The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday July 1 2006: Floods and contemporary folk

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This week, in our area, we had extreme flooding due to a slow-moving tropical system. This affected people from Virginia to Vermont. It set records for rainfall in Washington where federal buildings shut down because of flooding.  A 117-mile stretch of the New York Thruway between Schenectady and Syracuse was closed. Amtrak service in much of the western part of New York remained shut down.

Locally we had extreme damage surpassing that of April 2005 and the fall before that.

Along the Delaware, officials closed 10 bridges connecting New Jersey and Pennsylvania because of high water.  Travelling north on Route 17 from Liberty was shut down for days.  The Delaware River crested Thursday night at Trenton at 25.1 feet 5 feet above flood stage &  The Susquehanna River crested at just over 34 feet at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. actaully below expectations. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York are all seeking federal funds.

Our own hydro-power was turned off as the turbines became submerged by the rising waters. Our dam overan the spill, and brought with it the dirt from the house side of lake Jefferson. The Gref home just below the falls, was surrounded by water and the downspout to the turbines was exposed as the earth around it was totally washed away by the power of the water overrunning the spill. Jeffersonville town was evacuated until state agencies could ok the dam's structure. There are photos at our website of the dam damage.

Extreme thoughts of love and support go to the family of the Livingston Manor teen Jamie Bertholf who was washed away from her own home's front steps as the waters broke apart her home and washed it away.  Hard times has a way of bringing people closer.  Tragedy is uniting. A community comes together for a common purpose. We can feel a bit of comradery with Tsunami victims, with those in New Orleans. I spoke with someone who was at both those sites, who has been frustrated with the lack of continued support and understanding for those whose coping with the tragedy the flooding brought their lives has not ended.
Local papers site tens of thousands coping with flooded basements and home damage. Area photos and news about flooding this week:

When water recedes a lot of work begins; emotional and structural. For this flood Gov. George Pataki put the flood damage cost near $100 million saying that the state sustained "unparalleled devastation," SULLIVAN County contains a portion of 4 watersheds: East Branch Delaware, Middle Delaware-Mongaup-Brodhead, Rondout, Upper Delaware.

Flood Clean up :
Flood waters fall in a category three clean up approach, for water which goes beyond rainfall is likenened to sewer water, as we don't know the microbes that mud brings.

General mold information, in the format of an online course, complete with tests along the way is for general mold growth and remediation knowledge, but not for flood situations is at ...

Todays Folk Plus involves water and floods. I remember a documentary on flood victims many years ago, pre-tsunami, pre-new orleans. The host asked victims about what they missed. One woman after a long long pause, said "nothing". It struck me so much that I remember it still and this was at least a decade ago I saw this. Huge losses force us into extreme contemplation of necessities in life. This brings to mind the sentiment in this song I've chosen to kick off Folk Plus this morning by David Wilcox. Its called the Farthest Shore, and touches on loss and the realization of worth. In listening we can re-assess what loss is, and reach out for those who have truly lost necessities this week.

1 David Wilcox - Farthest Shore
Big Horizon - A & M

2 James Gordon - She is Fickle 200
Song the River Sings - Pipe Street Records

3 Michael & Gloria Bauermeister: - When the Water Goes Down - Mp3

4 Doc Watson - Deep River Blues 250
Doc Watson on Stage - Vanguard

5 Johnny Cash's - Five Feet High and Risin 145
Songs of our Soil - Sony reissue

6 Mike Quick - Great Flood 456
Down Bullfrog Road -

7 Michael & Gloria Bauermeister: - Getting it Back -Mp3

8 Flatt & Scruggs - Down in the Flood
Changing Times LP

9 We're About Nine (Shindell) - Money for Floods 336
Engine -

10 Waifs - The River 320
Shelter Me - Compass

11 Stanly Brothers - Story of the Flood 313
Stanley Bros and Klinch Mtn Boys 53-59 - Bear Family

12 Eastmountainsouth - Rain Come Down 405
Eastmountainsouth -

13 Lui Collins - Step Into the water 500
Stone By Stone - Molly Gamblin Music

14 Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water 418
Step By Step - Bee n Flower

15 Annie Gallup's - The Flood 537
Courage My Flood - Prime CD

16 Cheryl Wheeler - Act of Nature 319
Driving Home - Philo

17 James Keelaghan - Red River Rising334
Small Rebellions -

18 Tom Rush - Galveston Flood

19 Hugh Blumenfeld - The Raven  354
Big Red - Brambus Records

20 Garnet Rogers  (Bob Franke)  - The Great Storm is Over 245
Speaking Softly in the Dark -

21 Jamie Anderson - Hurricane219
A Promise of Light -

22 Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain 200
Best of the Everly Brothers - Warner Bros.

23 Debi Smith  - Water is Wide 450
Cupid -

24 Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe - When the Levee Breaks 313
Routes of Rock - Yazoo

25 BJ Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 249
The 60s -Dominion

26 Maia Sharp - Flood
Fine Upstanding Citizen -

29 Kallett, Cicone, Epstein - Ready for the Storm (MacLean) 300
Angels in Daring - Overall Music

27 The Beatles - Here comes the Sun
Abby Road - Apple

28 David Wilcox - The sun
Big Horizon - self

Posted on Sun, Oct. 09, 2005: DEALING WITH MOLD

If you have a mold problem, here's what you can do:

• Avoid cleanups yourself if you have asthma or allergies.

• Decide if you can do the job yourself. The EPA divides mold
remediation into three categories: small for areas less then 10
square feet, medium for areas between 10 and 100 square feet, and
large for affected areas greater than 100 square feet. Chemist
Jeffrey C. May suggests anything larger than ''small'' is best left
to professionals.

• Determine the three categories of water that contribute to the
problem. Category 1 is clean water from rainfall or water supply
pipes. Category 2 is gray water from a washing machine or
overflowing toilet or water from a very dirty carpet. Category 3 is
black water from a sewer backup or river water. May suggests
Category 2 or 3 water cleanups be handled by professionals.

• When cleaning the affected area, wear a mask and long rubber
gloves. Also recommended: plastic safety goggles and a properly
fitted mask with a NIOSH rating of at least N95.

• Work in an area that's well ventilated.

• Clean the small area of mold with a solution of one part household
bleach and 10 parts water. Apply with a sponge and let it sit for 15
minutes, then dry the surface. Dispose of sponges used for the

• If you choose to hire a professional, make sure the contractor has
experience cleaning up mold. The company should follow the
recommendations in the EPA's Mold Remediation in Schools and
Commercial Buildings as well as guidelines from the American
Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and other
professional organizations.

• Insist on proper containment from the mold remediation company to
safeguard your family and your home.

• Check your insurance policy to see under what conditions, if any,
mold testing and cleanup are included. Usually mold sampling and
remediation are covered only if the problem is a result of an event
already covered by insurance. For example, mold as a result of
hurricane damage is likely to be covered, but mold growing after a
leaky kitchen faucet was not properly maintained is not.

Sources: Environmental Protection Agency, The Mold Survival Guide
for Your Home and for Your Health, Insurance Information Institute

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