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Saturday October 21,  2006: Keyboards

Today on Folk Plus Im airing cuts with begiing with and featuring keyboards as the major instrument.
Although our pledge drive ended yesterday, a caller pledged an additional amount to protest car talk on our station.
I began the show tih Dixie Flyer, to give them a new association with the paino cut.

1 Randy Newman - Dixie Flyer
(Since I follow Car Talk, this was fun to play in full)
Land of Dreams - Capital

2 Delores Keene w/Liam Bradley - (Morrison) Have I Told You Lately 350
13 Classic Songs - Tort Music

3 John McCutcheon - The List 338
Hail to the Chief -

4 Bob Malone/Carla Ulbrich - We Dont Need a Wal-Mart

5 Harry Nilsson - Without You
Everybody's Talking: Best of.. - RCA/Legacy

6 Janis Joplin - Get It While You can  323
Absolute Best Singers and Songwriters - Sony

7 David Roth - Holland 410
Irreconsilable Simularities - Wind River

8 D.C. Anderson - I Least Expect You Now 224
I Am Still -

9 Anne Hills - William Shakespeare
Beauty Attends:Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley - collective Works Media

10 Eliza Gilkyson - Milk & Honey 334
Land of Milk and Honey - Red House

11 Susan Werner - Much at All 315
Last of the Good Straight Girls -

12 Jay Hitt - I'm Gonna Get clones
Through the Window -

13 Emily Smith - Always a Smile 403
A Different Life -

14 Greg Greenway - Down the Road
Weightless - Sheen of Heat Music

15 Little Richard - Good Golly, Miss Molly 207
1958 - Time Life

16 John Forster - Macedonia
Helium - Philo

17 Ray Manzarek of The Doors
Speaks about Light My Fire and plays keyborad examples of planning its various arrangements.

18 Joni Mitchell - The Arrangement 334
Misses - Reprise

19 Sloan Wainwright - Out of Her Hands 224
Life Grows Back -

20 Melissa Javors - Love Making Music
Crazy Wisdom -  chrome records

21 Zoe Lewis - Auntie Gladys 331
Songs About Sheep... - Dog called Dog

22 Sally Fingerett - She Won't Be Walking -
Ghost Town Girl - Amerisound

23 James Gordon - Maggie of the margaree
Song The River Sings: A Musical Joureny down Canada's Heritage Rivers - Pipe Street Records

24 Julie Gold - When He Leaves (with Leslie Gore) 338
The Girl I FOund- Gadfly

Sadly, Thursday Breafast Jam DJ Susanne S. Millsaps  succumbed to cancer this week. Susanne hosted Thursday Breakfast Jam on KRCL, 90.9FM Salt Lake City, 96.5FM Park City  (also heard on KZMU 89.7FM, Moab and 106.5FM, Castle Valley, UT) She co-hosted Magpie House Concerts, and also served on the FAR-West Board. Many will miss her friendly smile and contributions to the folk music world.
Two songs to remember Susanne  [July 28 1953 - October 20-2006]

24 Beth Ferguson - What is Mine
Dance on the Earth -
Beth also succumbed to cancer.

25 Vicky Harris - Goodbye Friend
Touch - Locust Street

26 Connie Kaldar - Wood River
Wood River  - Coyote Entertainment

27 Mr. Rogers - Neighborhood
World According to Mister Rogers : Important Things to Remember

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