The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday July 21, 2007
Hour One: Sing Out Radio Magazine  Hour Two: Compilation
THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '


Matt Watroba hosts the Sing Out Radio Magazine for the first hour of Folk Plus today.
Matt began with selections from Summer 2002 Sing Out Compilation Disk (Theme music - Jonathon Byrd: Down a Country Road from The Waitress)

1. Bruce Cockburn - Wondering Where the Lions Are

2. Chuck Pyle -  Affected by the Moon
Affected by the Moon -

3. James Levo - As it is Fading
Memory Theatre - Copper Creek

Matt interviews Kat Eggleston

4 . Kat Eggleston - Kitchen Girl

5. Kat Eggleston - Pastures of Plenty

6. Kat Eggleston - Rain

Matt and Kat discuss ballads and traditional songs. Kat speaks of memory, singing around the house. Kat identified the ballads being right under the surface of what you are consiously thinking.  The stories are universal she says.

7.  Kat Eggleston - The Only Word

Matt speaks with Joel Mabus. Born in Illinois who moved to Michigan to attend the State University. He had professional hillbilly musicians as parents.

8. Joel Mabus - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Six of One -

9.  Joel Mabus - Rubin
Golden Willow Tree -

Joel speaks about blending traditional with his originals.

10.  Joel Mabus - Study War No More
Golden -

11. Pete Seeger - If I Had a Hammer

HOUR TWO:  WJFF Dj, Jesse Ballew sits in for me and airs the following cuts from a past Sing Out compilation:

12.  Silk City - Time

13. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammar -  Tillman County

14.  Rambling Jack Elliott - If I were a Carpenter

15. kalikos - application

16. Bill Morriesey- Buddy Bolden's Blues

17. Tom Paxton & Anne Hills - Under American Skys

18. Bill Morriesey- Judgement Day

19.  Akir Bubar -  - Butternut tree

20. Tim Erikson, - I Wish the Wars Were Over

21. Alison Canard - Leslie's March

22. Mike Agranoff - Gypsy Davy, One Year Late

23. Berryman's - Uncle dave's Grace

24. Berryman's -  Dupsha Dove

25. Eddie From Ohio - Tom Burley is Dead

26. Johnson Girls - Fisherman's Wife

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