The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday April 29, 2006


1. Richard Shindell - Next Best Western
Reunion Hill -Shanachie
Whoever watches over all these truckers...

2. Al Farry, Jan Newly, Bill Evans - Beep Beep
Top Hit Favorite The Hit Parader - Parade Records
ramber passing a caddy would be a big disgrace

3. David Francey - Borderline
Torn Screen Door -
trying to make a living hauling my freight

4. Andy and Denise - Go
Go - self
you can find peace on the open road

5. Trout Fishing in America - Are We There Yet 313
Infinity -
everything on my side fo the car belongs to me

6. Eddie From Ohio - No Left Turns in Jersey
Big Noise - Virginia Sould Records
little voice says wiper fluids out

7. Berrymans - An Hour Away 304
House concert - Cornbelt
I'm only an hour away

8. Jeff Daniels - State Trooper
Live and Unplugged -
actor gets nailed by state troopers

9. Ramblin' Jack Elliott - (Guthrie) Car Song 213
Lost Topic Tapes: Isle of wight 1957 - Hightone
his version of Woddy's song

10. Greg Trafidlo - I Got Stuck Behind Buford 157
Old Dog new Tracks - Kira Records
I'd have been here about an hour ago but

11. Chuck Pyle - Slow People 156
Romancing the Moment - Zen Cowboy Recrods
driving behind slow people

12. Carter & Grammer - Highway 80
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature sounds
I'm an Oklahoma boy and I'm East Coast bound

13. John Smith - Pedal to the Metal
To The Four Directions -
excaping a tornado

14. Ellis Paul - Black Top Train 444
American Jukebox Fables - Philo
they come East coast, West coast, cryslers and oldsmobiles

15. Kitty Donohoe - No One on this Road Tonight
No One on this Road Tonight - Roheen Records.
moon is my compainion as I think of songs to sing

16. Anne Hills - Follow that Road
Angle of the Lights - Flying Fish
Directions to the farm

17. Cheryl Wheeler - Driving Home 4
Driving Home - Philo
through the trailer towns, through the rolling hills

18. Berrymans - Bird Bird Bird 214
The Pink One - Corn Belt
Listing what you pass on your journey

19. Cosy Sheridan - Roadfood
Saturn Return - Waterbug
trying to grab whats in the back without losing time

20. Greg Greenway - Massachusetts 424
Laugh Tracks - Shanachie
The challenge of driving in Mass.

21. Lucy Kaplansky - Ten Year Night 510
Ten Year Night- Red House
Having your lover asleep beside you as you drive

22. Jeff Talmadge - Driving to Blissville 522
Blissville - Corazong Records
Heading for Blissville at night

23. Cary Cooper - Yellow 255
Yellow -
Buying a VW bus from her uncle

24. Mary McCaslin - Down the Road 225
Way out West - Philo
feeling better for now, facing down the road

25. James Keelaghan  Somewhere Ahead 248
Small Rebellions - Tranquilla Music

26. Sons of the Never Wrong - Dead on the Highway 406
Waterbug - 3 Good reasons

27. Cliff Eberhardt - Why Is This Road So Long
Borders - Red House
When you're on your way home, the road is longer

28. Martin Sexton - Freedom of the Road
Live Wide Open - Kitchen Table Records
What you give up for the freedom of the road

29. Lynn Miles - Night Drive
Love Sweet Love - Red House
Appearing live on Folk Plus next week

30. Garnet Rogers - Night Drive
Night Drive - Snow Goose
Rembering a route with someone no longer able to make the trip

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