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Saturday March 21, 2009: Mostly New

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Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings

Thanks so much to Maureen Neville who presented songs to bring on the warm weather last week. Today will be mostly sunny where the high is predicted for the upper 40s.

First a comment on the news, a promo for a local appearance and a tribute to the ordinary and simple for my mom.
Then on to new acquisitions.

1. Rebel Voices - (Roth) Nine Gold Medals
A Piece of the Wall -
Much press on special olympics after Obama's appearance on Leno.
"That banner saying special olympics couldnt be more on the mark"

2.  Randall Williams - Praying for Land
Praying for Land -
Randall is playing locally (Narrowsburgh) tomorrow at 5pm

3.  Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Ordinary Town
Drum Hat Buddah - Signature Sounds
My mom was saying yesterday that she was looking forward to routine and calmness and ordinary things, as she'd had a rough emotional week of travel and funerals and extraordinary events. This is in honor of  normal & ordinary things.

Now on to all new stuff ....

4.  Rod MacDonald - Opening Disclaimer
After the War -
Hey, about accountability - what a concept!

5.  Tom Lewis - Radio Times
These Times: Ablum of topical songs from borealis artists - Borealis
Tom walks us through radio listening

6.  John Elliott - Concerning the Lincoln & Douglas Debates or Love Found Lost
American in Love -
I think this is three songs actually...

7.  Le Vent Du North- Rosette
Madames et messieurs! - Borealis
 A live album from the folks at Festival Memoire et Rancine in Lanaudiere, Quebec

8.  Rhythm Angels - If I Had A Gun
Girls Like Us - High Horse Records
".. you'd be dead, one to the heart, one to the head"

9.  Cindy Kalmenson - Precious Things
I'm Not Leaving -
"I took the law into my own hands now Im sitting here behind the witness stand"

10. Mara Levine - (Si Kahn) Wild Rose of the Mountain
Mara's Gems-
Mara makes music and jewelry, so clever title and photos of jewelry throughout the lyric book

11. Danny Schmidt - Southland Street
Instead the Forest Rose to Sing - Red House

12.  Eric Brace and Peter Cooper - (Kristofferson) Just the Other Side of Nowhere
You Don't Have to Like Them Both - Red Beet Records

13.  Ben Bedford - Amelia
Land of the Shadows - Hopeful Sky Records
"Where you a tad bit nervous, did you have your fingers crossed?"

14.  Caroline Doctorow - (Farina)
Hard-Lovin' Loser  - Narrow Lane Records
Duet with  Pete Kennedy

15. James O'Malley - Wrecking Ball
Tales To Tell -
"theres a part of me that won't give up on the part of me that fell in love with a wrecking ball"

16.  Don Tolle - James Duane - Night Flight -
I commented that this artist looked like th actor in My Favorite Martian, and didnt remember his name...
Had a call (Tom) and an e mail (Karen from Yonkers) immediately to remind me it was Ray Waston who died of lupus at age 86.

17.  Sue Pyper - I Remember - Tail Lights in the Rian -
She can't tell him she loves him... so she loses him.

18.  Mason Brown - Will You Go To Flanders? - When Humans Walk the Earth -
With Connie Dover on vocals. ... "my Molly oh"

19.  Chris Stuart -   Crooked Man- Crooked Man -
"I took that burden from him, and away he ran, now I am a crooked man"

20  Drew Nelson - Stranger (in my own life) - Dusty Road to Bulah Land - Waterbug
"Mother always say that trouble came in threes, but if we take one more it might just bring us to our knees"

21. Steve Azar - Still Tryng to Find My Way Around - Indianola - Dang Records
"why can't I throw my hands up and admit I'm lost"

22.  Cindy Kallet, Grey Larson, Will Brown - (Philips) Going Away
A Tribute to Utah Philips: Singing Through the Hard Times  - Righteous Babe Records
A two disk release of 39 cuts of major folk artists honoring Utah's works

23. Antje Duvekot - Reasonland - The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer -
"won't you lay me down, float me out to sea, let my aching head be still"

24.  Steve James - Folk Radio - Short Blue Stories - Hobemian Records
"folk singers who write lyrics that this poor boy can't undersand"
"... they come to my town, they drive tiny feul efficient cars"

25.  Guy Davis - (Son HOuse) Down South Blues - Sweetheart Like You - Red House

Davis says Son House was asked to write something to compete with Blind Lemon Jefferson's "see that my grave is kept clean"

27   Valdy - Simple Life - Passport - A & M
"Give me the simple life..." Ending again with normal, routines and ordinary simple things that create calm. This is not a new acquisition.


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