The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday , 2009: Andrea fills in with- music from her car,
who is coming to the area, Joni, and mixed.

Music from My Car
David Francey - Saturday Night from "Far End of Summer"
                       Borderline from "Torn Screen Door"
                       Highwire from "Far End of Summer'
                       Torn Screen Door from "Torn Screen Door"
Joan Baez/Jackson Brown - Guantanamara from "Appleseed Compilation Sowing the Seeds, 10th Anniversary"
Ani DiFranco - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy from "Appleseed Compilation Sowing the Seeds, 10th Anniversary"

Upcoming Concerts - Riverfolk Concerts March 7 Spook Handy and March 22 Randall Williams at the Calkins Creek Creamery email
Spook Handy - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy from "Whatcha Gonna Do?"
                       California Cool from "Whatcha Gonna Do"
Randall Williams - Fair Weather and Following Wind from "Praying for Land"
                       Praying for Land from "Praying for Land"

Joni Mitchell Set
Joni Mitchell -         You Turn Me On from "For the Roses"
                       Case of You from "Blue"
                       Woman of Heart and Mind from "For the Roses"
                       Chelsea Morning from "Clouds"
                       Raised on Robbery from "Court and Spark"
                       Both Sides Now from "Clouds"

Folk Old, New and In-Between
David Francey - Red-winged Blackbird from "Torn Screen Door"
Malvina Reynolds - Magic Penny from "Ear to the Ground"
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter from "Home in Halifax"
Charlie King - The Dancing Boilerman from "Two Good Arms"
Basket Landing - Heather on the Moor from "Down the Road"
Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco, Steve Earle, Anne Hills - Bring Them Home from "Appleseed Compilation Sowing the Seeds, 10th Anniversary"
Joe Crookston - Able, Baker, Charlie and Dog from "Able, Baker, Charlie and Dog"

Mixed Set
Jackson Browne - The Birds of St. Marks from "Acoustic 1"
                       Fountain of Sorrow from "Acoustic 1"
Spook Handy - It's Your War Now, Mrs. Bly from "Whatcha Gonna Do?"
Full Frontal Folk - Another Train from "Storming the Castle"

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