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Saturday October 20, 2007: The Sum and the Parts

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Come see the station at our open house the first Saturday of every month. W
elcome new web listeners, especially those battling illness or who are housebound.

Next weak is pledge week and I will be doing a show on thanks and giving and giving thanks.
Im looking for song ideas, and for local people willing to arrive totally fragrance free to help me pitch, talk and do the show. Fragrance free is not perfume but all fragrance, lotions, fabric softeners, detergents and dryer sheets taht coat skin, hair and clothing with chemicals many cannot process. Since Im one of those folks, please promise to arrive this way, for I cant wear a respirator and speak on the mic.

THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

Today's folk plus are groups and individuals in those groups. I couldnt' help but include a couple of "fire " songs in the beginning, due to the problems in California. I had thought of doing homelessness as a theme, as it is in the news. Evidently San Francisco has had it with the homeless, even though, ironically, a million Californians are experiencing the fate first hand.

1. Tamarack - Huntsville Fire 304
Leaving Inverarden - Folk Era

2. James Gordon - Too Canadian These Days
Pipe Street Dreams - Wind River

3.  Smith Sisters - (Mondlock) Fire of change
A Canary's Song - Flying Fish

4.  Debi Smith - Italy and France 341
The Soprano -

5. Kaplansky, Williams, Shindell - (Keelaghan) Cold Mousouri waters
Cry Cry Cry - Razor & Tie

After three fire songs the head of Red Cross locally called with fire awareness info.
80% of loss from fires, is home fires, has information on fire safety
Goshen Office 294-9785

6. Lucy Kaplansky - the Tide 415
The Tide - Red House

7.  Richard Shindell - Are You Happy Now?
Sparrows Point - Shanachie

8.  Dar Williams - End of the summer428
End of the Summer - Razor and Tie

9. The Foremen - Hell Froze Over
Best of the Foremen - Metaphor Records

10  Roy Zimmerman - Defenders of Marriage 222
Faulty Intelligence - Metaphor Records

11. Moxy Fruvous - Michigan Militia 318
You Will Go To the Moon - Bottom Line records

12.  Hot Soup - Moonglow
Soup happens - Souper Music

13. Sue Trainer - Golfing With Hares 359
In A Closeup -

14. Fourtold (M Smith, A Hills, S Gilletee, C Mangsen)
Nine Little Goblins - 319- Fourtold - Appleseed

15. Anne Hills - (Hardy) Porto Limon
Woman of A calm Heart - Flying Fish

16. Herdman, HIlls, Mangsen - (McGann) Requiem for the Trees 447
Voices - Flying Fish

17 Priscilla Herdman - I'll Love You Forever 444
Forever & Always - Flying Fish

18.  Eddie From Ohio - Quick 416
Quick - Virgin Soul

19. Robbie Shaefer - Fly 339
In the Flesh -

20.  Roches - We
The Roches - Warner Bros.

21. Suzzy Roche - Breathing
Holy Smokes -  Red House

22. Bitchin Babes: Lavin, Larkin, McDunough, Fingerett - Prisoners Of their Hairdos 254
Buy Me Bring Me Take Me: Dont Mess My Hair: Life aaccoding to Four Bitchin' Babes - Rounder

23. Christine Lavin - Tom Cruise Scares Me
Happydance of the Xenophobes - Yellow tail

24.  Emmylou Harris - So Sad To watch Good Love Go Bad
Last Date - Eminent Records

24.  Artisan - I'll Sail No More 316
Breathing Space - Festival Records

25.  Hilary Spencer -(L barker) History Man
AfterImage -

26. Burns Sisters - Tewo Step Recipe
Out of the Blue - Philo

27  Annie Burns - Without Love (faded out due to time restraints)
Days in Italy -

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