The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday August 5,  2006: Coffee and New This Week

Of significance for the week:

Our local Callicoon band made it into the NY Times this past Sunday.
They have performed EVERY wednesday night since 1934 in Callicoon Center except one night this year due to flooding.

1. Callicoon Band - Intro/ American Patrol
Callicoon Band 1997 -

Compilation for peace:

2 Girlyman - Amaze Me
Songs in the Key of Peace -

This week I especailly felt the wrongs of others punishing those who never deserved it,.

3 Lorne Clarke - Fulcrum 629
Lorne Clarke - self

"It's not my fault that I'm down... I've never cheated anyone..."

Coffee Set:

4 John Gorka - St. Caffeine 325
After Yesterday - Red House

5 Pierce Pettis - Nod Over Coffee 435
Chase the Buffalo - High Street

6 Vance Gilbert - Good Cup of Coffee
Edgewise - Philo

7 Abby Gardiner - Caffeine 222
HOney on My Grave -

8 David Ippolito - My Morning Coffee
Common Ground -

9 Greg Trafidlo - Starbucks of County Down 253
Folk Singular - Kira Records

10 Erica Wheeler\ Sober Harley Guys\ Almost Like Tonight\ Blue Pie
Harvest - Signature SOunds

11 Trout Fishing in America - What I want is a proper cup of coffee
Big Trouble- Trout

12  Greg Brown - Good Morning Coffee 250
In the Dark With You - Red House

13 Patty Larkin - Caffeine
Step Into the Light - Philo Records

Cds Just in this week:

14Carter/ Grammer - Promised land 327
Seven is the Number -

15 Carter/ Grammer - Long, black road into tulsa town 530
Seven is the Number -

16 John Flynn - Two Wolves 456
Two wolves - MettaFour Records

17 John Flynn - Dover
Two wolves - MettaFour Records

18 David Massengill - Dave Van Ronk's Last Cigar 344
We Will Be Togher - Gadfly

19 David Massengill - Somebody Else not Me  335
We Will Be Togher - Gadfly

20 Anne Hills - I Went To Look for Fairies 341
Beaty Attends: heatsongs of Opal Whiteley - Collected

21 Vance Gilbert - (Mitchel) Case of You 5-
Angels Castles, Covers

22 Greg Brown - Kokomo 453
Evening call - red House

23 Kate Campbell  (w/ Spponer Oldahm) - If I Ever Get to Heaven
For teh Living of these Days

24 Pat Wictor -  Heaven is So High 349
Heaven is So High -

25 Dave Potts - 12.99
12.99 -

26 Deborah Holland - Chain Stores, Malls andRestaurants 423
Bad Girl Once -

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