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Saturday March 24 , 2007: Family
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Welcome new web listeners, especially those battling illness or who are housebound. THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

Folk News:
Long-time civil rights activist and co-founder  of the Freedom Song
Network, Eleanor Walden  has organized a petition to  urge the American
Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete Seeger for the  Nobel Peace Prize.  Here is an overview of her petition:

"Pete Seeger has been a crusader for Peace and  Social Justice over the course of his 83 year lifetime. As a prominent  musician his songs, messages and performance style have worked to engage  other people, particularly the youth, in causes to end the Vietnam war, ban  nuclear weapons, work for international solidarity, and  ecological responsibility. It is time that a cultural worker receives  the recognition that this work has great influence and global reach, that  it is not only a medium of entertainment but of education, compassion  and fraternity."
The website address is:

Also:  Sonny Ochs will be 70 next month and she is having an intimate party for 400 with a private concert with Holly Near. Its rediculously inexpensive cuz she wants to share- Friday 13th - of April.  Shes taking orders for tickets! Her  # is 518 827 4953

Todays show features songs about  family.

1. Mark Rust - My Family 501
Legacy -

2. David Massengill - Girl From Nebraska 335
Girl From Nebraska -

3. Wiggins Sisters - Kathleen
 The Wiggin Sisters -
"As I watched my family all pitching in to help Kathleen, it occured to me..."

4. Sisters & Brothers 233
Free to Be You & Me - Arista

5. Smothers Brothers - Mom Always Liked You Best
\Mom Always Liked You Best - Mercury Records

6. Vicky Harris - Sisters
Touch - Locust St. Music

7. Darrell Scott - I Never Had A Sister 407
Family Tree - Sugar Hill

8. Shel Silverstein - Sister For Sale .45
Where the Sidewald Ends -  Columbia

9.  Kate Jacobs  -  A Sister 
What About Regret - Bar Note Records
"Things wouldn't be so bad if I just had a sister"

10.  Melanie Doane - My Sister Sings
Shakespearean Fish - Sony Canada
 "...and I can't always hear her"

11. Victoria Parks - Dear Sister 446
Wild English Rose - Wild Mane Music

12. John McCutcheon - Going to the Prom
 Spring Songs - Rounder Records,
  "she swears they're just friends but she's holding his hand"

13. Jody  William Smith - Pickup sticks 415
Travel - Smithtown records

14. Buddy Mondlock - My Aunt Anna
One the Line -
" when any of us were doubting ourselves, she told us we were all right."

15. Leahy - McBrides 415
Leahy - Narada
11 touring brothers and sisters

16. Zoe Mulford - My Aunt Maxine 215
Traveling Moon - Winged Seed Musi

17.  Zoe Lewis - Auntie Gladys
Songs about sheep -

18. Susan Werner - Unlce John 232
Midwestern saturday night

19. Mustard's Retreat  - Gather the Family
Wind and the Crickets - Palmetto   or
 "our voices together all singing one song"

20. Cosy Sheridan - Lullaby
 Quietly Led -
"My mother's hands laid four young heads to sleep night after night"

21. Susan Aglukark - Mama's Prayers - (
 Arctic Rose  -  EMI Music Canada
 "I know you love my family as much as I do"

22. Claudia Schmidt - Mama I Miss You Tonight
Closing the Distance - Flying Fish
"You raised a strong one, just ask any man" 

At this point an elderly gentleman called to say, the choices today, listtening in Beach Lake, are making him glad to be alive. - Ray

23. Annie  Gallup - Blue Dress 250
Courage My Love - 1 800 Prime CD

24. Heidi Muller - Arrowhead 407
Giving Back - Cascadia Music

25. JohnSmith - That's My Dad
To The Four Directions -

27.  Smith Sisters - (Sisters Megan and Debi)   My Father was a Quiet Man
A Canary's Song - Flying Fish

28.  Stan Rogers "My friend my partner in crime, hes also my brother - Garnet Rogers"
Home In Halifaz - Fogarty's Cove Music

29. Garnet Rogers - Franky & Johnny
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose
"When you love someone, let it show"

30 Hugh Blumenfeld - Brothers 259
Strong in Spirit - 1 800 Prime Cd
"Hes half the world to me and doesnt even know it"

31 Joe Jencks - On Belay 459
I Hear Your Voice -

32 CosySheridan - Love is thicker than water 546
Anthymn - Wind River

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