The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday January 12, 2008:
Sing Out Winter 2008, and catching up with some former WJFF concert artists

We are Hydro-Powered Public Radio.  Folk Plus is hosted and planned by Angela Page and airs Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on WJFF 90.5 fm Jeffersonville, N.Y. and 94.5 W233AH in Monticello N.Y.   We stream online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG     Welcome new web listeners. Thanks so much to WJFF management and staff who accommodate my chemical sensitivities and allow me to continue volunteering for my shift bringing the music I love to a wider audience.

1. Linda Thompson - (L Thompson, T Thompson) Versatile Heart/
Versatile Heart - Rounder

2. Linda Thompson - (L Thompson, T Thompson) The Way I Love You
Versatile Heart - Rounder

3. David Francey- Waves
Right of Passage - Laker Music

4. David Francy - A Conversation
Right of Passage - Laker Music

5. Arlon Bennett - Forgive Me
Summer Voice - Red Sea Records

6. Gretchen Peters - Sunday Morning
Burnt Toast and Offerings - Scarlett Letter Records

7. Buddy Mondlock - Cowboys Born Out of their Time
Edge of the world - Sparkling Gap

8. Eric Bibb - Good stuff
An Evening With Eric Bibb - M.C. Records

9. Martin Simpson - Bachelor's Hall
Prodigal Son - Compass

10. Mae Robertson - (Sheridan) Lullabies
Dream - Lyric Partners

11. Cliff Eberhardt - Dug Your Own Grave 257
High Above and the Down Below - Red House

12. Emma's Revolution - Pat Humphris & Sandy O - Who Lies
Roots, Rock & Revolution

What have some of our WJFF concert artists been up to since they performed for us

13. Cosy Sheridan - Urban Assault Vehicle
Anthymn - Wind Rive

14. Cosy Sheridan - Demeter's Lost daughter
Pomegranate Seed -  -

15.  Cosy Sheridan - Barbie
Pomegranate Seed -  -

16. David Francey -  Torn Screen Door
Torn Screen  Door - laker Music

17.  David Francey -Border Line
Torn Scree  Door - laker Music

18. James Keelaghan - Turn of the Wheel
Recent Future - Green Linnet

19. James Keelaghan - (Somers) Harvest train
A Few Simple Verses - Jerico Beach music

20. Antje Duvekot - Long Way
Little Peppermints -

21. Antje Duvekot - Merry Go Round
Little Peppermints -
Bank america ad...

22. Kallet, Cicone, Epstein - Sail Away Ladies
Angels in Daring - Overall Music

23. Kallet with Grey Larson - Fisher's Hornpipe/Old Leather
Cross the water - Sleepy Creek music

24. Garnet Rogers - Get a Witness
Get A Witness - Snow Goose

25. Christine Lavin- Chocolate Covered Espress Beans
Happydance of the Xenophobe - Yellow Tail

26. Full Frontal Folk - General Taylor
Sweet Mystery of Life

27. Susan Werner - Probably Not
Gospel Truth - Sleeve Dog Records

28. Susan Werner - Our Father
Gospel Truth - Sleeve Dog Records

29. Ellis Paul -  She Was
American Jukebox Fables - Philo

30. Vance Gilbert -  Down Here
Unfamiliar Moon - Dissismy 

31. Night Sun - One Moment of Grace
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

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