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Saturday September 22, 2007: Fall 2007 Sing Out Highlights

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Cuts are followed by quotes of the CD review from Sing Out.

1. Marie Knight with Larry Cambell - Lord I Feel Like Going On 2:27
Let Us Get Together Tribute to Reverend Gary Davis - MC

"Marie Knight is an energietic 82 year old gospel singer who remains in fabulous voice." Sing Out

(Marie Knight is a gospell legend. She spent more than 20 years with sister rosetta tharpe
Larry Campbell produced the release, her first in over 25 years. The album is a tribute to the late
Reverend Gary Davis. Larry plays all the stringed instruments.
Ms. Knight is also featured in Oct/Nov issue of Dirty Linen. )

2. Kris Drever - Steel and stone (Black Water) 3:45
Black Water - Compass

"This is an impresive debut from a young singer and guitarist from Orkney. Drever has become a regular on the Edinburgh scene."
"Its heartening to hear such a young performer with a love for the old songs" Sing Out

4. Tannahill Weavers - Grat for Gruel - 3:28
Live and In Session - compass

"14 tracks split evenly between live, uptempo concert favorites such as the "Gesse in the bog" and the "Log
splitter set" and euphonios new matierial drawn from the lighter end of the scale" SO
The release comes with a glossary. Grat is "cried".

5. John Roberts - Boatman's Cure 4:59
Sea Fever: Songs of Ships and the Sea - Golden Hind
"15 mostly traditional songs of the sea, delivered in that unmistakable bass voice... one of folk music's most beloved voices"
The CD title "takes its name from the poem by John Masefield set to music by Andy Taylor"

6. Hank Cramer - (Sara Cash Bayes) Railroading on the Great Divide
Way out West - Ferryboat Music
"Lets make one thing clear from the outset, this man can sing. Hank is from Eastern Washington and recently retired from 28 years of military service."
" good cowboy songs sung by a great singer"

7. Jake Armerding - Flirting 4:29
Walking on the World - Jack Armerding

"Jake is a gifted fiddler, mandolonist and guitarist and these skills are well respresented"
"this new cd is focused on his songwriting and singing and Eric Merrills production skills."
"Well written thought provoking pop music."

Alison Krauss and Union Station: Windy City Rag
Folksongs of Illinois - Illinois Humanities Council
Alsion was born in Champaign Illinios, began playing in K entereing her first contest at nine years old.

Gave a taste of beginnings of several cuts for a whole cd flavor, then played
9. Carl Sandburg - Jay Gould's Daughter 136
Folksongs of Illinois Vol 1 - Illinois Humanities Council

"songs about Illinois and Illinois history, and/or reflecting the music of immigrant populations, performed by groups and individuals gthroughout the state."

10. Newcomer - Biscuits and Butter
242 - Wilderness Plots
(also Krista Detor, TIm Grimm, Carrie Newcomer, Tom Roznowski, Michael White) - Rosehill
"There isnt a single bad song here" " based on Wildnerness Plots which is a "small book with very short stories, each based on at least a kernel of history, part truth, part folktale"

11. Anne Hills - Little Orphan Annie 3:35
Ef You Don't Watch Out - Collective Works
"Poems of James Whitcomb Riley. Anne has given these poems folk-like settings that range from beautiful to rollicking"
12. Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Calling 417
The Calling - Zoe
Read from weekend edition sunday june 24, 07 how she treasures every day after a bagger said
"have a nice day" and it hit her that she knew he meant it.
13. Cara Luft - There's a Train 441
The Light Fantastic - Black Hen
Luft was one of the founding members of the Winnipeg-based trio, (Waling Jenny's) walked away from the group to return to her solo career..."
"listening to the song its easy to assume that it might be her declaration of independence from the wailin jennys.

