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Saturday January 17, 2009:
MLK, Come all Yee, and some New

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This morning, when Sonja Hedlund came on to begin her 6am show ballads and banjoes, she said the temperature was 21 below. By the time I came in it was a whopping 4 degrees. Yay!  Today I have a few mini themes, Cold, MLK, Songs that invite in the listener with a Come all yee sort of welcome and some new releases.

1.  Trout Fishing - Alberta Postcard
Closer to the Truth - TroutMusic
"Oh my nose froze, from my head down to my toes froze"

2.  Michael McNevin - I'll Make Do
Sketch -
"the power's out, my oil lamp just flickers,
got my slippers got my tursty woodstove.."

3.  Marie-Lynn Hammond - Canadian Love
Impromptu -
"I had on two pairs of mittens and he had a sheepskin glove"

4.  Pete Seeger - Martin Luther King on Violence
Seeds Vol 3 - Appleseed

5.  Don Henry - Beautiful Fool
Wild in the Backyard - Sony Music Ent.

6.  Kitty Donohoe - Come on Girls
Northern Border - Roheen Records
"come on girls lets go to town before the paryty's over"

7.  Stan Rogers - The Jeannie C
Turnaround - Fogarty's Cove
"come all yee lads draw near to me"

8.  Jack Hardy - Tinkers Coin
Tinkers Coin: Celtic Anthology -
"Come all yee lads and lasses near, a story I will tell to you, aobut a cold damp night like this..."

9.  Chieftons with Vince Gill - (Merle Travis) Dark as  a Dungeon
Down the old plank road, nashville sessions - RCA
"Come and listen you fellows, so young and fine"
(thanks j crabtree for this tip, which I owned)

10. Joan Baez - Come all Ye Fair and Tender Maidens
Live at Newport - Vanguard
"Come all Ye Fair and Tender Maidens"

11.  Woody Guthrie- Pretty Boy Floyd
Dust Bowl Ballads -
"If you gather round me children a story I will tell"

12.  Peter Paul and Mary - (Dylan) Times They are a Changin
Very Best of ... - Warner Bros/ Rhino
"Come gather round people wherever you roam

13.  Stuart Markus.... parody...
"Come all you folkies..."

14.  Clancey Brothers - Patriot Game
The best of... - Columbia
"Come all you young rebels and listen while I sing"

15.  Chris Stuart and Cackcountry -  Crime at Quiet Dell
Crooked man -
"Gather round good people..."

16. Doug Brouder - Silken Shores
Grounded -
"Come listen to a tale of longing..."

17.  Cosy Sheridan - Row - Eros - Wind River

18.  Cosy Sheridan - The Canyon Rim - Eros - Wind River

19.  Louden Wainwright III - School Days- Recovery - Yep

20.  Kate Campbell - Save teh Day
Save The  Day -

21.  Sloan Wainwright - After the Gold Rush
Rediscovery - Derby Disc Music

22. Emily Kurn - I'm Just Like You
I'm Just Like You -

23. Brave Combo - Mission Impossible
Exotic Rocking Life - Dentone

24.  Brad Yoder- Everybody's Got a Record - Nerfa 2008

25.  Rodney Crowell - (with Phil Everly) Truth Decay
Sex & Gasoline - Work Song/ Yep records

26. Marica Ball - Miracle in Knoxville
Peace, Love & BBQ-

27.  Richard Berman - Molly
Now and Then -

28. Chuck and Albert - cut 3 - shocase DVD and CD Demo


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