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Saturday November 8 2008: Historical Fiction

History was made last week. well, every week history is made. Songwriters use history all the time on which to base a song or grab an idea. Here are just some songs of historical fiction.

1. Johnny Cash - Narrative cut three
We The People - Folk Era
Introducing balance of involvement of government in the daily life

2. Shaw Brothers - We The People
We The People - Folk Era

3. Johnny Cash - Narrative cut five
We The People - Folk Era
the war of 1812, tested the ability to unite for the common defence

4. Johnny Cash - Battle of New Orleans
We The People - Folk Era
under the leadership of Andrew Jackson

5. Bob Gibson - Let the Band Play Dixie
Living Legend Years -
News arrived at the White House from Richmond, Lee handed Grant his sword.
I{ guess no one could send a text like the 44% increase during our past election night.}
Lincoln addressed those gathering at the White House reassuring those about peace and unity

6. Rabbi Arthur Wasco - Democratic National Convention 1964
Let My People Go! - Appleseed
freedom party delegates
fanny lou hammer "we didnt come for no two seats when all of us is tired"

7. Tom Pacheco - 10 Cent Gas
Railroad Rainbows and Talking Blues - Bare Bones

8. David Roth - Fateful Intersection
Think Twice - Wind River
David Roth - Nov 23 3 pm at the mansion houe in middletown

9. Dick Gaughan - Thomas Muir of Huntershill
Redwood Cathedral - Appleseed
when you freely vote, or freely voice your thoughts, remember Thomas Muir of Huntershill

10. Tom Russell (w/Iris Dement) - Patrick Russell
The Man From God KNows Where - Hightone records
Irish man heads to America landing in Milwaukee, civil war soldiers take shelter in their barn in Iowa

11. Andrew McKnight - The Road to Appomattox
Turning Pages - Falling Mountain Music
marching under Lee's command, turning boys into men, men into memories

12. Natalie Merchant - (Reece) Which Side are you On
House Carpenter's Daughter - Myth Amreica Records
1932 harlon county in Kentucky, Reece wrote this down on her kitchen calendar after coal mining officials hired security forces to eneter her house and intimidate her and her children, wehn they couldnt find her husband Sam. "Poor folks aint got a chance unless they organize"

13. Enoch Kent - Testimony of Patience Kershaw
For the Women - 2nd avenue records
1842, patience testified before a commission examinging conditions of women and children wroking in coal mines. Patience was 17 and illiterate.

14. Chuck Brodsky - Radio
Radio - Red House
Based on the same story as the movie with cuba gooding, true story from South Carolina

15. Loudon Wainwright III - OJ
Social Studies - Rykodisc
many were fixed on this time of history, two trials ago for OJ

16. Mike Breen - Past Lives
Past Lives - Basibone records
imaginary past lives - a priest in 1862, girl from avignon...

17. Ken Theriot - To Serve the Lily
Human History- Raven Boy Music
Agincourt 1415, fighting to serve the Lily

18. Red Rock Rondo - When President Harding Came to Zion
Zion Canyon Song Cycle -
June 27 1923, she lost her house to the entrance of the park

19. David Kleiner - Nine Afghan Children
All the News Thats Fit to Sing -

20. Jesus Christ Superstar Cast- The Arrest
Jesus Christ Superstar - MCA
Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss

21. Jesus Christ Superstar Cast- Peter's Denial
Jesus Christ Superstar - MCA

22. Mike Ford - Louis & Gabriel
Canada Needs You Volume One -
The Father of Manitoba .Riel delivered two long speeches during his trial, defending his own actions and affirming the rights of the Métis people. He rejected his lawyer's attempt to argue that he was not guilty by reason of insanity, asserting: "Life, without the dignity of an intelligent being, is not worth having"

23. Tamarack Intro to Billy Boy
Tamarack - Billy Boy
Between the rideau and the st. lawrence

24. [Williams, Kaplansky, Shindell] Cry Cry Cry - (Keelaghan) Cold Missouri Waters
Cry Cry Cry - Razor and Tie
Dodge survives by creating an intentional fire, August 1949, north Montana.

25. Charlie King and Karen Brandow - (Christmas in the Trenches
Sparks and Tears - Lively In Concert - Vaguely Reminiscent Sounds
Based on a historical event from 1915 when both sides of the war lay down their arms for the day and then had diffuculty beginning war again.

John McCutcheon who wrote this song will be at  The Towne Crier -
Sunday evening, November 16thPawling, NY

26. Joe Jecks - Everett Massacre
A Live Solidarity Concert -

27. Red Molly - Fade out Darling Corey....

Sunday, November 9 at 4PM - Red Molly - Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck
845.876.3080  661 Route 308 Rhinebeck, NY  12572

Check out other local venues having live music this week:

November 8th - Bodles - Sonja of Disappear Fear, 39 Main Street in  Chester NY

Tom Rush Nov 9th 3 pm at the Mansion House in Middletown

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