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Saturday September 13, 2008: Late summer 2008 new releases

In the past month or two, many many cds have rolled in. Here are just some of the new acquisitions never played before on Folk Plus.

1. Kitty Donohoe - There are no words 3:37
Northern Border - Roheen Records

Kitty Donohoe, David Mosher (vocals, madolin), and Pooh Stevenson (cello) performed this at the memorial service at the Pentagon last thursday.  It is on the webiste. After hearing it, if you want to hear it again or play it for someone else, and I'm certain taht you will, go to c span and put in "pentagon 911" or some similar search in upper right and find Kitty's performance. Following a moment of silence,  at 59min:35sec in, Kitty begins singing. I found it at . Uniformed soldiers sing backup. Pretty moving. Bush and Rumsfeld were there, I wonder if they felt it.

2. David Kleiner - Jack Hardy's Brother 406
All the News Thats Fit to Sing -
Words taken from andrew revkin's piece in the NYTimes at the time, interviewing jack hardy about losing his brother and why we are not looking at changing rather than revenge. Jack says that even people who hated him loved Jeff. Its true, Jeff was my brother in law, a gentle soul and a great loss.

3. Bruce Holmes - When the Wind Returns 310
Old King's Reel -
hurricane damage and small islands

4. Pete Seeger - Visions of Children 213
Pete Seeger at 89 - Appleseed
1997, Gulianna was auctioning off 130 gardens. 6th ave 42nd st Pete got 3 altos, 3 sopranoes... to sing this song. "we'll work together, even though we work differently "

5. Joan Baez - (S. Earle) God is God 330
Day After Tomorrow - Razor & Tie
"I believe in miracles, something sacred burning in every bush and tree"

6. Steve Earle - Satellite Radio 409
Washington Square Serendade -
1,2,3 anyone listening?

7. The Refugees - On My Way 354
Unbound -
"he was doing that get away dance, i meant to get out of my car, tell her someday shell laugh looking back"

8. Bread & Bones - I Was Not Born Here 242
I Know Stories -
When I say home I know where i wanna be

9. Archie Fisher - Bonnie Border Lass 328
Windward Away - Red House
lost master comes back 27 years later and red house

10. Chuck McCabe - Contractor 333
Creatures of Habit -
I can pour it, frame it, wire it, plub it, rock it, trim it, pain it... right man gfor the job"

11. Linday Mac - 7 Stones 517
Stop Thinking -
could you be the one i call on, could you be my seven little stones

12. Jim Page - Petroleum Bonaparte 309
Farewell to the Thief Volum IV

13. Jackson Browne - Drums of War 612
Time the Conqueror -
'who gives the order, who lies, then bombs, who makes a fortune from fighting terror
who is the enemy of peace and freedom, why is impeachment not on the table
roll out the drums of war..."

14. Rosalie Sorrels - Who Said This 105
Songs of Bruce Utah Phillips - Red House
from someone in the 50's

15. Denice Franke - Harley Girl 305
Gulf Coast Blue - Certain Records
"come on down from Arkansas... theres a little jute joint in galveston"

16. Tim Grimm - Heart So Full 350
Holding Up the World - Vault Records
aching in my heart, to see you again

17. Robin and Linda Williams - When a Thread Gets Caught 310
Buena Vista - Red House
its when it all unravels

18. Gordons - Thank You For Reminding Me 2:49
Gordon's - inside-out records
for their son

19 Jonathan Byrd - May the River Run Dry 329
Law and the Lonesome - Waterbug

20. Rachel Davis - Shout Sister Shout 243
Shout Sister Shout - Fox on a Hill
for sister rosetta tharpe.. celebrating the music of the old days

21. Dan Berggren - Fix it or Stop Complaining
Fresh Territory - Sleeping Giant Records
sent out to the one I count on to fix eveything

22. Enoch Kent - Children's Games 310
One More Round with Pat Simmonds & Kelly Hod - Borealis

23. Jonatha Brooke - King of My Love 355
The Works - Red House
words by woody, music by jonatha

24. Joshua Radin - I'd Rather Be With You 250
Simple Times -
I want to grow older with a girl like you

25. Barefoot Boys - Fifty Sail on Newburgh Bay 312
Sweetwater Passage -
waiting for the wind and tide... with their anchors over the side

26. Darrell Scott - American Tune 351
Modern Hymns - Appleseed

27. Lynne Hanson - Eleven Months 327
Eleven Months -

28. Chuck Brodsky - Bill & Annie 439
Two Sets - Waterbug
"Do you think I did the right thing?" Bill asked

29. David Bromberg - Stay All Night 315
David Bromberg Quartet Live NYC 1982- Appleseed

30. Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - One More Year 340
Rattlin' Bones -

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Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (

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