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Saturday  January 6, 2007: Retrospective

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Reflection is inherant in the New Year. Budgets, Relationships, Jobs - we tend to reassess. We tend to amass statistics and create "best" lists. I shy away from bests, preferring the quote about how every bird in the woods is needed to hear a great overall sound. So today Im going to auditorily peek at some of the releases I reviewed the year I began writing cd reviews for Sing Out Magazine. Commentary involved where they have or have not gone since then, and highlights of the cds.

Volume 44 No. 2 was the Winter 2000 issue.
Peter Paul and Mary on the cover.

NightSun - One Moment of Grace
One Moment of Grace 142

Darryl Purpose- RIng on My Hand
Travellers code - Tangible Music 146

Darryl Purpose- Mr. Schwinn
Travellers code - Tangible Music 146

James Gordon - Too Canadian These Days
Pipe Street Dreams - Wind River  148

Cockburn - Last Night of the World
Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu - Ryko 144

Weigle  - Do YOu Go 150
The Truth Is - self
"Weigle is really good at placing bridges between the struggles of gays and straights. Beautifully moving lyrics flow with clarity and passion. He often visits the theme of the freedom to be and show who you are. Weigle is an excellent writer with an emotoinel delivery. ...his music is a way for us to place all love and loss in focus."

Katherine Wheatley    151
Habits and Heroes - Hoot
We spoke about Katherine back on September 4,1999 when Folk Plus was co aired with CKCU in Ottawa with:
Chopper McKinnon, host of Canadian Spaces on CKCU FM in Ottawa,
Gene Swimmer, Director of the Ottawa Folk Festival,
Chris White, Artistic Director of the Ottawa Folk Festival,
Dean Verger, owner and operator of the Rasputin's Folk Café  in Ottawa
Evidently Katherine was some sort of science major.

Trout Fishing in America - Keep it on the Postitive Side
Closer to the Truth - Trout Music 146

Irene Kelley - It Wasnt' Me  152
Simple Path - Irk
Little person with a big sound.

Irene Kelley - Dancin' Shoes  152
Simple Path - Irk
Little person with a big sound.

Catie Curtis - What's The Matter
Crash Course in Roses - Rykodisc   pg 141

Volume 44 - 3
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Sons of South Africa on the cover.

Lavin - bitch - 135

"Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch" is singer/songwriter/guitarist Christine Lavin's eleventh solo album. She has won four ASCAP composer awards, the Kate Wolf Memorial Award, and her songs have been performed by such diverse artists as the Dartmouth Decibelles, the Washington D.C. Gay Men's Chorus, and international chanteuse Andrea Marcovicci. Along with her affecting wit and musical talent, Christine is widely recognized for her tireless efforts to promote other songwriters and musicians.

Christine's song "Sensitive New Age Guys" was part of the Off-Broadway production of "A... My Name Will Always Be Alice." She is also currently developing a theatrical project of her own.

Christine's concert career continues to take her all over the U.S., Canada, and points beyond. She now performs wireless, enabling her, as she says, "to turn any size concert hall into a living room." When not performing or recording, Christine writes freelance ("The Washington Post"; "The Performing Songwriter" magazine) and is the occasional guest host for the popular "Sunday Breakfast" radio program on WFUV in New York City.

Ellis Paul - Take Me Down
Live - Philo 140

Johnsmith - What Is
To The Four Directions - Blue Pine Prod. 141

Vance - Intro/Icarus by Night pg 142
Somerville live - Dississmye

Wiggins Sisters - Parking Lot 143
Minnesota -

Tufts - Marylou in Burgendy
2 NIghts Solo -         144

Ferguson - Working on a Miracle 144
Inside Talking - NOrth Track

David Olney - Omars Blues 138
Forgot to bering to the station, but played it many weeks ago on artists not themselves.

Sing Out! Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue - Vol. 44 #4
50th Year of sharing Songs.

Julie Gold - Southbound Train
Love - 145
Try Love" (the follow-up to her 1998 release "Dream Loud") is a 14-cut collection of studio recordings that Gold has created en route to placing her songs with some of the country's best pop singers. The album includes her original studio versions of "Southbound Train" (recorded by Nanci Griffith) and "The Journey" (recently recorded and released by Kathie Lee Gifford) and complete lyrics and notes about each song.

Best known as the writer of "From A Distance" (winning the Grammy for Song Of The Year in 1990), Gold has been writing and performing since the '70s, often winning accolades for her heartfelt performances of her deeply personal songs. She has won legions of fans among the country's best singers, leading to covers of her songs by Bette Midler, Nanci Griffith, Judy Collins, Kathy Mattea, Andrea Marcovicci, Patti Lupone, and many others.

Rebel Voices - Billions of Brain Cells
A Piece of the Wall - Reveille Music 146

Paul Kamm Eleanore McDonald - Calling on Love
Calling on Love 146
 On this, their 5th CD, Eleanore MacDonald and Paul Kamm’s ‘Calling on Love’ the title cut is a prayer to the future and it sets this quality right at the start. In the song they call on love to rescue us all from fear, violence and suspicion. The sentiment of peace through love, for the sake of the children of our world, is beautiful and their delivery does it justice. Throughout the song, as well as the rest of the CD, their harmonies are exact and their very breath is in unison.

Lui Collins - Leaving Fort Knox
Leaving Fort Knox - 146

Sirens - Heed the Warning
No tentative vocals here. The feel of this CD is somewhere between lure and attack. These women have strong vocals that are always on pitch. Sometimes they sing solo, sometimes two back up a lead voice, and sometimes they choose a full trio sound.

Noxon - Devil's Breath
Watch as you Walk 147

Jennifer Noxon is not just another woman cranking out “I” focused love songs. There is a pleasing variety to her topics as if thumbing through your morning newspaper. Take the story behind Noxon’s song “Water,” for example, which began one day, when she was staying in St. Lucia, as she watched the women balancing a day’s water supply on their heads. The rhythm and steel drum accompaniment holds the comfort of a kid’s jumping rope rhyme, but also the adult quality of environmental and humanitarian concern.

Freddy B   - Love in the Same Old Sin
Night of the Falling Angels `147

Berman - Let Him KNow YOur Heart
Lives 147

Fireweed 148
No longer a group, I no longer have the cd.
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