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Saturday March 28, 2009: Compilations

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In the news selection ~

The Red River flows through several urban areas along its path including Fargo-Moorhead, Greater Grand Forks in the United States and Winnipeg in Canada. The Red is about 885 kilometres (550 miles) long,  with about 635 kilometres (395 miles) are in the United States and about 255 kilometres (155 miles) are in Canada
 It is a north flowing river.   1,700 National Guard troops are now on patrol monitoring dikes. THis song involves a rebellion in 1870 which landed Manitoba as a Province, but the energy worked well for the fact that the Red River is in the news this week.

1. James Keelaghan - Red River Rising
Compadres - Jerischo Beach Music

Playling locally selection ~
Tomorrow at OCCC Mansion House
Middletwon NY 845 343 3049

2. Stacey Earle - Simple Gearle - Simple Gearle -

3.  Karen Savoca, Pete Heitzman - Love is a Hammer -
All My Excuses -

Now today's theme: Visiting some compilations. Musicians gather for community and causes.

Respond  II  is a compilation by Boston Women to benefit Respond, Inc.  which is a non profit organization that has provided  free services for battered woman and their children in the Boston area since '74. All sales of this album benefit Respond. [By the way the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 800 799 SAFE (7233)]

4.  Suzanne Vega - Luka - Respond  II -Signature Sounds -
"They only hit, til you cry... after that you don't ask why
you just don't argue anymore"

5.  Deb Talan - Ashes on Your Eyes - Respond II - Signature Sounds
"now you only dream in peaceful blue, the morning doesnt even scare you..don't cry thats all over now"

Artists for the Algonquin  This compilation is by artists who offer their music in support of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and their fight to protect land and water in North Fronenac County. Some of these songs were written by those who live near the porposed mine site and to whom this is a deeply personal issue... All of the songs come froma dep commitment to social justice, aboriginal rights and environmental protection.  University Professor and chief, Bob Lovelace was lead avay in handcuffs and sentenced to 6 monhhs and fined 25000 for his peaceful protest against uranium mining in North Frontenac.

6. Ellen Hamilton introduces the project:

7. David Francey - Pandora's Box
Artists for the Algonquin -

8.  Maya Thau-Eleff -  Radiate
Artists for the Algonquin

Freedom Sings is part of the 1st amendment in Concert Series, which strives to remind us that the 1st amendment protects all free expression, including the power, passion and poetry of music.  You will first hear Ken paulson, Execuative Director of the First Amendment at Vanderbilt University.

9. Ken Paulson - Intro
Freedom Sings -
You will hear whatever they want to play cuz, frankly, under the first amendment we can't stop 'em.

10. Greag Trooper - Ohio
Freedom Sings -
Something about htat guitar lead starting that unites a certain age of listeners......."four dead in Ohio"

11 . Beth Nielsen Chapman - (Janis Ian) Society's Child
Freedom Sings -
"But honey he's not our kind"

Canoesongs Volume II is all about canoeing. It's volume II, no idea why I didn't get Volume I ... LOL. From their website "This is our second collection of songs about canoes and canoeing. Our thanks to the 14 wonderful artists who have made this collection so special. We endourage you to further explore and support their music. You will find links to their websites as well as other information about us at:"

12 .  Nancy White - Eskimo Roll
Canoesongs  Volume II - Portage Productions
she drew the line at the eskimo roll

13. Ian Tamblyn - Brush and Paddle
Canoesongs  Volume II - Portage Productions
Inspired by painter and canoeist Tom Thomson.  "A man with a box of paints and a canoe"

Sowing the Seeds - The 10th Anniversary  is a compilation from the independent label Appleseed Records. They have released more than 80 CDs. Their website says,  "Our intention is to present music that is mroe than just enterainment.

14. Seeger Intro... then Seeger and Springsteen - Ghost of Tom Joad
Sowing the Seeds - The 10th Anniversary  - Appleseed
"Mom wherever there's......  blood and hatred in the air, look for me mum, I'll be there"
"wherever they 're fighting for a place to stand, a decent  job, a helping hand, fight to be free - look in their eyes mom, you'll see me"

15.  Jackson Browne and Joan Baez - Guantanamera
Sowing the Seeds - The 10th Anniversary
Amazing names on this collection.... Peggy Seeger, Billy Bragg, Ani Defrance, Anne Hills, Dick Guaghan, Donovan, Al Stewart, Bruce Cockburn... on and on.. songs of social justice.

