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Saturday February 21 , 2009:
 Seeger, Paxton,
Lavin,Gold, Ochs and Dancing

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Thanks to all who sent e mail and Ims and called into our interactive cyber wedding last week. THe marriage ws in Sundays TImes Herald Record and currently in this week's  Many aroundt he world sent their best and notified us they were listening. Many dressed up and some said that they had "never attended a wedding in their pajamas before"  The wedding remains at the archive site for those who are in  the mood for two hours of love songs and a wedding ceremony, and who missed it in real time.
Listening from Canada last weekend was my brother's dear wife Theresa Jean Fitzsimmons Page. Just last night this warm, funny, beautful woman passed away. She was a nurse, who approached more than her occupation with caring about others.  Todays show is dedicated in her memory, and I am thankful she was able to listen last week as John and I were married.

So, because of last weeks on air wedding I didn't get to the grammys. Did you watch? I bet you didn't see Pete Seeger or Tom Paxton get their awards. Neither gentleman was there to recieve their award, and the prime time tv coverage didn't include the awards I would be interested in seeing announced. But today we will hear Pete winning and Jim Musselman, head of Appleseed label accepting. We will hear about how Christine Lavin called Tom Paxton that night on his cell, as he won a Life Time Achievement award.
Also today we will hear Sonny Ochs speak aobut her brother Phil Ochs who was honored this week in Memphis. 
Today is also the winter blues dance for WJFF and I will air some songs aobut dancing and some songs that make you wanna dance.
Welcome to Folk Plus for Februrary 21, 2009.


1. Pete Seeger- Nameless Banjo Riff .38 - At 89 - Appleseed 

2.  Jim accepting Pete's award
Jim Mussleman of Appleseed recordings accepted the award for Pete on the pre-telecast webcast. Here is the announcement as it happened, followed by Jim reading a very short statement from Pete.  Thanks to Steve Ramm for a heads up on that link about 2 hours and 13 minutes into the grammy feed on the web at
"Keep singing songs of hope and social justice. Music can change the world."

3.  Pete Seeger - False From True - At 89 - Appleseed

Pete Seeger told our localTimes Herald-Record  "Oh no, good gosh," He felt that the other nominees deserved to win. "I feel like apologizing to them," he said. 
This was the third Grammy nomination for Seeger,  who won a "Best Traditional Folk Album" Grammy for his 1996 CD, "Pete." The 2003 2-CD set by Pete Seeger & Friends, "Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Volume 3," on Appleseed was a nominee for "Best Traditional Folk Album." 

4 & 5. Pete Seeger - Pete's Greeting .32 & Visiions of Children 2:12
At 89 - Appleseed

6 & 7. Pete Speaks about Involvement 0.13 & Or Else! 3:20
At 89 - Appleseed

Our joyful congratulations to Tom and Pete, as well as the other Grammy  nominees in the folk categories and the many, many worthy musicians who escaped Grammy recognition!  ~ Alan Edwards -  Appleseed Recordings


Tom Paxton won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys. Former recipients include some of the most famous of all folkies: Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and the Weavers, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

"One of the things with Tom Paxton is that while he might not be as much of a household name as some of the people we've honored, his music has been really influential," says Bill Freimuth, vice president of awards for the Recording Academy, which gives out the Grammys. "He's very much considered a mentor to many, many musicians; he's been an inspiration to so many other folks who've continued the tradition of making great music.

". . . And Tom always stuck to his heart, sometimes perhaps at the cost of his wallet. He did not go the commercial route. People really respect that about Tom."

6. Tom Paxton - What Did you Learn in School Today
Best of Tom Paxton - Elektra

What did Paxton say about winning....... "The English have a word for it: gob-smacked. It's recognition I never thought I'd get. You think of the Grammys as billion-selling artists. I've never had a hit record myself; other people have had hits with some of my songs, but I haven't. Not even close. I'm stunned."

For the uninitiated (basically, anybody who doesn't have a subscription to Sing Out! magazine), Paxton's catalogue is filled with both satirical songs and serious songs, almost all of which have choruses constructed for sing-alongs. They're songs about adult relationships, children's songs and pointedly topical songs. Lots and lots of those, including "Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation," "The Ballad of Spiro Agnew" and "I Don't Want a Bunny Wunny," about Jimmy Carter and the "killer" swamp rabbit that the president said attacked his fishing boat in 1979. (That one still gets requested in concert, though Paxton is down to about 40 dates per year. Loves the interchange; hates the travel.)

7. Tom Paxton - Last Thing on my Mind 308
Best of Tom Paxton - Elektra

8.  Tom Paxton - Daily News 221
Best of Tom Paxton - Elektra


Last Saturday evening, Christine Lavin appeared in our area at the RiverFolk concert series. (You may want to get your tickets for March 7th, by calling 845-252-6783   as so far, the venue has sold out for its complete history of existence. March 7th afternoon, guitar workshop, ask about that when you call) The Saturday before that she shared the stage with Ed Trickett and Mark Dvorak.  She was introducing Tom's song "Peace Will Come," and according to WKAR's host of  "folk tradition" in East Lansing, Mi. someone yelled out "Call Tom!"  Christine asked if someone could get her cell phone from the dressing room while she taught the song to the audience.  We sang it through, it sounded fabulous, and someone brought out CL's phone.  She called Tom, explaining that he was probably out in L.A. for the Grammys. When Tom answered (Christine held the phone by the microphone so we could all hear him), the crowd went nuts, cheering and applauding. She asked if he was in L.A. and he said that he was home because he needed to be with Midge, but that he'd sent his daughter to accept his award.  Christine then led us all in singing "Peace Will Come" again, and calling out "Goodbye, Tom" to end the phone call.  The crowd, again, cheered and applauded wildly.  As Christine said later, Tom stole the show (by merely answering his phone!).

