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Saturday November 24, 2007: Buy Less, Give More

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Welcome new web listeners, especially those battling illness or who are housebound.THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

1. John Flynn - Whose Whose
John Flynn -

2. P and L Berryman - Stuff Song
Some Kinda Funny -

3. Herdman Hills Mangsen (Berrymans) Uncle Dave's Grace
At the turning of the Year - Hand and Heart Music

4. John McCutcheon - Thanksgiving
Autumnsongs - Rounder Kids

5. Si Kahn - Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving -

6. Anne Hills - (Roth) May the Light of Love
Woman of a calm Heart -

What Would Jesus Buy opened Nov 16th about Reverend Billy, and actor whose mission is to fight what he calls the “shop ocalypse,” the buying frenzy Americans indulge in every holiday season armed with his "Beatitudes of Buy lessness" such as:   Blessed is the artist who is not corporate sponsored for you shall give birth to warm fronts of emotion and breakthroughs of Peace  and   

Blessed are you who confuse “Consumerism” with “Freedom,” for you shall be delighted to discover the difference.

7. Phil Ochs - There But for Fortune
There But For Fortune - Elektra

8. Dick Gaughan - A Different Kind of Love Song
Different Kind of Love Song - Appleseed

Tuesday, Sept. 4, was Bill Clinton's first interview to promote "Giving," a book on philanthropy and civic action  where he promotes small grass roots organizations and giving individals can make a  difference, any age, any income group, with any amount of available  time or interest... in the book he includes not only Bill Gates but  kids in elementary school with a penny drive  etc.  

9.  Susan Werner - Help Somebody
Gospel Truth - Sleeve Dog Records

10. Chuck Brodsky - We Are Each Other's Angels
A Fingerpainter's Murals - Waterbug

The Nields newsletter informs us that the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
has designated World Kindness Day (Nov. 13) / World Kindness Week (Nov. 12 - 19)

11. Geoff Bartley - One Kind Word
One Kind Word - Waterbug

12.  Andrew McKnight - Good Things Matter
Beyond Borders - Falling Mountain Music

13. David Wilcox - Kindness
Turning Point - Koch

14. Pat Humphries - Voices in the Chorus
Same rain -

15.  Sweet Honey in the Rock - All I Have to Do
Experience 101 - Appleseed
"a smile is free" "everybody has something positive to give"

16. Anne Hills - (Kris Kristofferson) Here Comes That Rainbow Again
Woman of a Kind Heart -
Sent in by a Folk DJ "would be perfect for your theme.  The song is based on a scene from the movie version of The Grapes of Wrath"

17. David Roth - A Little Something More
Irreconsilable Simularities - Wind River

Last week I played David's Manual Garcia about the solidarity of shaving heads when a friend is back from Kemo
It made me think of this news bit:
Kings crusade in the pink
GRADE 12 students Travis Price and David Shepherd from Central Kings Rural High in Nova Scotia gave support to a Grade 9 student who was harassed on the first day of school. A group of six to 10 bullies called him a homosexual for wearing a pink shirt and threatened to beat him up. Travis and David decided enough is enough.  They turned the hallways at Central Kings Rural High into a sea of pink by encouraging other students to wear the colour to school two days later. They bought 75 pink tank tops and distributed them to male students in the lobby before class; even the bullied student had one. Word of the kids standing up to the bullies spread around the world to England, Norway, Bermuda and the United States. CBS New York ran the story and Spain’s largest newspaper, El Pais, carried the story and photo of the teenagers. (The Chronicle Herald’s website recorded its highest number of hits ever, with approximately 172,000 visits to the story over a three-day period.)

18.  Sonia - Sugarcane
No Bomb Is Smart - Disappear Fear Records

19. Alan Haynes - Happy Birthday Mom
New Roads -

20. Paula Joy Welter - Joanna's Gift
Morning Light -

21. Magpie - Give Light
Give Light -  Sliced Bread

22. Lewis & Royal - God Forgive Me When I Whine
Amperand -  Rosebud Creek Records

23. Lucy Kaplansky - (Lowe) (What’s So Funny ‘bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
Flesh and Bone - Red House

24. Roches - Anyway
Zero Church - Red House
"if you are kind people may accuse you of alterior motives, be kind anyway"

25. Peter, Paul, and Mary - (Seskin,Shamblin) Don't Laugh at Me
The Very Best of Peter Paul and Mary - Rhino, Warner Bros.

26. Tom Payne - I Will Work for Food
Ten Lucky Pennies - Waterbug
"we're all hungry"

27.  Chris Knight - If I Were You
King Easy Radio Sampler- Volume 2

28.  James Gordon - No SIlent Night
Mining For Gold - Borealis

29. Greg Trafidlo - Whatcha Gonna Leave
Old Dog New Tracks -

30.  Melissa Javors - Give the Gift of life
Crazy Wisdom -

Some giving ideas for locals: 
Singer/ Songwriter Bill Hudson has an organization which delivers instruments to kids in New Orleans who lost their instruments in the Hurricane, and while they are at the schools delivering they sing with and for the kids. I am collecting instruments from folks here in the Hudson Valley to deliver Thanksgiving weekend for a trip down there December 15. If anyone is within 45 minutes of Peekskill in the Hudson Valley, NY and has an old instrument in a closet they want to donate, please contact me to make arrangements
so I can get your instrument to a kid who needs it.  I'm putting a link below for more info about this program, and if you are not in the Hudson Valley you can check the link or contact Bill to see about donating an instrument... Thanks.  Fred Gillen Jr.
and a blog about the project:

And this thought makes me remember this note from Ray Karona:
"The song Pete Seeger and I have about the hundreds of children  giving away their toys to children in Iraq seems right for your theme: "Toys
for Peace" on "The Safe Thing To Do" CD. As for organizations, the volunteers at Peoples' Voice Café have kept this venue for social justice
folk music going weekly for 28 years now. The Café's official theme song about how and why they do it is on our band's "A Friend Like You" CD. It's
called "Peoples' Voice Café."

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