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Saturday February 14, 2009:
Valentines Day 2009: Love Songs for my wedding
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Today is Valentines Day 2009.  I’ve been doing Folk Plus on Saturdays for over 16 years now and I havn't ever succumbed to two hours of love songs on Valentines week. But today is different, and I will explain why.

This kind of music has been a backbone of pleasure for my whole life; acting as my confident, therapist, and soul builder. It's no surprise that some of my deepest relationships revolve around this world of folk music.  I want to share with listeners one special relationship that began rooted in this music and developed into what is now beginning its 14th year.   It is after many journeys of struggle and successes together, that John Webber and I decided to marry this Valentines Day.

As many of you know  my body cannot process a roomful of personal product fragrances, cleaning chemicals, fragrances and other vocs without relying on a respirator, which isn’t a very gracious wedding accessory.  So, how could I have the traditional wedding ceremony with friends and family attending. We had discussed simply going to our town mayor and announce it in retrospect. Then we came upon the idea of celebrating on the radio so friends and family could attend virtually.

WJFF has stuck by accommodating my chemical intolerance disability by keeping the station green, fragrance and chemical free. Each week staff abides by the signs here so that I will not be forced to breathe anything that would make me have difficulties, for I can’t be live on the air while wearing a respirator. WJFF has allowed me to continue to volunteer doing something I love, that is, bringing contemporary folk to you on a weekly basis. So this venue became the logical and perfect idea.

What began as an accommodation at first has developed into a rather unique and fun cyber-wedding. The whole show will be available will be available later on the archive site for those who missed it in real time. There will also be videos at the site  and after the ceremony the phone lines will be open for an interactive cyber wedding toasts and comments for those who would like to call in.  We have also created a facebook page, accessable by anyone wishing to post a comment or wishes.  Look for Page Webber Wedding at

We admit it’s a bit less traditional than “registering” but it is far cheaper, more interesting and builds community.

The adaptation for an on air wedding also accommodates my family and friends who, due to issues of timing, weather and health may not have been able to attend a traditional wedding anyway. Having it on air makes it possible for everyone "attend" from  the comfort of rooms in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.

Jeffersonville Mayor Ed Justus will be here sometime after noon and we will hold our on air ceremony then.  He has graciously agreed to use fragrance free products for the occasion.

So for today's Folk Plus, John and I chose the selections.  We will play love songs and quotes until the Mayor Ed Justus, arrives to conduct the ceremony.

Thanks to Padma for sending some quotes on love and marriage from Sun magazine , to Joe Befumo who personally obtained a song I wanted to play from e-bay, and for those who sent or suggested music.

Lots of love and thoughts. You can listen to the service here: or

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[minute markers for the audio]

1. Garnet Rogers - All That Is 345
All That Is -  Red House
"may your love be a shelter to the ending of your days"


2. David Roth - Rising in Love 248
Rising in Love - Folk Erz


3. Hugh Blumenfeld - A Wedding Song 345
Barehanded - 1 800 PrimeCD 

Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.
Karl Roberts, age five

In 1927, when he began his courtship of Dorothy Thompson, Sinclair Lewis followed her across Europe, all the way to Moscow. At Moscow Airport . . . the press was waiting to greet him. “What brought you to Russia?” Lewis was asked.
    “Dorothy,” he said.
    “We mean, what’s your business here?” the press persisted.
    “Dorothy,” said Lewis.
    “You misunderstand. What do you plan to see in Russia?”
    “Dorothy,” said Lewis.

Bartlett’s Book of Anecdotes

4. James Gordon - My Stars, Your Eyes 356
Newly written, sent in by James for the occasion. Thanks James.
"My starts, your eyes, jupitor and mars, I'm a lucky guy"

5. Neal and Leandra - I'm Rich 408
Stranger to My Kin - Red HOuse
Suggested by Sonny Ochs, not known for airing Love Songs, but this one is an exception.
"your love is the water I waded into..."

