The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday July 5, 2008: Guy, Girl, Guy, Girl Variety

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THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me.* '

1. Gordon Lightfoot - Wherefore and the Why 2:49
Best of Gordon Lightfoot - United Artists LP
"When I woke this mornin', something inside of me told me this would be my day"

2. Cosy Sheridan - Broken Place 3:55
Saturn Return - Waterbug
"breath in, breathe out"

3. David Wilcox - Eye of the Hurricane 3:35
How Did You Find Me Here - A & M
"You can get whats second best"

4. Roches - Runs In The Family 3:27
The Roches - Warner Bros
"I can't get over what I saw"

5. Joe Crookston- Freddy the Falcon 4:44
Able Baker Charlie and Dog -
"I wish I had something, but nothing ain't fair"

6. Mary McCaslin - Music Strings 4:14
Way Out west - Philo
"I've played on the music strings all of my life"

7. Garnet Rogers- Election Night: North Dakota4:18
At A High Window - Snow Goose Songs
"theres one thing this country won't forgive, and thats the sin of being poor"

8. Rebel Voices - One 3:24
Piece of the Wall -Reveille music
"Fear was like a cancer"

9. Jackson Browne - For America 5:13
Lives int he Balance -Asylm
"the freedom that he found wans't quite as sweet when the truth was known"

10. Burns Sisters - Something Real 3:57
Out of the Blue - Philo
"I'm looking for something I can really sink my teeth into, something that shakes my sould and makes me feel"

11. Stan Rogers - Make & Break Harbour 4:26
Home in halifax - Fogarty's Cove
"they young folk son't stay with the fistherman's way"

12. Cindy Kallet - We Rigged Our Ship 1:33
Working on WIngs to Fly - Folk-Legacy
"we set her sails in new Enlgand waters"

13. Bob Franke - Great Storm is Over 3:17
The Other Evening in Chicago - Waterbug
"justice on the wind, laughter in the house where the mourners had been"

14. NightSun - (Bonnie Dawson) Parrish Waltz 3:41
One Moment of Grace - Borealis
Lovely instrumental with Bonnie on accordian

15. John Prine - Angela From Montgomery 3:43
John Prine - Atlantic
"just give me one thing that I can hold on to"

16. Cindy Mangsen - Anachie Gordon [Child Ballad #239]
Long Time Traveling - Hogeye records
"with Anachie Gordon I would beg for my bread, before I'd marry Sulton with gold to my head"

17. Roy Zimmerman - Thanks for the Support 4:29
Thanks for the Support - meta4records
"You sent me her a third time and my house was reposessed...."

18. Kate Power and Steve Einhorn - Travis John 3:20
Pearl -
"I was a boy, full of promise, full of freedom, but now the joy is dead and done, I am gone"

19. Tom Russell - When Sinatra Played Juarez 3:35
Borderland - Hightone
"those were truly golden years"

20. Artisan - Feel the Rhyme 2:37
Breathing Space - Festival Records
"this sacred space, this holy place"

21. Jack Hardy - Tree of Rhyme 3:59
Landmark - Great Divide
"there will be peace iwth the wind and rain... this tree is more constant than I"

22. Lucy Kaplansky- Scorpion  3:54
Flesh and Bone - Red House
"no more cut and run"

23. Les Barker - debate 4:08
Twilight of the Dogs - Mrs Ackroyd Records

"me? yes you"

24. Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer- Ordinary Town 248
Drum Hat Buddha- Signature Sounds
"theis is an ordinary town, and the prophet stands apart"

25. James Gordon - Stuart and Lillian 3:30
Mining For Gold - Twenty years of Song Wiring - Borealis
"stuart and lillian, won 14 million"

26. Anais Mitchell - Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls 3:07
Hyns for the Exiled - Waterbug
"I can tell you stories like the gov't tells lies"

27. James Keelaghan - Hope Pirnceton Road 3:46
My Skies - Green Linnet
"You come to mind and that lightens my load"

28. Lynn Miles - I know It Was Love 4:57
Slightly Haunted - Philo
"but love can be a fleeting thing"

29. Richard Shindell - Next Best Western 4:35
Reuinion Hill - Shanachie
"deliver me to the next best western"

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*Longtime WJFF volunteer Judith DeMaris Hearn, who passed away last year, ran a promo where she spoke about playing the music that moved and sustained her~ I'm using that vision here

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Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (
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Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (

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