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Saturday May 20,  2006: About Letters & Songs that are letters
Welcome new web listeners, especially those battling illness or who are housebound. THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

1. Patty Larkin - The Letter
In the Square - Rounder

2. Jen Cass - Dear Mr. President 403
Accidental Pilgrimage - Blind Justice Music

3. Fred Eaglesmith - The Old John Deere
Ralph's last Show - Signature Sounds
Dear Dad...

4. Fink and Marxer - Dear Mom 352
Parent's Home Companion - Rounder
Dear Mom...

5. Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat
Famous Blue Raincoat - Private Music

6. Magpie - (Seeger/Sacco) Saccos Letter to his Son
Seeds: The songs of Pete Seeger Vol 3- Appleseed
"So, son, instead of crying, be strong, be brave, So as to be able to comfort your mother...."
"The weaker ones that cry for help, the persecuted and the victim, They are your friends, friends of yours and mine."
"In the struggle of life you'll find, you'll find more love, And in the struggle, you will be loved also."

7. Rob Siegel - Letter to the God I Don't Believe In 357
Voices from the Right Brain -

8. Eliza Glikyson - Jedidiah 1777
Paradise Hotel - Red House
letter during the Revolutionary  War

9. Dylan -  Dear Landlord

10. Andrew McKnight - Letter to Colonel Mosby 310
Turning pages - Falling Mountain Music
A comparison of two souls wanting to defend Virginia

11. Laura Burns / Roger Rosen  (Jones )  - Killkelly Ireland
Fast Folk - September '83

"1860, My dear and loving son, John"  Few people were able to read in many parts of rural Ireland back then. Literary people like the local school master were in demand to render a host of services such as writing letters to family members of neighbours and friends away in America or England. Neighbours would come to the schoolmaster or priest and convey to them what they wanted to say in the letters

12. Magpie -John Copeland 358
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread

13. Magpie -mary Brown, Abolitionist
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread

Hanged December 16, 1859, this letter is from Copeland's last letter to his parents "Pray remember this was a holy cause, many men have died better than me. Remember that I died for others freedom. Remember there are many more to suffer"

14. Mimi Farina - Letter to Jesus
Mimi Farina and Tom Jans - A&M Records

15. Tom Russell - Anna Olsen's Letter Home
The Man From God Knows Where - Hightone

16. Colcannon - Last letter Home 319
Corrus - Oxford Road

17. The Beatles - P.S. I Love You
Early Beatles - Capitol

18. Julie Gold - Letter to Paul 323
Try Love - Gadfly
To Paul McCartney, in the new again, Julie introduces this song herself from a former interview

19 David Roth - A Fan Letter 236
Antoher side of David Roth -

20We're About Nine - Writing Again 5:39
Engine -

21 Mike Flynn - Two Letter 216
Mike Flynn - Sliced Bread

22 Dick Haymes - Love letters
Thats Amore - Prism

23 MacVitties - Love Letter 344
Love Letters -

24 Berryman's - Christmas Letter 309
Some days - Corn Belt Records

25 Michael Troy - Dear Walter
Whispers in the Wind -  Folk Michael Troy

26 Anais Mitchell - I Wear Your Dress
Hymns for the Exiled - Waterbug

27 Michelle Shocked - Anchoradge
Short Sharp Shocked -

28 David Kleiner - Hopeless Romantic 407
This Human heart -

29 Greg Brown - Letters from Europe
In the Dark with you - Red House

Thanks to Folk Dj listmembers: Susan, Bob, Jim, Deadwood, Paul, Larry , Gary, Soctt, Charlie, Josh, Clytia, Tom, Wanda, Joe, Sandy. Thanks to locals Ruth, Mike, John and Kurt.

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