6. Kate Wolf - Give Yourself to Love 337
The Wind Blows Wild - Kaleidoscope Records

Dave Carter with Tracy Grammer - Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love 424
When I Go - Signature Sounds
Intoduced and chosen by John "I can barely even say the title of this song without tears coming to my eyes... "

[32:20]  Following Dave and Tracy, John read a quote from Garrison K

A good relationship comes down to conversation and sex and good manners, I suppose. And if you can continue your conversation and your bawdiness and your good manners for more than ten years, then you’re doing awfully well. Conversation is the truest barometer in a relationship, and when you’re not moved to open your heart to your lover, something’s wrong that needs fixing. We all know that. And yet it’s a fabulous gift, true conversation. The world is full of cant and rote and reflexive chatter; good talk is pure gold, and it’s what lovers need from each other.

Garrison Keillor


8. Jerry Vale - This Day of Days 222
Insisted upon by my mum. WJFF volunteer Joe Befumo scoured the internet and Ebay for a copy. Found one just several miles from his towna nd bought it as a wedding gift! My folks IMed during the show to say that every day is "this day of days" for them. They were listening in Ft Myers Florida.

Jambalaya host Jesse Ballew (who agreed to come in early to help) read a comment called in from Damascus Pa, by Andrea Henley-Heyn , to relay another quote from Garrison Keillor - "Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn"

9. Elton John - Your Song 404
One of John's favorite love songs


Call from Vienna, Austria - Melanie Henley-Heyn, "I am in fact sitting here with my fiance, and we are working on our budget and we thought My God, maybe we should do it on the radio.... given the economy we think this in an excellent, excellent plan...I am just all full of goosebumps"

10. Stan Rogers - 45 Years  329
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove
One of John's favorites.


Another call from "Felice" in Middletown, "I hope I didn't miss the ceremony" She is also struggling with chemical intolerance, having quit her job because of it. She thanked WJFF for making accommodations "everybody would have lost out a lot if you were not on the air". She went on to say that not many people with under the trails and t of chemical illness. We discussed how it can be lonely and many who start as a couple and get this, dont stay as couples.  47 mintues


11. David Stoddard - 3/4 Time  315
Get Off My Lawn -


Farmer Jeff IMed in and host Jesse Ballew read his comment, in reference to a former call commenting on Garrison Keillor's quote: "Super grats, but we also love great sex, ~beats corn anytime"


12. Beatles - All You Need is Love   348
The Beatles - Capitol
My daughter, attending Syracuse and listening in her dorm IMed "Love is all you need, (and financial aid)"


A fragrance free friend from high school came in with her oldest daughter with some champagne and delivered it on the air. "Imagine, married, after all this time" She now teaches locally and recounted how she has enjoyed switching to non fragrant products. She teaches in Pa, and recounted a story who had a student with an asthma attack, just that week in her class, from sprayed fragrance.


13. Rodney Crowell - Love is All I Need  520
The Houston Kid - Sugar Hill

[Just after noon]

E mail from some "wedding crashers", longtime listener of Folk Plus - Michael - "Congratulations"
You don't know me, from Ca, your story inspires me


14.  Bruce Cockburn - One of the Best Ones
Nothing But  a Burning Light - Columbia
"were faced with mysterys provide and this is one of the best ones" [faded at 104:17]


15. John Gorka - Love is Our Cross 413
I Know - Red House
Suggested by my friend Ruth Huggler. Had a call from Ithaca from Andrew saying "I was holding it together until this song"


A call from my neice Jenn in Baldwin, Ontario Canada, who bought a new dress for the occasion and posted herself listening on her own facebook page.  "The day has finally come and it's only moments away, can you believe it and Im part of it.. dressed up ready to go... did my hair"
"We've seen you with years and happiness and we know there will be nothing but more years of happiness. Everybody here is listening and partacing, this is the best way to make this happen for you"


