The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday December 27, 2008: Two Hours of Holiday Thoughts

Welcome to the fragrance free, chemical free, hydro-powered studios of WJFF.
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Folk Plus is mostly lyrically based and usually intertwines the cuts around a theme. Check for lists of playlists.
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[THANKS SOMUCH to the station management fo accommodating my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings and bring you the music that 'moves and sustains me. ]

1. Shelley Posen - Light One Candle 301
Manna - Well Done Music

2. Chuck Brodsky - On Christmas I got Nothing 255
Radio - Red House

3. John McCutcheon - Christmas in the Trenches 652
Live at Wolf Trap - Rounder

4. Charlie King & Karen Brandow - 12 days of Invasion 446
Spark and Tears - Vaguely Reminiscent Sounds

hydro powered radio jingle to the tune of gloria in excelsis deo
with David Roth, Kim harris, Reggie harris
recorded by John Webber on stage at the summerfolk 2008 festival
5.  James Gordon - There is No Silent Night 334
Mining for Gold - Borealis

6. Elvis Presely - Winter Wonderland 223
Christmas Duets - RCA Nashville/Sony

7.  Ileen Weiss - Talking to the Wrong Guy 500
Weiss Christmas - Gadfly

8.  Roy Zimmerman - Buy war Toys for Christmas 300
Peacenick - Metaphor Records

9. Freebo - He was Just A Man 257
Hudson Harding Sampler  Volume 1
he was just a man, born of a young girl.....

10.  Pierce Pettis - Miriam 409
Making Light of It - Compass

11. Dar Williams - Christians and The Pagans 303
Mortal City - Razor & Tie

12. Balkey and Co. Peace Come Christmas Day 235
Hudson Harding Sampler  Volume 1

13. Klezmatics - Hanukah's Flame 433
Happy Joyous Hanukah -

14. Joel Mabus - Five Kinds of Snow 310
Retold - Fossil

Joe Crookston will be appearing at a new club, [as their first show] next saturday jan 3, 2009
with support from Jill’s Kitchen, Calkins Creamery, Beach Lake Bread & WJFF
Light Refreshments ...and Wine
Doors open 6 p.m.         Showtime 7 p.m.        Reservations strongly suggested

15. Holly Near with Brian Lane Green - O Holy Night
And Still We Sing - Calico Tracks

16.  Artisan - Paper Angels
Paper Angels - Bedspring Music

17.  John D Huston - The Two Children - Ignorance and Want
(from scrooge) Finest Kind Feasts & Spirits: A christmas entertainment- Fallen Angle Music

18. Artisan - (Flanders/Swan) Wassail of Figgy Duff
Paper Angels - Bedspring Music

18.  Tracy Grammer & Dave Carter - Ditching Carol 317
Gentle Arms of Eden -  - Signature Sounds

19. Christine Lavin - Tacobel canon 144
Runaway Christmas Tree - Appleseed

20. Christine Lavin - (Forster) All Purpose Carol 56
Runaway Christmas Tree - Appleseed

21. Roy Zimmerman - Chrstma-hanu-rama-Ka-Dona-Kwaanza 237
Peacenick - Metaphor Records

22. Roy Zimmerman - Christmas in Crawford 319
Peacenick - Metaphor Records
the world on the outside is hard to ignore, but we manage

23. Robert Bobby - Christmas Puppies 210
Meet Robert Bobby - I Like Mike Records

24.  Trout Fishing - Chocolate Christmas 327
Merry Fishes to All -

25.  Shelley Posen - La La Latke Song 333
Manna - Well Done Music

26. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Linus and Lucy 254
Jingle all the Way - Rounder

27.  Magpie - Last Month of the Year 324
Last Month of the Year - Sliced Bread

28.  Loreena McKennitt - Coventry Carol 219
Midwinter Night's dream -

29. Jody Marshall - Star of Wonder 128
Carol of the Bells -

30.  Barra MacNeils - Ann am Baile ri oghail dhaibhidh
Christmas Album -

31.  Brooks Williams - Child of God 440
Hudson harding Sampler Vol 3

32.  Matt Price - January's Just Around the Corner 500
Hudson harding Sampler Vol 3

33. Calliccon Center Band - Hallelujah Chorus (brass ensemble)
Our local band of over 100 years!
Callicoon Center Band chrstmas Cheer

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Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (
We should no longer accept the counsel of those who tell us that we must fill our world with poisonous chemicals, we should look around and see what other course is open to us."  Rachel Carson
There are no accidents... there is only some purpose that we haven't yet understood. Deepak Chopra

Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities    (

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