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Saturday June 10,  2006: Summer Sing Out/ Clearwater

Sing Out Summer 2006 Issue: Focus on Reviews

1 Mustard's Retreat - Simple Faith - MR7 336  - Yellow Room
also reviewed... First Album Plus, Gathering of Moments
"A good snapshot of two folkies aging gracefully"

2 David Kleiner - This Human Heart 320 -  This Human Heart - David Kleiner
"Confusing contradictions of the universal muscle of romance"
Deducated to my mom, who underwent heart surgery yesterday, and is doing well this morning.

3 Terry Tufts - The better fight 432   The better Fight - Borealis
"Tufts sings with an engaging, comforable voice and he's a dynamite guitarist."

4 Diana Jones -  Pony 440  My rememberance of You - newSong
"abilty to use her voice to sing the story fo the song. Its is convincing and real"

5 Cary Cooper -  Back When I was Grown Up  237 -  Yellow - Cary Cooper
"If autobiographical, we hear clues to the changes Cary ahs made. Breaking from the PTA, choira nd lesbian-phobia molds she's redefiend herself and become the cool mom on the block, sporting a nowse ring, an Internet "my space" site and a CD."

6 Joe Jencks -  Everett Massacre 437 Jack built 247 - Rise as One - Turtle Bear
"Over the past several years, Joe Jencks has proven himself as a worthy torchbearer of orignial songs that matter."

7 Tom Russell -  Stolen Children 420  Love and Fear - High Tone
"Some of the songs are inspired by Tom's own life"

8 Cindy Mangsen - (White) Open That Can 303 -   Cat Tales - Compass
"one very good voice with one astute performer, ad a good sense of humor, a love of felines and 10 songs about cats, and you have Cat Tales."

9 Paul Mills -  Doc's Guitar 209 - The other Side fo the Glass - Borealis
"Finally after more than 30 eyars of making other peole's music soudn good, verean porducer and guiatrist Paul Millsa has finally done an album ofhis own.. and its a dandy."

10 Lynn Miles -  This is the Night 300   Love Sweet Love - Red House
All cuts feature love, or driving and love. We can assume she's haad lots of experience with both. "Night Drive" uses driving metaphors for love. In "1,000 Lovers" nothing will calm the storm outside, nor the pain inside"

11 Eric Taylor - Just Short of the Line 224  Great Divide - Blue Ruby
A fan and buddy of Townes Van Zandt. "One of the best of the Texas Singer-songwriters"

12 Chuck Brodsky - The Point 234   Tulips for Lunch  - Waterbug -
"Great story songs"

13 Mammals - see also next hour...
Mammals -   Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave  340 Departure - Signature Sounds
"... rooted in Americana string music while considering themselves a rock outfit."

14 Karen Matheson - O Nach Eisdeadh 336  -   Downriver - Compass
"natural beauty and clarity"  Listen to my story... hear the thundering of Mount Sinai

15 Juggernauts - (Fuller) San Francisco Bay Blues 332    Live Lunch - Juggernaut

16 Jeff Talmadge -  Lie to Me 318 -  Blissville - CoraZong

(and Peggy Seeger turns 71 on June 17.)


 Saturday & Sunday June 17 & 18, 2006- clearwater festival - 10am to Dusk - Fatherís Day Weekend

Its at Croton Point Park, east bank of the Hudson River off Route 9 in the Village of Croton-on Hudson, Westchester County, New York.
From upstate New York : NYS Thruway (I-87) south to exit 16. Drive east on Route 6 through Harriman State Park to Bear Mountain Bridge. Turn right to Peekskill south on Route 9 to Croton Point Ave. Follow signs to the festival.
or take Metro-North/Festival Package: Call 1-800-METRO-INFO or visit their website for the special train/festival ticket discount packages.

WBAI, Pacifica Radio - Listener sponsored community radio for peace and justice will broadcast live from the festival. In the greater New York City area one can listen to the sound of the festival all weekend on 99.5 FM.

Rainbow Stage
Assembly of Dust   Dan Bern   Black 47   The Earth Tones   Guy Davis   Vance Gilbert   John Gorka   Tish Hinojosa   Janis Ian   Lucy Kaplansky   Sharon Katz   The Mammals   New Jersey Mass Choir   Holly Near   Pete Seeger   Serendipity   Michelle Shocked   Matt Turk

Hudson Community Stage
Dan Bern   Vance Gilbert   Granny D   Tish Hinojosa   Janis Ian   Sharon Katz   Kera and Aishe   Magpie   The Mammals   Jay Mankita   Kat Mills   Anais Mitchell   Roland Mousaa   Holly Near   Peace Lady   Bar Scott   Andrew C. Revkin

Special event on the main stage:Pete Seeger, the words and music. Sharing 7 decades of a singer, songwriter and activist.

17 Pete Seeger - The Essential Pete Seeger - Columbia
I played snippets of many tunes... Littel Boxes, Irene Goodnight, Wimoweh, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, Barbra Allen... refered to in jani Ian's newest release "Folk is the New Black" - Janis Ian called the show.

18 Anais Mitchell - Song of the Magi 259 - Born into the Whisper - Waterbug Anthology

19 Holly Near - Simply Love 247 - And Still We Sing - Calico Tracks

20 Tish Hinojosa - Sign of Truth 352 - Sign of Truth -  Rounder

21 Lucy Kaplansky - You Just Need a Home 350 -  The Tide  - Red House

Janis Ian called to talk about Clearwater. She introduced her song Joy, from her new release, and spoke about the Joy she and her brother have experienced in the Catskills over the years. I remember playing her songs at a camp in Peterborough Ontario, Canada as a teen. Only two of us arrived with guitars and a girl named Pandora taught me some Janis Ian tunes. Always a fan.

22 Janis Ian -  Joy  - Folk is the New Black -

23 John Gorka - I'm From New Jersey 303 - Jacks Crows- High street

24 Jay Mankita - They Lied 435 - Dogs are Watching Us -

25 Michelle Shocked - Arkansas Traveller 420 - Arkansas Traveller -

26 Magpie - Goodbye to Old Ohio 335 - John Brown: Sword of the Spirit - Sliced Bread

27 Andrew Revkin -  Pretend That We're still in Love 233 - I am Joes Eyes - Yellow Tail Records

28 Vance Gilbert - Front Porch Song 423 - Unfamiliar Moon - Dissismye Music

6 pair ticket giveaways

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