A call from my buddy Jenn in Smallwood who is also a respirator wearer. "This is so cool, I wanna say as a fellow mask wearer, I've missed so many family and friends weddings so thanks to your creativity in allowing us to participate in spirit. I also want to say thanks to both of you for what you've done for our community of mold and chemical injury sufferers. THnaks for your music, your wonderful family and support for each other." A friend read the following quote: "I think the older I get – and perhaps you are finding this true, too – acts of loving kindness, toward others and toward ourselves, indeed, toward all that lives on this earth, are the only saving grace, literally. The only grace that can save us."  Gloria Steinem
"I want that blessing to be with you, thanks for all the loving kindness you've both displayed. Be well"


16. David Wilcox - Farthest Shore 337
Big Horizon - A & M
I love the idea of having everything you need in just what you believe and who you are with...


17. Townes Van Zandt - I'll be here in the morning 254
Townes Van Zandt - Tomatoe


Ed Justus, mayor of Jeffersonville arrived. Yes, Justus, great name for someone who will be marrying you.


18. David Roth - (Lennon/McCartney) I Will - More Pearls - 310

[At 1 hour, 22 minutes, 44 secs the ceremony itself began]

19. Pachelbel's Canon in D, played by the groom

My sister Donna Edwards ~ over
Pachelbel's Canon in D, ~ The Greatest of These is Love  (1 Corinthians 12:31-13:8a)
"Be ambitious for the higher gifts, and now I will show you a way that is better than any of them.
If I speak with human eloquence and that of angels as well, but speak without love, I am nothing more than a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
If I have the gift of prophecy, knowing and understanding all of life's mysteries -- and if I have faith great enough to move mountains; but am without love, I am nothing.
If I give away to the needy all that I possess, and if I even suffer martyrdom, but am without love, I gain nothing.
This love of which I speak is always patient and kind.  It is never jealous.  It is never boastful or conceited.  It is never possessive or selfish.  It does not take offense and is not resentful.  It takes no pleasure in the failings of others, but rather delights only in the truth.
This love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading to its hope.  It will outlast anything.  It is, in fact, the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen away.  This love will not come to an end."

ED:    We are gathered here today to join this man, and this woman, in lawful matrimony. It is a decision which joins together two lives and therefore, should not be entered into lightly, but only upon mature consideration and thought and should be treated with the utmost reverence. We are here to celebrate the love which these two people have for each other, and to recognize and witness their decision to become one.

ED:     Angela Page and John Weber have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to each other in marriage?


ED: At this time I understand you like to say a few words to and about each other

ANGELA:  John, You and I have gone through much in what is now turning into our 14th year.
We have witnessed and weathered the worst times of each other’s lives.  We have also celebrated our successes and joys together.  You are a package of wonderful qualities, many of which I admire. When my mother met you she said, “people like that are easy to life with Angela”

To those who don’t know John I want to say a bit about him. This seems appropriate since those of you listening who are not family and friends, may just be realizing you are actually attending his wedding, so perhaps you should know something about the groom.

He considers staring at maps or fossils, time well spent.   His dresser and car dash are full of stones he’s found interesting. 
He will pull over while driving to get a better look at interesting sky formations.  He worked many years for Columbia University at their Lamont Earth Observatory as a seismologist, and still houses decades of old Scientific Americans and Linux journals ‘cuz “you never know when you might need an old article.” 

He worked running networks at The Sullivan County Government Center, at the Liberty School district, and he brought Harris hospital through Y2K! Currently he teaches music in Port Jervis filling in for a pregnancy leave [so anyone with a lead for a permanent music position – please call the station!] 

He is currently renovating his house, built in 1914, and can tile, install radiant heat or sheet rock tape with the best of them. If John were at your home and noticed a lose door or cupboard he wouldn’t leave until it was fixed.  His versatility can handle computer crashes, fridge exhaust system melt-downs, and differential equation homework.  

