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Saturday February 10, 2007: Some looking back, some days of the week

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My kids have taken an interest in this song. Its been playing for two weeks on the turntable. I asked where the LP was so I could air it on the show today, and my duaghter said "What are you looking for? Whats an LP ? "
1. Linda Ronstadt - Desperado
Dont Cry Now - Asylym

When the Bottom Line was in operation, Alan would leave the front table empty for big wigs and press. When the Roches first played there, Linda Ronstadt came in last minute. So hearing htat all week made me think of this.

2.Roches - We
Roches - Warner Bros.

When I came home late last night, the new Roches was in my mail. Hopefull Im not breaking DJ rules by playing it now when press releases say to launch Feb 19th.

3. Roches - Naughty Lady of Shady Lane (Tepper/Bennett) 334
Moonswept -

4. Roches - Huh 215
Moonswept -

Suzzy's daughter Lucy penned and sings a cut on the release

5. Roches -(Lucy Wainwright Roche) Long Before  316
Moonswept -

THis cut by her dad, was about a moment in her youth.

6. Loudon Wainwright - Hitting You 303
History - Charisma Records

A listener asked that I get some Sara Thomsen, sure glad he did.

7. Sara Thomsen - Is it For Freedom 430
Fertile Ground -

Great trio sound

8. Amy Bernstein Paula Pedersen Sara Thomsen - Would You Harbor Me 149
Three Altos -

Playing the Roches made me think of how Paul Simon produced Maggie and Terre's first LP (that word again) and that now Garfunkel has been touring with Buddy.

9. Buddy Mondlock w T.Kimmel - Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice -

A listener requested the new JOhn Prine - so I wanted to set it up with some old John Prine

10 JOhn Prine - Hello in There 531
Philadephia Folk Festival - Sliced Bread

11 John Prine - Long Monday
Fair & Square - OhBoy Records

This began a bunch of "days of the week" songs

12. Aztec Two-Step Introduction to Saturday 154 Its Going on Saturday 327
Highway Signs - 1 800 Prime CD

13. Ginn Sisters - Hard Fall
Blood Oranges - Sweetbird Records

14. Peter Ostroushko - Saturday Night Guys Cruising Van Nuys 308
Postcards - Red House

15. Gordon Lightfoot - Saturday Clothes 320
If YOu Could Read My MInd - Reprise

16. Loren Davidson - Wednesday Night Regatta 305
Tropical Troubadour - Renaissance Isalnd Music

17. Dick Gaughan - (Jagger/Richard) Ruby Tuesday
Sail On - Appleseed

18. James Hill - Never on Sunday Hadjidakis 315
Flying Leap - Borealis

19. Tom Waits - Heart of Saturday Night 320
FolScene Collection, Vol 2 - Red House

20. David Lamotte - Saturday
Corners -
born in fla 6th album

19. Cat Stevens - Dead Tuesday 337
Classics Vol 24- A & M 25th Anniversary

Also author of Peace Train and Morning Has Broken. Born, Steven Demetre Georgiou on 21 July 1948 in London, England, he performed as Cat Stevens from 1966 to 1978. Converted to Islam renaming himself Yusuf Islam. In 2006, put out first new cd  in 28 years, entitled An Other Cup. Though he condemned the US September 11 attacks and the London bombings of 7 July 2005 saying they were not consistent with the teachings of the religion of Islam. However, in 2004, he was denied entry into the United States after his name appeared on a no-fly list.

about that...

20. Charlie King and Karen Brandow - Goon Squad
On the Journey -

Evidently Paxton is working on a re write of this:

21. Tom Paxton - Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation
I Cant Help But Wonder Where Im Bound - Electra

22. Janis Ian - Society's Child
Philadephia Folk Festival - Sliced Bread

23. Janis Ian - Autobiography
Folk is the new Black - Rude Girl Records

24. Mary McCaslin - Ballad of a Wanted man 2:57
Way Out West - Phil0

25. Mary McCaslin -California Joe 10:14
Better Late than Never -

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