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Saturday July 26, 2008
Kings, Queens, Royals and Dave Carter tribute

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THANKS SO MUCH to the station management fo accommodating  my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. '

1. Suzanne Vega- Queen and the Soldier
Suzanne Vega - A & M LP
Unalbe to answer a soldier about why the queen insists on war, she has him killed while he awaits her word.

2. Ken Theriot - Agincourt 617
Human History - Raven Boy Music
"For God , St. George and King Henry I brought my men across the sea"

3. Stan Freberg - The Boston Tea Party137
Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America- Rhino

4. Dick Gaughan - All the Kings' Horses 4
Redwood Cathedral - Appleseed

5.  Monty Python - Constitutional Peasants 3
MP and the Holy Grail - Arista/Legacy

6. Modabo - Hold Tight 349
Modabo -

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor (previously Wallis Simpson; previously Wallis Spencer; born Bessie Wallis Warfield; 19 June 1895 or 1896 – 24 April 1986) was an American socialite who married, as her third husband, Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor.
In 1934, during her second marriage, she allegedly became the mistress of Edward, Prince of Wales. Two years later, after Edward's accession as King, Wallis divorced her second husband and Edward proposed to her.
The King's desire to marry a twice-divorced American with two living ex-husbands and a reputation as an opportunist caused a constitutional crisis in the United Kingdom and the Dominions, which ultimately led to the King's abdication in December 1936 to marry "the woman I love".[2] After the abdication, the former king was created Duke of Windsor by his brother George VI. Edward married Wallis six months later, after which she was formally known as the Duchess of Windsor, without the style "Her Royal Highness".

7. JCS- King Herod's Song 300
Jesus Christ Superstar - MCA
King Herod sings to the King of the Jews

8. Kate Campbell - The King's Business 349
Wandering Strange - Eminent

9. Les Barker - Cosmo, Prince of Denmark 450
A Cardi And Bloke -
younger brother to hamlet reeks havoc in traditional shakespeare

10. Mike Agranoff- Hamlet 300
Modern Folk Musician -
hamlet in three minutes

11. Eileen McGann - Queen Eleanor & Fair Rosamond  648
Beyond The storm - dragonwing Music

King Henry II (1154 - 1189) had an affair with young Rosamond de Clifford.  Eleanor’s spies reported the goings-on to her in her castle at Poitiers, to which she had now retired.  This new infatuation appeared to be growing more intense.  Eleanor decided to act, stealing into England with her knights, headed for Woodstock, where Henry had his mistress hidden away.  The palace was deep in the forest and its approaches were constructed like a labyrinth. Alas for Rosamond, a silk thread had become detached from a needlework chest that the King had given her for embroidery.  Once the Queen discovered it, she was able to follow it to the heart of the labyrinth and surprise the young woman.  Eleanor offered Rosamond a choice between a dagger and a cup of poisoned wine.  Rosamond apparently chose the poison and died, and that was the end of her, or so the story goes.

12. Christine Lavin - Prince Charles 314
Live at the Cactus cafe - Philo

13. Gilbert Becaud - Le Petit Prince est Revenue 320
L'important C'est La Rose - EMI from Paris
Becaud writes to Antoine de Saint Exupéry, saying that the prince is back, he's seen him!

As a children's librarian I still enjoy the story, The Paper Bag Princess, and use it to talk about someone who is far from grateful.
The story goes that the beautiful princess, Elizabeth..
"lives in a castle and wears fancy clothes. Just when she is about to marry Prince Ronald, a dragon smashes her castle, burns her clothes with his fiery breath, and prince-naps her dear Ronald. Undaunted and presumably unclad, she dons a large paper bag and sets off to find the dragon and her cherished prince. Once she's tracked down the rascally reptile, she flatters him into performing all sorts of dragonly stunts that eventually exhaust him, allowing her to rescue Prince Ronald. But what does Prince Not-So-Charming say when he sees her? "You smell like ashes, your hair is all tangled and you are wearing a dirty old paper bag. Come back when you are dressed like a real princess."  from a review by Karin Snelson --
Princess Elizabeth and Prince Ronald do not, under any circumstances, live happily ever after. Canadian author Robert Munsch celebrates feisty females often in his books. Drawings are by by Michael Martchenko-  The review recommended the book for ages 4 to 8 but I like to use this reference to someone who I feel has missed how out on how out of the way someones gone for them at a cost, and they focus on the cost, and remain ungrateful.

14. Roger Miller - King of the Road
All Time Greatest Hits - Mercury

15. Connie Dover - Lady Keith's Lament 454
If Ever I Return -

16. David Olney - Absolum 331
Omar's Blues - Dead Reckoning Records
King David, fearing his son Absolom would conquer Jerusalum and become king, had him sleign with over 20,000 of his men. Later he was remorseful.

17. Karen Casey - The King's Shilling 439
The Winds Begin to Sing - Shanachie

Its been six years since we lost Dave Carter   (August 13, 1952-July 19, 2002)

18. Tracy Grammer & Dave Carter - Gentle Soldier of my Soul
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature Sounds

19. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - I Go Like the Raven
Drum Hat Buddha -  Signature Sounds

20. Ronny Cox - When I Go - Live (2003)-
actor from deliverance, bound for glory, onion fields pays tribute to Dave

21. Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert - Gentle Arms of Eden
Side of the Road (2003) - Philo

22. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - This Mountain 337
TanglewoodTree - Signature Sounds

23. Full Frontal Folk- Cat Eye Willie Claims His Lover
Sweet Mystery of Life (2004)

24. The Kennedys-  Gypsy Rose 415
Songs of the Open Road - Appleseed Recordings, 2006

25. Happy Traum  with Artie on Guitar - Blues Ain't Nothin 211
I walk the Road Again -

26. Artie Traum - Theif of Time - Theif of Time
Artie Traum's obituary:

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Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

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