John is a radio addict and a news junky.  Don’t even think of talking to him Friday night while “Washington Week” is on, especially if Gwen Ifill is speaking.  Not quite on as serious an offence, but close, would be to interrupt Daniel Schorr’s portion of Weekend Edition.  John loves the Sunday puzzle show with Will shorts, and word games, or words in general actually.  John has a tender heart. He will cry during emotional scenes in movies or sad songs. 

He heard me first on the radio and then recognized my voice at a Middletown folk club.  He reacts as I do to the magic of a well-crafted song by a talented performer.  Being a great singer and guitarist he was quickly able to show me some difficult guitar work so I could play some of my favorites myself.   That love of folk music drew us together right away, and it still fuels our partnership and is a big part of our sharing. Hes been knows to make the trip from Liberty to Jeffersonville with a cd I’d left home and was planning to air on that day’s themed show. Of course, kids,  that was in the  days before MP3s.  Together we picked the  today’s selections for Folk Plus.

He has been my singing partner, my oil tank dipstick checker and 5-gallon water jug toter.   At our age, we don’t march into marriage with unrealistic fantasies or expectations. One of my favorite performers, Cozy Sheridan says  “before love - you haul water and chop firewood” and after love “you still haul water and chop firewood”

Knowing what realities exist, time has proven to me that you, John, are the one who will walk with me through both the daily chores and the unexpected hurdles that life throws our way. We can’t do anything about those surprise challenges; all we can do is pick the people we want around us when we face them.

And John, I pick you. You are my best friend. It’s clear to me that I can count on you unquestionably and unconditionally at any hour… to minimize my worry or troubles. You’ve repeditly shown your dedication to my happiness and well-being.  I hope I do the same for you.

 May we be as constant and supportive to each other as the examples of the couples in my family listening now in Europe, Australia Canada and around the US.~ especially my siblings and their partners, and my parents, who are my role models and heroes.  So, because of all this and more, I welcome you to be my husband.


 JOHN: (Joking...after hearing Angela's list of John's past.....) I left Angela's resume at home.....

Angela, thinking back on all the years we’ve been together, I am overwhelmed with emotions. Feelings of comfort, joy, and happiness fill my heart. We should have done this years ago!

I am reminded of your many qualities.

You are beautiful, energetic, intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, reliable, faithful, courageous, helpful, motivated, reliable, and kind.

Your beauty comes from deep inside, from your confidence, inner strength, and energy.

You are the most creative person I know, bar none.  Whether it’s planning anniversary celebrations or surprise birthday parties where everything is choreographed like a TV game show, or your radio show, or the delivery of flowers to mark the first day on the job, your drive and passion and ingenuity create events that are fun and memorable. Case in point.

There is never a dull moment with you. Your mind is always working, seeing things from different angles and approaching life with fervor.

It is sometimes a challenge to keep up with you, but it has been a privilege to be your partner on this journey.

I love the passion we share of good music, a great lyric, or an amazing guitar lick.

As I look forward, I think of the years ahead together. I don’t have to wonder what those years will look like. The example that your parents are to us stands in my mind as the ideal model of excellence. They share their thoughts and feelings and together make plans to get to where they want to go. They face the world as a team.

You and your family have helped me change my attitude from “expect the worse and you won’t be disappointed” to “expect the best and make it happen.”

I want to see the Page-Webber team be an example for our children as we head to our golden years.

The idea of growing old together is best captured in the words ofStan Rogers:

I just want to hold you closer than I've ever held anyone before

After fourteen years you'd think I could find

A way to let you know somehow

That I want to see your smiling face forty-five years from now

And now I’d like to express in song what words alone cannot with Bruce Cockburn’s song that you will never become someone I used to love.


20. John Webber (Bruce Cockburn) - Someone I used to Love
sung live, lyrics at  

ED:   John do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto her, so long as you both shall live?

JOHN: I will.

ED:   Angela do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to live together in matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto him, so long as you both shall live?

