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Saturday May 26, 2007:Rise Up Singing

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THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

First a few auction songs - 
WJFF's Annual acution and Bazaar is tomorrow, doors openat 11:30 bidding starts at 12:30

1. Cheryl Wheeler - Estate Sale
Circles and Arrows - Philo

2. Joe Crookston - Good stuff
Fall Down as the Rain -

3. Michael McNevin - Secondhand Sotry
Secondhand Story - Muddpuddle Music

Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook
Words chords and sources to 1200 songs.

This comprehensive collection has sold tens of thousands of copies around the world.Songs are arranged in a compact, easy-to-use format for locating songs and working with groups. * Broadway show tunes, Beatles songs, Motown hits * Hymns, spirituals, and gospel standards * Songs about peace, freedom, labor and the environment * Ballads, cowboy songs, shanties and blues ... you can get one on amazon from 14 - 22 bucks

Authors are Peter Blood and Annie Patterson have more than 25 years of experience in song-leading at conferences and gatherings using Rise Up Singing throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. They both live in Cheney, Pennsylvania.
--This text refers to the Spiral-bound edition.

4. Betsy Rose - Same Boat Now

5. Herdman, Hills, Mangsen ( Berrymans) - Squalor
Voices - Flying Fish

6. Greg Brown - Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon
Baptism of Fire - Green Linnet

7. Betty and the Baby Boomers - (J. Oppenheim) Bread and Roses
Just the Motion -

8.  Buffy St. Marie - Piney Wood Hills
Beswt of Buffy St. Maire - Vanguaard

9. Christine Lavin - (Donovan)  Happiness Runs
FolkZiner -Appleseed

10. Bob Franke - Great Storm is Over
Other Evening in Chicago -

11. James Talley - (Woody Guthrie) Deportee
Woody Guthrie and Songs of My Oklahoma Home -

12. Rosalie Sorrels - (Bob Dyaln) Tomorrow is a Long Time
Nod To Bob - Red House

13. Rosen & Burns - (Steve and Peter Jones) - Killkelly
Fast Folk: Communiiyt of singers and songwriter


Pinkwater clip:,WM&upf=Win32&topicName=Opinion&subtopicName=Commentary&prgCode=ATC&hubId=-1&thingId=10397613&tableModifier=&mtype=WM

DJ from Syracuse area writes:
My main complaint regarding what Pinkwater said on NPR is that he brought the wrong Kind of attention to the subject of contemporary folk music.
With too broad a brush and too little pertinent information, he seems to dismiss the efforts of all of today's younger talented folk and acoustic
artists because he didn't like the recordings of some young artists he'd heard on a tape that was given to him by a friend.

DJ from CT area wrote:
I wish one of our more articulate  members could post an "op-ed" piece to NPR.

And from the folk dj at the NPR folk music dj from Pinkwaters own local NPR station
Damn, I love this music, whether it's Mississippi Fred or Bonnie Raitt playing his stuff, whether it's Doc Watson or Richard Watson, Jay Ungar or
Ruthie Ungar.  If Daniel Pinkwater brought "folk music" to the attention of other people who otherwise might not be listening to it on NPR,
college, NFCB or independent stations, even if I don't agree with every syllable he uttered, then I'm okay with it.

Wanda Fischer "The Hudson River Sampler"
WAMC-FM/Northeast Public Radio Albany, NY

14. Si Kahn - Gone, Gonna Rise Again
A Retrospective - Philo

15. Charlie King - Our life is More than our Work
Vaguely Reminisscent -

16. Geri Gribi - (Peggy Seeger) - Im Gonna Be An Engineer
WomanSong Caollection -

17. Peggy Seeger - (Ewan MacColl) - First Time Ever
Folkway Years 55-92, songs of love and politics - Smithsonian Folkways

18. Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning
Hits - Reprise

19. Phil Ochs - Changes
There But for Fortune - Elektra

20. John Prine - Hello in There
Philadelphia Folk Festival - Sliced Bread

21. Claudia Schmidt - (Michael Smith) Spoon River
Claudia Schmidt - Flying Fish

22. Stan Rogers - 45 years
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove

23. Peter Paul and Mary - (Pete Seeger) Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Very Best of... - Warner Brothers / Rhino

24. Utah Phillips - Goodnight Loving Trail
Starlight on the Rails - AK Press/ Daemon Records

25. Holly Near -  I t Could Have Been Me
Singing for Our Lives - Calico Tracks

26. Work o the Weavers - (Leadbelly) - Goodnight Irene
Work o' the Weavers -

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