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Saturday April 4, 2009: New Issue of Sing Out  Highlights

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Highlights from the new March, April, May 2009 issue of Sing Out! Magazine.

1. Jeni & Billy - Tazewell Beauty Queen
Jewell Ridge coal - Jewell Ridge Coal
"if you don't mind a summer in a place as black as hell"
SIng Out: "a song of youthful hopes that manage to bloom in barren places, you don't know whether to celebrate the couple's dreams or wail for the likelihood they'll be crushed.'

2. Robin and Linda Williams - I'm Invisible Man
Buena Vista - Red House
"You judge me cuz Im two pay checks shy of rent
Im your sister Im your mother...I fought in Vietnam and Iraq....Ive falling into the vaste unseen"
Sing Out: " a wrenching song that puts a human face on the homeless people we see in every big city and small town..."

3.  Caroline Doctorow - Morgan the Pirate
Another Country: Songs of Mimi and Richard Farina- Narrow Line Records
"had to pick up pieces after you'd been through."
Sing Out: "Pete Kennedy is as much album enabler as producer; he plays multiple instruments throughout. Nanci Griffith and Maura Kennedy along with Pete lend voice to several songs."

4.  Jonatha Brooke - My Sweet Bitter Bowl
The Works - Bad Dog Records
"my true love is frozen cold"
Sing Out: "a poignant portrait of poverty that Guthrie wrote more than half a centruy ago, but that could have been written about people we see in almost any city in our own time"

5.  Jonatha Brooke - Madonna on the Curb
The Works - Bad Dog Records
"On the curb of a city pavement by the ash and garbage cans"
Sing Out:  "one of the most moving songs... poigant portrait of poverty that Buthrie wrote more than half a centruy ago, but that could have been written about people we see in almost any city in our own time."

6. Pete Seeger - Intro, and then If It Can't Be Reduced
Pete Seeger at 89 -Appleseed
 24 great words.... "If it can't be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recy led or composted,
then it should be restricted redisigned or removed from production."
[Pete Seeger won the Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album, for "At 89." after this went to press.]

7. Pete Seeger - Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
Pete Seeger at 89 -Appleseed
Written in 1939 and Gordon Jenkins made up English words in the 50s for Weavers
now, the man who originally

8.  Folk Brothers: Hardy and Massengill - Fairfax County
Partners in Crime - Great Divide
Sing Out: "nothing slick about this cd, and thats a great deal of its appeal"

9.  Folk Brothers: Hardy and Massengill - Worst President Ever
Partners in Crime - Great Divide
"gave no blame, laid no blame, just said the 'worst president ever"

10.  Lowen & Navarro with Phil Parlapiano - The Smile of a Worried Man
Learning to Fall -
"I'm not looking for resolution, so I spend each day like its my last"
Sing Out: "Ever since Eric was diagnosed with ALS several years back, they have been working as if there would be no tomorrow"

11. Still on the Hill -  Mug Tree lady
Ozark - : Cekebration in Song -
"everyone has wit and wisdom, wish you had the time to read them"
Sing Out: "the 14 original songs on this cd are based on real people and events, with a dash of local folklore, from the area around Fayetteville, their corner of Arkansas in the Ozarks"

12. David Roth - Lipstick on the Mirror
Practice Makes Progress  - Wind River
The school custodian stops the practice of girls leaving lipstick on the mirrior by showing him how he washes the mirrors with the toilet water.
Sing Out: "After ten albums of soft-spoken songs of faith, transformation and protest, there is no mistaking David Roth's gentle songwriting style or reassuring tenor voice"

13.  Chuck Brodsky - We are each Other's Angels
Two Sets - Waterbug
One of his earliest songs, wrtten in 1981. "We are each others angels and we meet when it is time"
Sing Out: "Brodsky is something of a sleeper among singer songwriters, deep, intense quiet and low key."

14.  Vance Gilbert - House of Prayer
Up on Rockfield - Dissismye
Sing Out:  "celebrates his influences by writing each track in the style of his musical heroes."
House Of Prayer is a co-write Lori Mckenna.

15.  Jonathan Byrd - Fifth Wheel
The law and the Lonesome - Waterbug
"The payphone is busted, I'm flat out disgusted"
Sing Out: Spare powerful storytelling, deep imagery and skillful flatpicked ghiar accompaniment"

16.  Anne Feeney - We Faught Back
Dump the Bosses off your back - Anne Feeney
"We fought back and we won"
Sing Out: "a one person crusade for workers'rights, human rights and human dignity for decades"

17. Al Stewart - Lord Salisbury
Sparks of Ancient light - Appleseed
Sing Out: "Lord Salisbury was Britain's Prime Minister is 1896"

18. Anthony DaCosta- Back of My Mind
Typical American Tragedy -
"you don't leave any room for anyone but you"
"I'll see you tonight, in the back of my head in the back of my mind"
Sing Out: "Its impossible to write about  Anthony DaCosata without mentioning his age... Now 17, Anthony has written hundreds of songs, and has firmly established himself as a performer, having produced seven albums of original music and won a string of awards"

19. Anthony DaCosta/Abbie Gardner - Pocket
Bad Nights/Better Days -
"keep her in my pocket, keep her at my side"
Sing Out: "their interplay both musically and personally has the chemistry and electricity of a true duo performance"

20. Trout Fishing in America -  Always Chew Your Food
Big Round World - Tourt Records
"with your mouth shut, nobody needs a visual"
[This album was up for a Grammy]

21. Trout Fishing in America -  Curse of the Spinach
Big Round World - Tourt Records
Spinach was a delight until it had a curse placed upon it.
Sing Out: "Among the duos most amusing originals in years"

22. Kate Campbell  - Looking For Jesus
Save the Day -Large River
Sung with John Prine "hoping to re-trace his steps again"
Sing Out: "This, her 12th album, is just as deceptively deep and musically varied as its predecessors."

23. Rodney Crowel - I Want You
Sex and Gasoline - Yep
"bow your head, lift your skirt"
Sing Out "he explores the role of women in society, specifically how woman are viewed "

24.  Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - Rattlin Bones
Rattlin Bones - SugarHill
"Left my home and left my love"
Sing Out: "a set of duets with her husband Shane Nicholson, back to the country and folks styles she learned growing up the duaghter of country singer-guitarist BIll Chambers"

25. Gandolf Murphy and the Sambovian Circus of Dreams
Desire - The Great Unravel - High Noon
Faded out with this cut
Sing Out: "a true feel good band."


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