ANGELA:  I will.

ED Angela and John, since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join your right hands, and declare your consent before those here assembled  and for those listening over the radio airwaves.

Angela and John have written their own vows for this ceremony. 
John,  you may now pronounce your vows…

JOHN:   I John, choose you, Angela, to by my husband (sic) before the few gathered here and the many friends and family listening in over the airwaves of WJFF, I promise to remember this day to fuel my ongoing commitment to the strong, creative and loving team we have created these past years. I promise to use that memory to foster our love through celebration and adversity.

ED: Angela, you may now pronounce your vows.

ANGELA:     I, Angela, choose you, John, to by my husband before the few gathered here and the many friends and family listening in over the airwaves of WJFF, I promise to remember this day to fuel my ongoing commitment to the strong, creative and loving team we have created these past years. I promise to use that memory to sustain our love through celebration and adversity.

ED: I understand Miss Christine Edwards has your rings? Will you give John Angela’s ring?

She does

John place the ring upon the fourth finger of the bride's left hand and repeat after me: “I give you this ring as a symbol of our commitment to each other and with it I pledge my enduring love.”

ED: Christine please give John’s ring to Angela to place on his finger.

She does

ED: Angela place the ring upon the fourth finger of the groom's left hand and repeat after me: “I give you this ring as a symbol of our commitment to each other and with it I pledge my enduring love.”

[The bride and groom should join their right hands.]

In as must as John and Angela have now been joined together in lawful wedlock and have witnessed the same before this company, and thereto have given and pledged their lives to each other, I, in accordance with the authority vested in me by the laws of the State of New York, pronounce you husband and wife.  [139:36]

22. [139:55]  Looped organ music (created with audacity, don't you love audacity) of Procol Harem's Whiter Shade of Pale... fades into....

22. Darryl Purpose - Theres a ring on my hand 308
Travelers' Code - Tangible Records


23. The Turtles - Happy Together
Summer of Love -


David Ginsburgh called in from Hurleyville. "I just want to send fondest wishes from our family here in Hurleyville. A groundbreaking day I ugess getting married on the radio - in cyberspace with twittering and all that. We wanna see you personally and wish you our best. We are overjoyed aobut how this is going. Love the music too"


Debbie Hennes, North Salem Westchester, a friend from 15 years old "I finally got through, congratulations you guy" "This is the first wedding I've attended fromthe comfort of my bed, I have the flu. Its beautiful to hear you guys and Im so happy for you. It was a beautiful. I enjoyed your music selections and what you said. Much love to you"

"In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage."
from Robert Anderson (whoever he is.)


Karen from Syracuse, another sufferer of MCS called in with good wishes. She thought she was just witnessing and not participating.

At this point we had difficulty getting the third telephone line on air.  When we thought it was working, we interrupted Shawn a few times.

24.  Shawn Colvin - I Don't Know Why


Cindy from SugarLand Texas called in with good wishes. "I cant believe it, this is so perfect, I really appreciate you including everybody like this. IT was beautiful and I love you guys."


John's sister Peggy Westfall called in from Virginia.  [157:43] " Hi Angie you look fabulous!" (LOL)

Padma called with good wishes, but didn't say anything on air.

There was a request for Dr. Zhivago. Someone must have known that John loved that movie, but we didn't prepare for this request.


My mother and father call in from Ft. Myers Florida. "It was wonderful. We just wanted to call at the end of the program because we have only just got our breathe back from such a breathtaking experience, and we want tyo thank you for your love, your engenuity and your creativity. You have added one more "day of days" to our day of days, thank you so much.

At this point some audios cut off the last minute where my mother got on the line and John said "thanks mum, hey, I can call you mum"

We made the paper the next day:

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or WJFF archived audio is at:

other quotes from sun magazine

Facebook commentary and photos will be growing at

YouTube and Facebook videos pending. Look for Page Webber Wedding.


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