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Saturday December 6, 2008: Odetta
& some Autumn 2008 Sing Out Reviews

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1. Odetta - (Leadbelly) Jim Crow Blues
Lookin For  a Home - MC Records
She was hoping to sing at Obama's inaguration
So Iboth his grandma & Odetta will be there in spirit

2. Odetta - Freedom Trilogy
Gonna Let it Shine - MC Records

The best legacy is for others to carry on your influences

3. Eric Bibb - No More On the Brazos
And Evening with Eric Bibb - MC Recrods
Eric idolized Odetta as a young boy, even painting her face on his wall.
A slice of life "true history song" which he learned from Odetta.

Highlights of the Sing Out reviews for Issue vol. 52 #3  Autumn 2008

4.  Duhks - You Don't See It
Fast Paced World - Sugar Hill

5.  Duhks - Adam's 3-step
Fast Faced World - Sugar Hill

6. Amy Gallatin and Roger Williams - (Autry) Old pal of Yesterday
Soumething 'Bout you -

7. Moving Hearts - Downtown
Live in Dublin - Compass

8. Breabach - The Rolling Hills
The Big Spree - Breabach Records

9. Archie Fisher - Every Man's Heart
Windward Away - Red House

10. Paul kaplan - Voice of Pete
The Folk Process - Old Coat Music

11. Paul Kaplan - To Stop the war
The Folk Process - Old Coat Music

12. Rosalie Sorrels w/McGarrigles- (Phillips) Green Rolling HIlls of West Virginia
The Songs of Bruce Utha Philips - Red House

13. Tom Breiding - Longest Darkest Day
Songs of the west Virginia Coalfields -

14. Joan Baez - (Waits, Brennan) Day After Tomorrow
day After Tomorrow - Razor and Tie

15.Kimmie Rhodes - I've Been Loved by You
Walls Fall Down -Sunbird Records

16.  Abi Tapia - Let the Lover Be
Beauty in the Rain - Moonhouse

17. Eliza Gilkyson - Party's Over
Beautiful World  - Red Hosue

18. Karen Mal - Falling
The Space Between - Waterbug

19. Kitty Donohoe - Kid with a Gun
Northern Border - Roheen Records

20.  Bruce Murdoch - She Reminds Me of You
Matters of the Heart -

21. Tom May - Blue Roads, Red Wine
Blue Roads, Red Wine - Waterbug

22. Sara Thompsen - Where is My Heart
Everything Changes -

23. Joe Crookston - John Jones
Able Baker Charlie and Dog - Milagrito Records

24. Robby Hecht - Something Somehow
Late last Night - Old Man Henry Music

25. Tim Grimm - Long Way Around
Holding Up the World - Vault Records

26. Enoch Kent - Bonnie Wee Country Lass
One More Round - Borelais

* (portion of NYTimes artilce) Her songs were at first difficult for my young ear: the power of her voice, and their unfamiliar rhythms. But in listening to Odetta, and asking my parents what her words were about, my eyes were opened to the crimes and tragedies embedded in American history. This was not a part of the curriculum in the first and second grades I attended in Tokyo and only just beginning to be a part of my New York schooling.

“No More Auction Block for Me” led to conversations about slavery, about the “many thousand gone” in the Middle Passage, about the “driver’s lash” that enforced the bondage of men, women and children.

“Another Man Done Gone” shocked me with the atrocity of chain gangs and taught me about the lynchings that were a depraved public entertainment in the South. Each of Odetta’s songs fed my dawning awareness of America’s racial traumas and the civil rights movement that was spreading across the nation.

Over the years, that precious set of records was lost, but I never forgot Odetta’s songs, or their message of defiance and survival. About a year ago, I went on a campaign to persuade my young children that the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” was a song they should know and love, like I do. I found Odetta’s version on iTunes, perhaps the best I have ever heard, and I was back in 1963. Now Odetta is again in my musical library — on a playlist instead of vinyl, but she is back and will stay there.

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Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (

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