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Saturday May 6, 2006: Lynn Miles in the studio / Canada

Second hour, Lynn Miles at the station, but first a tour of some other Canadian artists

I used to use Lynn Miles as my Folk Plus promo for many years. I also used David Francey, (played the promo) the guitar work is Dave Clarke

1. David Francey - Waking Hour 344
Waking Hour - Red House

2. David Clarke - Big Sky Blues 305
River Song -

3. Eileen McGann - Island Home 343
Beyond the Storm - Dragon Wing Music.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world consisting of the following provinces and Territories: Newfoundland and Labrador,  Prince Edward Island*,  Nova Scotia*,  New Brunswick*,  Quebec,  Ontario,  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan,  Alberta,  British Columbia,  Yukon Territory,  Northwest Territories, Nunavut (new territory April 1, 1999) (*maritimes)

4. Travellers - Something to Sing About 210
This Land is Your land - Sony Music Canada

Clayoquot Sound is one of the largest and richest lowland coastal temperate rainforest known on the planet. In 1993 was largest peaceful civil disobedience in Canadian history was sparked by BC government’s decision to log 74% of Clayoquot Sound’s ancient forest.Daily blockades and arrests begin at Kennedy River Bridge. 856 arrested and 12,000 participate during “Clayoquot Summer ‘93”.

5. Weird Sisters - Farewell to Clayoquot Sound 4
Inside the Dreaming -

6. Susan Aglukark - Learn to Love Yourself (inuit speaking) Song of the land 403
Arctic Rose -

7. Travellers - This Land is Your Land
This Land is Your land - Sony Music Canada

8. James Gordon - A Canadian Heritage Minute 110
Road Kill Hat - Pipe Street
"Marsha Boton was on Arthur Black show speaking about the the popular canadian Heritabe Minutes" show on TV....

A guy named Harry Bryan weekly monitors airplay of Canadians on non Canadian Radio. For example last week charted
89 non canadian stations, posting 124 setlists of which 82 or 66.13% had Canadian content. 105 artists had 215 spins.
For example for 81 weeks David Francey's been played. This week he got four spins. Running for 96 weeks consistently (second only to Joni Mitchell) are the Wailin' Jennys Heres Ruth Moodey (  introducing her tune

9. Wailin Jenny's- One Voice
40 days - Red House

A canoe expert named James Raffan approached producer Paul Mills to put out a a compilation CD of songs about canoes and canoeing. And  in case you think thats rare and silly, they're puttin gout Volume 2 now.

10 Mike Ford - Les Voyageures 245
Canoesongs Vol 11- Portage Productions

11 Nancy White - Eskimo Roll 324
Canoesongs Vol 11 - Portage Productions

Between the Rideau and the St. Lawrence: Songs from Eastern Ontario

12 Intro by Alex Sincalir
Tamarack - Lake of the Canogama

13. Jennifer Warnes- (Cohen)- Bird on a Wire
Famous Blue Raincoat- Private Music, Melrose Ave

Toronto on Feb. 5, 71-year-old Leonard Cohen was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. “If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often. It’s a mysterious condition,” he told author Paul Zollo in his book Songwriters on Songwriting. “It’s much like the life of a Catholic nun. You’re married to a mystery.”

14. Finest Kind - Shelley Posen, Ian Robb, Ann Downey
(by Alexander Muir)  The Maple Leaf Forever  211
Silks & Spices -

15. Stephen Fearing - Longest Road 605

Just after the noon hour, Lynn Miles arrived in the studio.
(I had prepped her for being absolutely fragrance free due to my chemical intolerance condtiion. She was well aware of EI as they call it in Canada, and was delightfully compliant and I was non reactive)

click for larger image
Lynn Miles in the studio: "Lynn has a new release shes promoting and touring. Tonight in Philly and tomorrow at the mansion house in Middletown tomorrow 3pm  on the grounds of the Orange County Comm College (845.343.3049 14 Wilcox Ave. Middletown, NY 10940)

I played my old promo for Folk Plus which I used for years with Lynn and her singing "If youre looking for my
At the first annual Canadian Folk Music Awards last December in Ottawa, Miles won best English songwriter and best singer.  We spoke about that... she mentioned she saw David Francey in a suit!

16. Lynn Miles in the studio: 1,000 Lovers

17. Lynn Miles in the studio: Black Flowers
We spoke about the need in America for quick fixes, and how depression is something you simply must go through- there are no quick fixes.

18. Lynn Miles in the studio: This is the Night
Stuggling to get through and have something positive be the result

19. Lynn Miles in the studio: The People You Love (motivated by Jennifer Warnes)

She spoke about the reaction in Canada after 9/11, particularly noting that "all the people who were on the planes with their cell phones, phoning the people they loved." Because, Miles notes, "that's the most important thing."

We spoke of Chopper McKinnon of Ottawa whose been on the radio in Ottawa about 26 years.
We also spoke about Helen and Dean Verger of Rasputins Cafe.

20. Lynn Miles in the studio: Night Drive

21. Lynn Miles in the studio: Brave Parade

Her new release is on Red House. All cuts feature love, or driving and love. We can assume she’s had lots of experience with both. “Night Drive” uses driving metaphors for love. In “1,000 Lovers” nothing will calm the storm outside, or the pain inside:  “no pill, no drink, no words, no cure, no song.”  Some songs seduce, some lament, but without worn-out words of woe, Miles brings us back to our last romantic reality. She sings a lot about needing: a drink, a bed, a kiss at closing, laying down burdens, someone to talk to, but overall what she needs, is what we all need - love.

click for larger image

A BIG thanks to Lynn who arrived totally non fragrant which allowed me to do this.

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