George Mann teamed up with Julius Marglin and have released four in their series:
Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Years
Hail to the Theif II: Songs to Send Bush Packing
Hail to the Theif III: Songs to take our country back
Hail to the Theif IV: Farewell to the Thief [dedicated to Utah Phillips 1935 - 2008]

16.   Garnet Rogers - Jr
Farewell to the Thief! (Volume IV) -
"have your phoney war, but not in my name"  "you don't speak for me"

17.  Roy Zimmerman - Glory Bound Train
Farewell to the Thief! (Volume IV) -
"and that concludes my statement members of the hard hitting press"

Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary.  4-Hours of Music, and a booklet of photos and memories and notes. Its a 4 CDs compilation. You can hear Phil Ochs or Pete Seeger singing ballads at the very first Festival in 1962, or later dates with Great Big Sea and Nickel Creek . Richard Thompson, Nanci Griffith, Mississippi John Hurt and David Bromberg, John Prine, Taj Mahal, Arlo Guthrie and over fifty more great artists. Theres some videos on the disks and the set includes a 58-page book with music notes, artist profiles and history of the Festival in both stories and rare photos.

18. Richard Thompson - Bee's Wing - Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary- Sliced Bread
"as long as there's no price on love, I'll stay and you wouldn't want me any other way"
"but even a gypsy caravon was too much settling down"
"a price to pay for the chains you refuse"
"I miss her more than words can say, if i could just taste some of her wildness now... I wouldnt want her any other way"

Borealis is a canadain company of canadian artists.. Their website says "It was formed in 1996 to answer a need in Canada's musical spectrum: to create an artist-friendly home for Folk and Roots music."  Their roster includes almost 40 artists and a catalogue of nearly 100 titles. The compilation These Times is a compilation of topical songs from these artists

19. Terry Tufts - Dirtly Little War 425 - These Times - Borealis
"I don';t want to fight no more, that's not what we were made for
Take this dirty little war, move it along..."

20. Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop - No More Fish 406 - These Times - Borealis
"What will become of people now, try to build a life somehow, hard hard time are back again"

Woodsongs Old Time is at
Features a live-audience, internationally syndicated show broadcast on over 400 radio stations. It is hosted by folksinger Michael Johnathon. They tape over 40 shows a year almost every Monday at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington, Kentucky.  Michaels site has CD releases on PoetMan records of those who have appeared at the venue.

21.  Dar Williams - One Who Known - Best of Woodsongs - Vol. 3

Before Their Time is a compilation to honor the memories of those who died young. All proceeds go to the Hospice VHN (vt and NH) and the Youth Suicde Prevention Associaiton.  The project makes the road from Mourning to Morning, less difficult.

22. Tom Paxton - No TIme to Say Goodbye
Before their Time Vol. I -

21 young adult musicians chose to got busy living when affected by cancer, and made a cd in 2007. From their webstie " Now when you scream, "I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS!", at least you'll know you're not alone. (There's over a million of us in the US right now!) So welcome to your life + cancer; where remission is not a cure and survivorship is all that matters. Now get busy living!

23. David Bailey- One More Day
I'm Too Young for This -
"you might have years of tears behind you, but right now youve got one more day"

24. Laura HIggins - 27 days
I'm Too Young for This -
"don't tell me you think Ill be fine, dont tell your friends you think Im stronger than I am"

The Disabled in Action of NYC have several release at :

25. The Disabled in Action Singers - Fishing is Free
And the parking Spots are Nothing But the best -
"dont you wish that you were disabled" obviously tongue in cheek

Terry Eagen has planned concerts and this compilation to earn money for a garden outside the Deaconess-Waltham Hospital in Waltham, Ma. for patients to enjoy nature as they heal.   Family, Friends and Neighbors: A musical Trubute to Mary Eagan.  Photos of the garden and more information can be found at:

26.  Geoff Bartley - One Kind Word
Family, Friends, and Neighbors: A musical tibute to Mary Eagan
It don't take much to wag my tail"

Hands Across The Water is a benefit cd for children of the tsunami.

27. Jon Randall - Get Throught it
Hands Across the Water
-  Compass
You can't avoid it, go round it, jump over it, outlast it, fight it, lose it, believe it, undo it, get over it.... just get through it.

Proceeds from the Silverwolf Homeless Project go to The National Coalition For the Homeless and Habitat For Humanity.
Billed as a "Homeless-specific song-cycle," The Silverwolf Homeless Project compiles 16 cuts from artists including Cheryl Wheeler, John Gorka, Tom Paxton, and Ani DeFrance with  assorted factoids and pictures of homeless people included in the accompanying booklet.
Homeless Project -

28. John McCutcheon - Room Here for Another
Silverwolf Homeless Project- Silverwolf
Seems like the poorer you are, the more generous you get.... just my observation.
"the cops leave us alone here back of murphy's body shop, and when the weather gets this bad, the old man leaves one car unlocked"
"i scrounge for scraps of human kindness out here on the street"

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