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Saturday June 7, 2008: Maris Hearn remembered

From Sing Out! Vol 51 #2  Summer 2007:  Judith DeMaris (Maris) Hearn, Folk D J, Peace Activist, Lesbian, Feminist, athlete and avid bicyclist, died on March 8th, International Women's Day, after an almost 20 year battle with cancer. Maris had a long running show, The Gumbo Shop, on WJFF, hydro-powered community radio in the Catkills. Maris' knowledge of music was vast, and her music collection enviable.

Despite cancer, Maris had enormous energy and an inspiring love of living. She'd be the one you'd always notice at ...

Maris participated in a workshop at Sloan Kettering where poeple were urged to look at their lives as a legacy and produce something to pass on the legacy they would like to leave. Many wrote stories, Maris chose to tell hers in a 6 CD compilation.The headings are: Life, Lesbianism, Country, Activism, Peace/war/hope, Cancer

Today's show features cuts from her legacy CD collection. I've planned to play three from each area and then follow up with a few cuts honoring her Calendar tradition for events which happened on June 7th and June 8th.  Our memorial concert for Maris last year featured Pat Humphries and Sandy O. Tomorrow's concert will feature Rod MacDonald and Peggy Atwood.

Disc 1: Life: Childhood, Family, Me

1. Dar Williams-  When I Was A Boy- Honesty Room- Razor & Tie

2. Joan Baez & Mercedes Sosa - Gracias a la Vida
Best of Mercedes Sosa -Polygram International

3. Janis Ian - Honor them All - Hunger - Windham Hill

Disc 2: Lesbianism, Love, Earth / Water

4. David Roth: May the Light of Love

Rod Macdonald called in at this point, from the airport, heading north for a gig near boston and then driving out to forestburgh. Rod remembered the last time he was in the area, having Maris sitting right in front enthusiastically clapping loudly through any political or social comment to which she agreed. He said he respected her committment to politics because its not just a moment or one issue, its truly an ongoing committment.
He introduced his cut below, by explaining the motivation. He was one of the voters who voted on the famous b utterfly ballot.
"I wrote this song during the 2000 election aftermath when the outcome was still unclear....I voted on the butterfly ballot here in Florida, that had people voting for one candidate thinking they were voting for another, followed by squads of lawyers trying to prevent people's votes from being counted at all"

5. Rod MacDonald - For the Good of America - Recognition - Wind River

back to Maris and her legacy CD collection and the second subject of Love:

6. Ferron-  Harmless Love

7. Peggy Seeger - Love will Linger On - Love Will Linger On - Appleseed

Disc 3: My Country/ My World

8. Burns Sisters (S. Van Zandt) - I am A Patriot- Close to Home - Philo
"I only know one party and it is freedom"

9. Sara Thomsen- Is It For Freedom - Fertile Ground -
Whose dying for our comfort in this land...
If we stand idly by, we share in the blame

10. David Massengill: No 1 in America- Coming Up For Air - Flying Fish
imjagine    "....when a black is president and not a pawn"

Maris Hearn ...... describing herself... “I’m a vegetarian, earth-lover, peace/justice/freedom-nik, lesbian, biker, radical ecofeminist of sorts, language-lover, survivor and all-around non-standard American....” From the WJFF website, and an article reprinted from 2003 during hte 11th year anniversary of the gumbo shop.

Disc 4 Activism

11. Pat Humphries - Bound for Freedom - Hands - Appleseed

"how the greedly live off poor and hungry people everywhere"
"I will organize for justice, i Will raise my voice in song"
"our children will be free to lead the world and carry on"

 12. Holy Near - I Aint Afraid- And still we Sing - Calico Tracks
"Free up from the gods of war and glory"

13. John McCutcheon - Not in my Name- Greatest Story Never Told- Red House

Cisc 5 Peace/War, Home, Hope

14. Julie Gold - From a Distance- single with Nanci Griffith, Raul Maro, Donna Summer

done in three languages for "from a distance there is harmony and it echos through the land
"cest le cour du le mond entiere"

15. Pete Seeger:  Dr. King on Violence- Seeds - Appleseed
you can kill the hater, but you increase hate
hate cannot drive out hate
only love can drive out hate

16. Magpie - Give Light - Give Light - Sliced Bread
"teach peace and people will find the way"

Disc 6 Cancer, Time, Death

17. Susan Werner - Still Believe- Midwestern Saturday Night

"she had nothing much to fear,
she lost her pony tail, when the big c came to call.."
"wanna go with me to italy next year....?"

18. Dave and Tracy- When I Go - When I Go-
"reverence and glory when i go.."

19. Pat Humphries -  Swimming to the Other Side- Hands -  Appleseed

Maris had a tradition of  reading a history of events she felt relevant to culture and politics. To honor this tradition

June 7:

1998 Tony Awards, Lion King edges out Ragtime to win for best musical

20 Elton John - Circle of Life - Love Songs - MCA

1977 Anita Bryant leads successful crusade against Miami gay rights law

21 Steve Cohen- Silent too long - Silent Too Long -


1969 "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," last airs on CBS-TV

22 Smothers Brothers - Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - Controversal Material - Mercury Records
- as Tommy strives to sing more songs of social pungency and commentary....

Maris Calendar prepared by Andrea Henley Heyn including events of the week of June 1 - June 8

23. Phil Ochs - When Im Gone - There But For Fortune - Elektra
"Cant question how or when or why  when Im gone.... I will have to do it while Im here"

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