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Saturday February 24, 2007: The 70's and the 07's

Today Sonja Hedlund, host of Ballads and Banjoes had a fill in host as she headed for Norway. The host was 24, and I was delighted to hear her playing standard and modern folk .. be good tanyas, leonard cohen, kd lang..... her tastes and the fact she was hosting today was so serendipitous considering the theme I was working on. I always wonder who is enjoying this contemporary folk/pop/celtic/bluegrass mesh that I simply call folk. I called up the fill in host who said her parents didnt listen to this, she just "fell into it".
 I explored a bit of what some of us were listening to in the 70s. Did it lay any foundation for what we are listening to today? Who is continuing some of the same themes and artists works?

Todays show... the seven o's and the o sevens.

1. Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat
The Essential Leonard Cohen - Sony

2. KD Lang - (Leonard Cohen) - Hallelujah  cut  6
Hymns of the 49th parrellel

3. Burns Sisters (Leonard Cohen) - Democracy
Wild Bouquet - Ithaca Records

4. Ian and Sylvia - Four Strong Winds 328
Best of the Vanguuard Years - Vanguard

5. Lucy Kaplansky (Tyson)  - Someday Soon  358
Over the Hills - Red House

6.  Cat Stevens - Father and Son
Classics Vol 24,- A & M

7. Cliff Eberhardt - My Fathers Shoes
The Long road - Windham Hill

8. Harry Chapin - Taxi
Verities & Balderdash, 1974 - Elektra

9. Darryl Purpose - Singer Songwriter Heaven 529
Live at Coalesce -

10 Billy Joel - Piano Man 513
Piano man - Columbia

11 David Buskin and Co. - Folksinger Earns Every Dime 421
Big Times in a Samll Town - Philo

12.  June Carter Cash talks to the audience 241

13. Lucy Kaplansky (Tyson)  - Ring of Fire  423
Over the Hills - Red House

14. Johnny and June Carter Cash, Carter Family
Medley -At San Quenton - Columbia

15. Edwin Starr - War
War And Peace -  Gordy

16. John McCutcheon -  Not in My Name 434
Greatest story Never Told - Red House

17. The Travellers (L. Hays) - Lonesome Traveller 209
This land is Your land - Sony Canada

18. Wailing Jennys - Long Time Traveller 210
Firecracker - Red House

19. Simon and Garfunkel - America 337
Bookends - Columbia

20. Ellis Paul - 3,000 Miles 339
Stories - Philo

21. Ralph McTell - Streets of London
Streets of London - Kicking Mule Records

22. Eileen McGann -  Turn it Around 609
Turn it around - DragonWing

23. Everly Bros - Devoted to you

24. Story Hill - Room in  My Heart
Storyhill - Red House

25. Chad Mitchel Trio (Ed McCurdy) - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
Live at the Bitter End - Folk Era

26. Eliza Gilkyson - Peace Call
Land of Milk and Honey - Red House

Many called up crying and/or thanking me for the nostalgia - especially to the Chapin and Cohen cuts.

27. Dave Loggins -  Please Come to Boston
Pleae Come To Boston - Collectables

28. Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle 340
Verities & Balderdash, 1974 - Elektra

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