14. Jimmy La Fave - Truth 2:59
Cimarron Manifesto - Red House
"As usual on a LaFave record, the original material is balanced by some well chosen and beautifullly perfimed intretations of borrowed material which he makes his own."
(Dylan, Donavon, Joe South)

15. Kelly Flint - Cartoon 3:09
Drive All Night - BePop
Her songcraft is excellent." "Kellys warm sure singing is the album's glue"

16. Martin Sexton - Failure 3:56
Seeds - Kitchen Table

Hes been singing " for 20 years, starting on the streetcroners
of Harvard Square, Martin has perfected an unmistakable brand of folk/soul,
featuring soaring flasetto, growling seductive baritone, scat singing, and masterful guitar playing"
lyrics....  thank god for faiture and things i couldnt do...

17.  Jory Nash - Fly Me to the Moon (Howard) 234
Folk, Jazz Blues & Soul - Thin Man
"beyond Nash' folk roots to incorporate Jazz.."
"lyrics and melodies are never bured, even on the biggest production numbers"

18. Dave Potts - The Garden We're Growing 336
$12.99 - Looking Up Records

" a man complaining about the mundane responsibilites and annoyances of life while he is brought up short as
he puts into perspective. 'Right now somewhere across the sea a soldier that ive never met fights for me...."
"Dave's writing relfects his understaind of what some of us are too busy to notice"

19. Steve Forbert - Thirty More years 341
Strange Names and New Sensations
"doesn't break new ground or do anything startlin..." but "fine work all around"
Thirty More Years casts a wider net as it notes that ever incresing deterioration of the planet at man's own hand.

20. Jud Caswell - For Sale 4:08
Blackberry TIme - Alberdown
"a true story from his native maine about real estate develpment and human values" " wise beyond his years"

21. Lucy Kaplansky - Amelia 407
Over the HIlls - Red House

"the woman reveals a bad marriage and how she kept her story quiet, while offspring freely control therir lives and tell thier stories"
"has it all, the voice, look, wriing, singing, stage presence, solid guartar work and the fans"

22. Devon Sproule - Old Virgina Block 315
Keep Your Silver Shined - Waterbug

"grew up in a commune in the mountains of virgina jazz/folk orginals "
"Just 24 but theres a hint of gillian welch here, a maturity beyond her years"

23. Work 0' The Weavers - If I Had  a Hammer  216
We're Still Here - Worldwind
Martha Sandefer, David Bernz, james Durst, Mark Murphy and Jogoda succeeds admirably in covering Weavers tunes from the 40s and 50s"

24. Storyhill - Give Up the Ghost 410
Storyhill - Red House

"Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson are the acoustic folk duo, Storyhill. They come from Bozeman, Montana, and are porud of it. They have been friends since grade school. Their debut album, Storyhill, was produced by grammy winner Dan Wilson He tasefully highlisths their writing and singing strenghts, wiout burying them in unnecessary instrumental additions.The opener, 'Give Up the Ghost' is riveting."

25. Amy Carol Webb- Long Goodbye 422
Naked No Tricks - Zebra Productions

"These would be great tunes for church, coffeehouses and other setting where people gain strength from singing together."

Amy e mailed her introduction: "Both my parents were musicians, and my mother had a particularly beautiful alto voice.  When I was little I would beg her to sing
me to sleep -- she would sit on the side of my bed and fall asleep singing to me.A few years ago the dreaded day came -- the day my brother called
from my mother's room to say "Sister, its time" -- and it was my turn to sit on the side of the bed and sing.Thanks for asking about this, Angie.  Music was my deepest
bond with my mother, and every time I sing this song, or talk about, she rushes into my heart." (Had a call from a listener who said that the last song really touched her.)

26. Eliza Gilkyson - Green Fields Intro and song 403
Your Town Tonight - Red House

From a mum song to a dad song. Sing Out says this live collection would be a  good into to Eliza.

Time was short so I played the first minutes of each of the following:

Two of a Kind - I Have Two Stomachs 317
Family Album - Magillacutty
"one for the meal one for dessert"

Amy Meyers - New River Train
Trains and Hens - Cheshire Moon

Covered by Doc watson, Monroe Brothers, Roscoe Holcomb, Carter family.. a bluegrass standard... segue into the bluegrass show that followed.... Jambalaya.

Welcome new web listeners, especially the many who have found my show from other listservs of the mostly housebound.

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