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Saturday September 1, 2007: ChrisTEEN show, matching my neices music to folk picks.

Today on Folk Plus, my neice  Christine brought songs she listens to (a  Middle schooler) and I matched them by  title, mood, theme, lyrics to cuts I would play on Folk Plus,
or that I was listening to back when I was her age.  Christines choices are followed by her comments
THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. ' 

1. Eifel 65 - DA BA DEE  445
Song was nominated for best dance record in the year 2000. Lead singer didn't know he could sing until a girlfriend told him.

2. Irene Kelley - A Little Bluer Than That 252
Simple Path - Irk Records

HANNAH MONTANA (Maile Cyrus)- Make Some Noise  444
Popular show on Disney Channel. Hannah Montana is the stage name of Maile Cyrus who wants to keep being a pop star but still wants to be an ordinary teenage girl.
Billy Ray Cyrus is her dad in the TV show and in real life.  He is a country singer.  He sang "Achy Breaky Heart."

4. John Gorka - Good Noise  305
Out of the Valley - High Street Records

5. RIHANNA - Umbrella  418
Rihanna is from Barbados.  She got her first recording contract at 16. Her first name is Robyn.  Rihanna is her middle name.

6. The Hollies - Bus Stop 258
The Best of the Hollies

7. GWEN STEFANI - 4 in the Morning
Used to be in a band called "No Doubt."  She has a baby she named Kingston, she said this song was written when she was up one night when he was in her belly.
She is known for her platinum blonde hair. Chrisitne saw her at Great Adventure

8. Lynn Miles - The Middle of the Night 340
Night in a Strange Town - Philo

9. AVRIL LAVIGNE -  Girlfriend 334 *cut 40 sec! warning

Avril is from Canada. She recently got married. She is known for wearing boy's ties all the time and her skater girl image.

10. Carla Ulbrich -  What if Your Girlfriend was Gone -Her Fabulous Debut 158

We're all in This Together - High School Musical I
They recently came out with HS Musical II.  Christine went to a sleepover party that night to watch it - Hi Lina!!

12.  Sisters and Brothers - Free to Be You and Me

13. Pat Humphries - Common Thread -Same Rain -

14.  ASHLEY TINSDALE - Kiss the Girl  322 (BOOST VOLUME)
In Disney's TV Show "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." She plays a poor candy counter girl. She is also from High School Musical.

15. Small Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers -Waltz of the wallflowers ( A Dysfuncitonal Duet) - Wind River 429
also a timid boy, who barely gets up nerve to dance with a girl, let along kiss her

16.  HILLARY DUFF - With Love 244
Her nickname from her sister is "Spill."  Hailey Duff's nickname is "clean cat." She used to be cute and kinda chubby, but now she's an older teenager and has gone all skinny.  She looks different.

17.  Beatles - All You Need is Love -The Beatles 1 - Capital

18. JO JO - Little Too Late 334
Birthday: Dec 20, 1990  Was on" Kids Say The Darndest Things" when she was 6 years old. Her real name is Joanna Levesque.

19. Carole King - Too Late Baby - Tapestry - Legacy
20.  Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson  309
Her favorite song is Phil Collins' "Against All Odds."  Won Best Female Pop Vocal performance in 2003 for "Miss Independent." Christine saw her concert in 2006 with thousands of screaming girls.

 21. Trout Fishing in America - After You've Gone 318 -
Closer to the Truth - Trout Records

22. JONAS BROTHERS - Year 3000 312
Jonas Brothers are from New Jersey - Nick, Joe, and Kevin.  Kevin taught himself how to play the guitar when he was 12.
Nick started signing at age 3!

23. (for a mere 30 seconds ) Zager and Evans - In the Year 2525 318 - Zager and Evans - RCA

24. Jody William Smith - The Grays 400 -Travel - 

25. DREW SEELEG featuring BELINDA - Dance with Me  312
"Let the Tango take control..."

26. Kristina Olsen - Dance Camp 237    /      How I love this tango 509 -
All Over Fown Under - Take A Break Records

27. RASCAL FLATTS - Life is a Highway 437
2 members of this band are cousins.  Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts moved to Nashville and became a singer

28. Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - Route 80 220
Drum, Hat, Buddha - Signature Sounds

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