9. TOM PAXTON-  Peace will come
Paxton Live in the UK - Pax Records

Christine Lavin - Thanked everyone for coming to her show here last saturday, she sent a note to me yesterday saying " I'm doing a show with Gorka tonight -- (that would have been last night) been a long time since we did a co-bill.  Then I'm in NH Saturday night -- and last night (thursday night) Sutton Foster sang "Air Conditioner" at Lincoln Center -- wheeeeee --" [an older song of Christine's.]

But here she is from her newest cd, doing a song youheard her do last satuday if you were there....

10. Christine Lavin - The most Polite city in the World 419
I don't make this stuff up, I just make it rhyme -

On Friday night February 6th, Christine was leading songs along with Michigan singer/musiciansJoel Mabus and Frank Youngman.  She led the audience in singing Julie Gold's "From a Distance," and it sounded so lovely that Christine pulled out her cell phone and called Julie.  She wasn't home (turns out she was out celebrating her birthday) So Christine led the audience of 400 singing her song onto her voice mail.  [Bob Blackman, "The Folk Tradition," WKAR Radio, East Lansing, MI]

11. Donna Summer, Nanci Griffith, Raul Malo - (Julie Gold) From a Distance 5:00
Recorded for the 1996 Summer Olympics and sung in Spanish German and French. It was recorded in different cities and it was put together. I have a cd of it, but found it on you tube for others to enjoy:
Nanci's version of From a Distance has been used to welcome home astronauts home from their missions.

12. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss - won all 5 grammys for which they were nominated including album of the year.
Please Read the Letter - Raising Sand - Rounder
Nice to hear the small labels praised at the grammys.

PHIL OCHS - (December 19, 1940–April 9, 1976)

Legacy Artist Lifetime Achievement Award: Phil Ochs
Ochs moved to New York’s Greenwich Village shortly after graduating Ohio State University. His first album, 1964s All The News That’s Fit To Sing. He went on to record four more studio albums before, in 1973, he was traveling in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and got mugged and strangled by a group of locals. His lost material possessions mattered little, as Ochs suffered a great deal of vocal chord damage. Depressed and beat up over his lack of commercial success, he took his own life in 1976 in Far Rockaway, NY. (

13. Phil Ochs - Im Going to Say It Now
There But For Fortune - Elektra

The  Lifetime Achievent award was presented on Wednesday night at Folk Alliance in Memphis.  Afterwards Sonny, Phil's sister, organized a tribute concert of about 12 musicians singing Phil's songs.  It was fantastic and well attended. They opened with Power & Glory and closed with I Ain't Marching Anymore.  Some of the contributing musicians were:

Greg Greenway - Small Circle of Friends, Magpie - There But For Fortune, John Flynn - Pleasures of the Harbor, Pat Wictor - That's the Way It's Gonna Be, Joe Jencks - Bracero, Si Kahn - Bound For Glory, Ken Whiteley - What's That I Hear, Freebo - Draft Dodger, John McCutcheon - When I'm Gone. Maria Dunn- Chords of Fame, Zach Stevenson - Changes, David Ferrard - Flower Lady,

14. Magpie - Power and the Glory 306
Songs fo Phil Ochs - Sliced bread

Sonny speaking about her brother from a couple of years ago...[ on disk at 14:25 - 16 38 is]

15. Phil Ochs - (Lennon/Mccartney) I Shoulda Known Better 332
Broadside Tapes 1 - Smithsonian Folkways

16. John Flynn - (Ochs) - Pleasures of the harbor 601
Two Wolves - Metta Four Records

17. Zachary Stevenson - Changes
When I'm Here -

Dylan said of Ochs, "I just can't keep up with Phil. And he just keeps getting better and better and better" On another occasion, when Ochs criticized of one of Dylan's songs, Dylan threw him out of his limousine, saying, "You're not a folksinger. You're a journalist"

Tonight is the WJFF Winter Blues dance party with Annie Hat and the Vantwistics at the Nutshell in Lake Huntington NY

18  Leeann Womack - (Sanders, Sillers) I Hope You Dance 4:58
Single - MCAnashville, with the book
"when you have the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance"

19 Sons of the Never Wrong - Maybe Just Maybe 623
Consequence of Speech - Waterbug
"I've had my eye on you from the beginning...mabye just maybe you should dance with me"

20 Mary Chapin Carpenter
- Slow Country Dance 4:00
State of the Heart -
"dance just to dance in 3/4 time"

21 Small Potatoes  - Waltz of the Wallflowers 4:23
Waltz of the Wallflowers -
4 minutes and 23 seconds to ask a girl to dance.

22. James Keelaghan - County Faire 3:03
Small Rebelions -
"we danced all night 'neath the cottonwood trees and that is why the grass is gone"

23. Christine Lavin - The Polka Dancing Bus Driver and the 40 Year Old Mystery 2:30
Shining My Flashlight on the Moon -
He asked them to dance, and they always said no.

What about some tunes that the band will be playing:

24. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl 305
Summer of Love -

25. Beatles - Slow Down - Past Masters, Volume 1.

26. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Age of Aquarius -

27. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
Born to be Wild -

28. The Drifters - Save the Last Dance for Me 229
Rock and Roll Jukebox Hits - Madacy Ent.

29. Steve Goodman - Down at the Barnyard Dance
Somebody Elses Troubles - Buddah Records


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