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Saturday November 22, 2008: Folk Loop
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Once a year our area hosts one of the four regional folk gatherings for the international folk alliance which happens yearly in Memphis in February. This past weekend at the Hudson Valley Resort hundreds from the world that supports and generates folk music gathered for a conference. During a luncheon John McCutcheon began a sing along of Soladarity Forever in honor of the great late, Utah Philips. One by one performers linked up and joined voice.

During conferences like this and in small venues and large across the nation, musicians learn each others tunes and sing along all the time. I thought it would be fun to create a folk loop show where each cut links somehow the one preceeding it, and following it.

1. Jon Vezner - Tell Me What You Ache For 4
We Remember -
This cut has Lindsay Mac playing cello

2. Lindsay Mac -  Faith 334
Stop Thinking -
This cut has Anthony DaCosta singing harmony

3. Anthony da Costa - Let Me Die in Your Arms 345
Bad Nights / Better Days-
Anthony sings this with Abbie Gardner who is a member is Red Molly

4. Red Molly - Witchita 227
Love and Other Tragedies -
This song is a cover of Gillian Welch

5. Gillian Welch - Summer Evening 317
Going Driftless: Artist's Trubute to Greg Brown
By Greg brown, also on the release is his wife - Iris Dement

6. Iris Dement- Shores Of Jordon 318
singing wtih Robin and Linda Wiliams

7. Robin and LindaWilliams - Old Plank Road 336
with Mary Chapin Carpenter doing harmony (as well as Sissy Spacek)

8. Mary Chapin Carepenter - Passionate Kisses 323
Come On Come On - Columbia
Passionate Kisses is by Lucinda Williams

9. Lucinda Williams - Concrete and Barbed Wire 308
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Mercury
Singing harmony and on guitar is Steve Earle

10. Lucinda Williams - Joy 401
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Mercury
Steve plays resonator guitar on this cut

11. Steve Earle - Jericho Road 336
Washington Square Serenade
Steve just produced Joan Baez' newest release

12. Joan Baez - Jericho Road 329
Day After Tomorrow - Razor and Tie

13. Joan Baez - Rose of Sharon 334
Day After Tomorrow - Razor and Tie
This song is by Eliza Gilkyson

14. Eliza Gikyson's - Calm Before Storm 350
Paradise Hotel - Red House
Harmonies on this cut are by Shawn Colvin

15. Shawn Colvin - Climb On 416
Fat City - Columbia
Shawn produced Lucy Kaplansky's first release, the Tide

16. Lucy Kaplansky - Guinevere  417
The Tide - Red House
Richard Shindell is singing harmonies on Guinevere

17. Richard Shindell - Reunion HIll 428
Reunion Hill - Shanachie
[This cut is also covered by Joan Baez.]
Richard, and Lucy, join Dar Williams in a group called Cry Cry Cry

18.  Cry Cry Cry, Richard, Lucy and Dar Williams - Memphis 446
Cry Cry Cry - Razor and Tie
This is a Cliff Eberhardt song.

19.. Cliff Eberhardt - Now You Are My Home 413
Now You Are My Home - Shanachie
Harmony on this cut is by Nanci Griffith

20 .  Nanci Griffith - Three Flights Up 332
Other Voices Other Rooms - Elektra
This cut was written by  Frank Christian who often tours with her.

21. Frank Christian - Night Time 255
Rom My hands - Palmetto
Backup musician for many in the village folk scene for many decades. He is on the following cd back cover on tour in Germany.

22. Jack Hardy - Femme Fatale
White Shoes - Great Divide
Now touring with D Massengill as the Folk Brothers

23. Folk Brothers (Hardy/Massengill)- Losers 310
Partners in Crime - Great Divide
Dave Van Ronk wrote this song.

24.  Dave Van Ronk  - One Meatball 157
One Meatball: The Album The Cookbooklet - Appleseed
A compilation by Christine Lavin on food and song
Chritine also organized a special gathering for Dave at the Bottom Line when he was hospitalized wiht many of his good friends.

25.From Christine:
 Last week at the Moab Folk Festival in Utah, John McEuen of "The Nitty
Gritty Dirt Band" asked me to join in on the finale, "Will The Circle Be
Unbroken."  He asked me to take a verse and I asked if I could write a special one -- he
said yes, so this is what I sang.  I recorded it when I got back to NYC, and
now it's a free one-minute free download.   One of the singer/clappers is a
Republican, hence the name of the group.   Though he didn't vote for Obama, he
sees the wisdom of us all pulling together.   Ciao! Christine

26. David Roth - You Think You've Got Problems 325
Big League Babe: Christine Lavin Tribute Album Pt. 1 -Prime CD
Heard Dave on tape inviting people to the Mansion House in Middletown tomorrow.
2 pm, pot luck, 3pm music.

Ended with two new holiday releases:

27. Randall Williams - Vance Gilbert's Rudolph Rap
Hudson sampler

28. Loreena McKennitt - Holly & THe Ivy
Midwinter Nights Dream -

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Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (

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