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Saturday December 22, 2007: Seasonal

Folk Plus is hosted and planned by Angela Page and airs Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on WJFF, at 90.5 fm in Jeffersonville, N.Y. and 94.5 in Monticello N.Y. We are Hydro-Powered Public Radio and stream online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG  Come see the station at our open house the first Saturday of every month. Welcome new web listeners, especially those battling illness or who are housebound. THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

1. John Webber - Canon guitar solo

2. Look Toto! The Mall!  "I brought Aunty Em's gold card with me and it has got a 10,000 dollar limit."

3. Cali Rose - Pooey Pooey Pooey It's Christmas
Cali Rose Gets Goofey -    "That credit card time of year"

4. Austin Lounge Lizards - Xmas Time for Visa
The Drugs I Need - Blue Corn Music
"The finance charge that never goes away"

5. Artisan - Big Green Credit Machine
Breathing Space - Festival "pay later"

6. Greg Brown - Who Woulda Thunk It?
In The Dark With You -red Hosue -
"One of these, one of those, that one looks good, wrap it up. Put it on my mastercard, put it on my visa."

7. Sandy Cash - The Real Thing
Thing So real -

8. John Flynn - Who's Whose
John Flynn -
"Do you own the stuff you own, or does the stuff you own, own you?"

check out ""

9. David Wilcox - East Ashville Hardware
East Ashville Hardware -
"An angel appeared..." telling him to shop locally...
"stacks and stacks of plastic swimming pools"

10. David Wilcox - Rudy

11. Ilene Weiss - Talking to the Wrong Man
Weiss Christmas - Gadfly

Roches - (Handel ) the Hallelujah Chorus
Keep on Doing - Warner Bros.

Holy Near & Brian Lane Green- Oh Holy Night- And still we Sing - Calico Tracks
Walnuts and Rice - Familiar

14.  John McCutcheon - Christmas in the Trenches
Live from Wolf Trap - Rounder

15. Naomi Sommers - Come Home
Hypnotized - America melodyu,

16.    Darryl Purpose - You Must Go Home For Christmas
Same River Twice -

17 . El McMeen - What Child Is This? (Greensleeves) - Piney Ridge Music

18. Chuck Brodsky -  On Christmas I got Nothing - Radio - Red House

19. Lou & Peter Berryman -  Christmas Letter -Some Days\ Cornbelt

20.  Kevin Briody - Walnuts And Rice - Familiar - kevinbriodycom

21.  Pierce Pettis - Mirium - Making Light of It - Compass

22. Kate Campbell -  Would They Love Him Down in Shreveport - For The Living of these days

23. Loudon Wainwright - Christmas Morning- Social Studies - Hannibal

24. Anais Mitchell - Song of the Magi - The Brightness - Ritcheous Babe

25. Glen Roethel. Stuart Markus & Hillary Foxsong - (Yarrow) Light One Candle - single

26.  John Forster - All Purpose Carol - Official Bootleg Album

27. Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid - Edge - Calico Tracks

28.  Dar Williams\ The Christians and the Pagans\ Mortal City\ Razor & Tie

29. Kate Campbell - Kings Business - Wandering Strange - Eminent Records

30. Artisan - Paper Angels  - Paper Angels -

31. Tacobel Canon- Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Chanukah/Ramadan/Boxing Day Song
The Runaway Christmas Tree -

32. Morgan Hardy - Ave Maria

33. Roberts & Barrand - Praise of Christmas
Second Nowell Volume 2 - Front Hall Records

34. Hot Soup (Beatles) Can't Buy Me Love
The Way You Like It -

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived ~  that is to have succeeded.  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sunday, Dec.23 4-7 pm. Banshanachie & Friends perform Traditional Irish Music at the Rosendale Cafe, Main St., Rosendale NY, 845 658 9048, No cover.

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