect indoor environments in public buildings.  Additionally, the legislation would require owners of public buildings to develop work plans before starting renovation projects to minimize the impact of the renovation on occupied parts of the building.

Here is some testimony from a sufferer harmed by working in a sick building for over 12 years. The hearing was Monday, April 10, 2006 at the Massachusetts  State House, before the Public Health Committee.  Referring to poor indoor air quality she said that it " has stolen the health and futures of so many and I am so happy to be here today to lend support for this major step in halting the growing problem of illness due to badly maintained public buildings. I am proud that Massachusetts is taking a leadership role in this very serious issue..... To rob an innocent child of good health is one of the most unconscionable things I can imagine. To rob a teacher, an office worker, a librarian, a probation officer, a janitor or an accountant of their health is unfathomable. We all should know better about the negative health effects of mold exposure, especially in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita...."


 Here's the home page of the Kentucky Regional Poison Center -

 The Kentucky Regional Poison Center is staffed 24 hours/day, In a sample year, 28,900 of the poisonings occurred in children, of which 23,000 were in children less than 6 years old. This amounts to a poisoned child in Kentucky every 20 minutes.  The most common substances involved in poisoning were 1) Cleaning products, 2) Pain relievers (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, aspirin), 3) Personal Care products (mouthwashes, nail products, deodorants), 4) Cough/cold products and Antihistamines, and 5) Plants and mushrooms.


8. Berrymans - House Fluids
Some days - Corn Belt records
whats in our water: weed be gone, mop 'n glo, roof cement, sweet n low, wd40, drano, zext, wood primer,
whats in our blood: formaldeyde, insecticide, spertame, cynaide, putty, rosoleum, nair, grecium formula, caulk...

from Jane Goodall  -  "Posted Sunday, August 18, 2002; 7:31 a.m. EST

The greatest danger to our future is apathy. We cannot expect those living in poverty and ignorance to worry about saving the world. For those of us able to read this magazine, it is different. We can do something to preserve our planet.
You may be overcome, however, by feelings of helplessness. You are just one person in a world of 6 billion. How can your actions make a difference? Best, you say, to leave it to decision makers. And so you do nothing."

9. Jane Goodall - Jo Jo 4:55
Circle The World: Songs & Stories -
Jane tells the story of a man rescuing a drowning chimp, though many warned of impending danger. He answered that he saw the eyes of the chimp which seemed to be saying "won't anyone help me?"

10. Rod MacDonald - Every Living Thing is counting on us
No Commercial traffic -
"there has to be a way, to look each other in the eye"
"every living thing is counting on us"


Homesick is a video documentary about living with Chemical Sensitivities.

Coal miners used to send canaries into the mines ahead of them to check the level of lethal gases. If the canaries died, the gasses had reached deadly levels. If they lived, it was safe to mine…Today, millions of people are made sick from the toxicity of their everyday environments. These “human canaries” suffer from a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). This condition overlaps with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sick Building and Gulf War Syndromes. There is no known cure for MCS. 15% of the US population has "an increased allergic sensitivity to chemicals commonly found in household products.” (Estimate: The National Academy of Sciences)

"The population that is allergic to chemicals will grow to 60% by 2020.” (Business Week)
Homesick: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is an hour long video documentary produced and written by Susan Abod that is now in the process of completion. In Homesick, Susan goes on the road to find out how other people around the country are coping with MCS and dealing with the difficult problem of finding safe housing. She visits their homes and witnesses their daily struggles. They come from all walks of life and live in diverse dwellings that include tents, a house on stilts and a teepee.


Its 17 years since the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill, which saw 11 million gallons of oil pouring into a pristine wilderness area in Prince William Sound, Alaska. US oil giant ExxonMobil should come clean about the true state of the site of the spill as new research shows that the Sound is still suffering from adverse effects of the massive oil spill. If we don't pay attention in general to the poisoning of our environment, we are all going to be dead ducks.

11. Dana Lyons - (Cherney) Dead Ducks 338
At Night They Howl at the Moon: environmental Songs for Kids -


Anna Martin concluded by summing up ways to be exposed to chemicals causing MCS, slowly or with one large exposure.   Mold mycotoxins, copy machines, glues in carpets, fragrances, etc. She urged people to get out into the woods. She also says she feels blessed to have gotten this illness. She wouldnt have been living life to the fullest the way she is, the way she has been forced to live.
Having dogs pull her water with sleds up banks of snow, discovering her real friends. "I wouldn't have changed things if I had the chance"



Other related reading/sources

Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, National Research Council, MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES (Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1992). Multiple chemical sensitivity afflicts 10% to 15% of the American public, and appears to be increasing, says Bette Hileman, "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity," C&EN [Chemical & Engineering News] Vol. 69 No. 29 (July 22, 1991), pg. 34.

In 1990 the New Jersey Department of Health published a report by Nicholas Ashford and Claudia Miller, CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY, which is distributed by National Center for Environmental Health Strategies (NCEHS), 1100 Rural Ave., Voorhees, NJ 08043; phone (609) 429-5358. $17.00.

See also Nicholas Ashford and Claudia Miller, CHEMICAL EXPOSURES: LOW LEVELS AND HIGH STAKES (New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1990).

stories of chemical intolerance:
what to do if your neighbor is spraying pesticides

mold exposures and schools:


Safe ways to control bugs :

Ideas for safe cleaners :

My story is at

Thanks to WJFF for making a chemically intoleranct friendly environment where I can continue my show.

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We should no longer accept the counsel of those who tell us that we must fill our world with poisonous chemicals, we should look around and see what other course is open to us."  Rachel Carson

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