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Saturday October 4, 2008
A decade ago!

Today I played songs from the playlist I posted a dacade ago. We were not streaming a decade ago. Here was how I introduced my postings on the web, which at that time waas posted to Zelacom.  WJFF is hydro-powered Public Radio. Listeners range from the top of NYC to North East New Jersey and Pennsylvania, to the Hudson River towns and throughout the Upper Delaware Valley. Some are NYC residents with a weekend home in the Catskills.

But first I read ** from parts of yesterday's washington post:

1.  Kingston Trio - MTA
Nick Reynolds - 1933 - 2008

2.  Kingston Trio - Try To Remember
Nick Reynolds - 1933 - 2008

Susan Werner is appearing tomorrow at 3 pm at the Mansion House in Middletown NY. Go to friends of music in Middletown for information.  Thnaks to those who responded to their time at the last local concert for Jeff Werner, had two e mails saying it was an awesome time and thanking the organizers for making this music available in our area.

3. Susan Werner - I Still Believe
Midwestern Satruday Night -

4. Susan Werner - Maybe If I Sang Cole Porter 437
Midwestern Satruday Night -

So now to what I played a decade ago. Oct 3, 1998, I played this tale by James Keelaghan. Last night on pbs they did a short bit on the japaneese camp "Minidoka" in Utah.

5.  James Keelaghan Kiris Piano
      My Skies   Green Linett
"I look back now upon that time with shame and resignation.. "
"sometimes we must sacrifice to gain our dignity"

6.  Ellis Paul - She Loves a Girl
     Translucent Soul   -  Philo
I interviewed Ellis Paul, and at that time the interview was posted at a provider that many in the area might have used, now defunct. Ten years, lots happens.

7.  Tamarack -       Maynard's Big Front Porch
      13 -  Folk Era
"we sit on maynards big front porch and we play our guitars....
That summer out on Healy Lake,the whole universe was ours"

8.  Sloan Wainwright -      Mountain of Sense
     From Where You Are - Waterbug
"If i had a dime for each time...."

9.  Bernice Lewis -  As Soon as it Stops Raining
     Isle of Spirit  -
All the things she will do when it stops raining

A decade ago I wrote "and what DJ hasn't paired these yet"

10.  Vance Gilbert -  Taking it all to Tennessee
      Shaking off Gravity - Philo
      about Ellis

11  Ellis Paul -   Translucent Soul
    Translucent Soul - Philo
     about Vance

12. Rankin Family - Oich U Agus H-iuraibh ele
      North Country  - Capital

13. Chrisitne Lavin - Voice on the Relaxation Tape     
       One Wild Night

14. Free at Last -  21st Century    
      One Woman's Song -
      "I log on, I'm at work again"

15. Mindy Jostyn -   Calamity Jane
      Cedar lane -   1 800 palmcds Palmetto
"pity the damage of Calamity Jane"

16. Eddie From Ohio - I Don't THink I Know Me 
     Big Noise       Virginia Soul Rec.
"I've always been faithful to my dog... and my wife"         
     "I stole a car, didn't take it very far, just around the
block.....alright.... a couple of times..."

17. Cry Cry Cry -    Cry Cry Cry
       Mary Magdalene  -  Razor and Tie
"gods creation, innocent, his arms surrounding me.. jesus loves me this I know"
18. Buddy Mondlock  - On the Line
      On the Line   -
I played other writers that cry cry cry were covering

19. Richard Berman   -  Jacob Weintraub
      Dreamer - Aries Records
      "dont let him in this country, his people killed our Lord"
20. Michelle Shocked  - Ankorage
Short Sharp Shocked -

21. Annie Gallup - April 22, Somerville, Massachusetts
Backbone - 1 800 PRIME CD
the whole town

22. Christine Lavin  - Kind of Love you Never Recover From
     One Wild Night -

A decade ago I did a phone Interview with Christine:
Christine says that her dream is to have Red Grammer sing that tune.
(Later that night, when Red came to her show he said that he would
learn it and Christine's face lit up.  Another dream comes true.)

23. Dana Robinson (w Lui Collins) - Stalk Your Calling     
       Midnight Salvage    Alcazar
      "ambition took ahold of my liberty"

24. Michael Jerling  - On Top of Fool's Hill  
      Early Jerling
      "...young lady!"

Don't forget you can see Susan Werner live tomorrow in Middletwon at the Mansion House.
We lost the Night Eagle Cafe last month... lets Keep live music alive.

**  "Nick Reynolds, 75, a founding member and lead singer of the Kingston Trio, one of the most popular of the American folk revival groups in the 1950s and 1960s, died Oct. 1 at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. He had acute respiratory disease.
The Kingston Trio, formed by three California college students in the mid-1950s, became known for upbeat three-part harmonies and a wholesome look that attracted a mass audience. They won two Grammy Awards, sold millions of records and, at their peak, about 1960, outsold Frank Sinatra." 

The group was discovered by San Francisco publicist Frank Werber and signed to Capitol Records.
Nick would remain in the Trio until the original group disbanded in 1967.  At the height of their popularity, The Kingston Trio (comprised of Reynolds, Bob Shane, Dave Guard, and later John Stewart) ushering in the folk music boom of the late 50s and early 60s that spawned the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary and many others.Their release of "Tom Dooley" in the fall of 1958 changed popular music forever, inspiring legions of young people to pick up guitars and banjoes and sing folk music. "We got America up and singing," Reynolds once modestly reflected.

He was born Nicholas Wells Reynolds  in San Diego and raised in Coronado, the youngest of three. He said he learned complex harmony arrangements in family singalongs with his sisters Barbara and Jane, led by his dad Captain Reynolds who was an accomplished guitarist and singer.   "He was clearly the best entertainer in the Trio," said John Stewart, "and one of the best natural musicians I have ever worked with."
Bob Shane added, "Nobody could nail a harmony part like Nick. He could hit it immediately, exactly where it needed to be, absolutely note
perfect - all on the natch. Pure genius." Reynolds was also a gifted lead singer for the group.

In recent years, Nick and John Stewart hosted an annual "Trio Fantasy Camp" in Scottsdale, Arizona.  His greatest accomplishment, he felt, was inspiring so many people to pick up the guitar. His greatest hope was for world peace.  In lieu of flowers, Nick´s family suggests memorial contributions be made to the Natural Resources Defense Council:

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