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Saturday January 10, 2009: Over time sure bets

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Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings

Last week I aired some top airplays for the year of 2008 in thousands of airplays by a couple of hundred DJs. I mentioned that I've always wondered what I'd grab as my favorite cds from my wall of several thousand. So here, with many omisions due to time, are some of those.
I was told by a listener that the classical show airs each week what they suggest should be standard in anyone's classic collecgtions, so in my opinion these would be standard in a good folk collection. 

1. David Francey - Torn Screen Door
Torn Screen Door -

2.  Artisan - Breathing Space
Breathing Space -

3.  Chenille Sisters - Help I'm Turning Into My parents
True To Life -  Red House

4.  Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer- When I Go
When I Go - Signature Sounds

5.  Herdman, Hills, Mangsen - Waiting for Isabella
Voices - Flying Fish

6.  James Gordon - Frobisher Bay
Twenty Years of Songwriting - Borealis

7.  Nancy White - Daughters of Feminists
Momnipotent -

8.  Hugh Blumenfeld - Raphael
Mozart's Money - Prime CD

9.  Lui Collins - Baptism of Fire
Baptism of Fire - Green Linnet

10  Clannad - Mhaire Bruineall
Clannad In Concert - Shanachie

11  Carol Elliott -  Break the Cup
People I Meet - Heartstrong Records

12.  Kat Eggleston - Brian
Outside Eden - Waterbug

13.  Cosy Sheridan - Too Much Time
Quietly Led - Waterbug

14.  James Keelaghan - River Run
My Skies - Green Linnet

15.  Rebel Voices - Same Merry Go Round
Piece of the Wall -

16. Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose Songs

17.  Lynn Miles - It's Gone
Chalk THis One UP to the Moon -

18. Michael McNevin - Busy Life
Secondhand Story -

19.  David Wilcox - East Ashville Hardware
East Ashville Hardware -

20 David Buskin - Folksinger Earns Every Dime
TImes in a Dsmall Town - Vineyard Tapes - Philo

21. Cheryl Wheeler - Further and Further Away
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar - Philo

22.  Smith Sisters - (Mondlock) Fire of Change
Fire of Change - Flying Fish

23.  Marxer and FInk - (Berryman) Orange Cocoa Cake
parens Home Companion - Rounder

24.  NightSun - This Lake
Home -

25. Stan Rogers - Forty-Five years
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove

26. JohnSmith - Down a Gravel Road
To The Four Directions -

27. Eileen McGann - Wisdom Guide Me
Wisdom Guide Me -

28. John Gorka - Houses in the Fileds
Jacks Crows - High Street Records

29. Joe Crookston - Bird by Bird
Albe Baker Charlie and Dog -



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