The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday December 16, 2006: When Musicians Aren't Themselves

These songs are in first person where the performer is not themselves in a certain mood, or at a certain age... but something inatimate, or someone entirely different. when not obvious I have noted what they are representing. Following these are songs of the week, and finally a few comments on the holidays.

1. David Wilcox - Rusty Old American Dream
How Did You Find Me Here - A & M Records
Detroit Car

2. Ellis Paul - Blacktop Train
American Jukebox Fables - Philo
Highway 66

3. David Olney - Fast Eddy
Omar's Blues - Dead Reckoning Records
Pool shark

4. David Olney - Lazlo
Omar's Blues - Dead Reckoning Records
The imaginary person in the writer's head

5 Beatles - I Am the Walrus.

6 Chrisitne Lavin - Fly on a Plane
Attainable Love - Philo

7 Mary Chapin Carpenter -  I Am a Town
Come On Come On - Columbia

8 David Olney - Bathsheba Blues
Omars Blues - Dead Reckoning Records
King David

9 Jay Mankita - I am a Dolphin
Jay Mankita -

10 James Gordon - Dolphins are Leaving
Songs From Basic Black - Pipe Street

11 Les Barker-  Have You Got Any News of the Iceberg?
Up the Creek Without a Poodle - Mrs Ackroyd Records
Polar Bear

12 Paul Simon - I am a Rock
paul Simon Songbook -

13 Beatles - Taxman

13 D.C. Anderson - I Am Still
I Am Still - LML
A broken down hotel

14 D.C. Anderson - Maury
I Am Still - LML
Baby backstage at talk show

15 Foremen - Godzilla
Best of the Foremen -

16 Ellis Paul - Autobiography of a Pistol
Live - Rounder

17 We're About Nine - Hijo
Engine -
A Book.

18 Guy Clark - Indian Head Nickel
Cold Dog Soup -

19 Joni Mitchell -
"I'm a country station, I'm a little bit corny......"
 "You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio".

20 Jack Williams -  This Is My Body
Eternity & Main - Wind River
"I describe myself as if I were my southern homeland." says Jack

21 Antje Duvekot - Dandelion
Big Dream Blvd - black Wolf

22 Chad Mitchell Trio - Great Historical Bum
At the Bitter End - Folk Era
Being many people in one song

23 Foreman - Song of Many Deaths
Best of the Foremen - Metaphor Records
Being many people in one song

24 David Massengill - Great American Dream
Morphs from foreigner, carpenter, protstitute, american indian, to every man

25 David Olney - 1917 - Through a Glass Darkly - Philo
A prostitute

26 John Flynn - Whose Whos
John Flynn -
And this is just thrown in for those of us gathering more stuff in our holiday panic.
By the way be sure to check with people before you buy fragrances - perfumes, candles and air freshers
They are nothing short of poison to many, me included.

Thanks to  Rob Killam, Paul Stamler, Larry Hoyt, and darn, all the other folk djs that helped with todays suggestions.

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