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Saturday April 11, 2009: No one sings thier own

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Some interpreters, some writers on their own, but today, no one sings their own.

1. Lucy Kaplansky - When I Get to the Border - The Tide - Red House
By Richard Thompsen

 2. CeCe Borjeson - The Cost of Freedom - The Cost of Freedom - Train Wrecked Productions
By Stephen Stills

3. James Keelaghan - Red Winged Blackbird - Home - Appleseed
By David Francey

4.  Full Frontal Folk - Seven Bridges Road - Storming the castle -
By Steve Young

5.  The McGarrigles -  Little Boxes (in french) - The Songs of Pete Seeger: If I Had  A Song - Appleseed
By Malvina Reynolds

6.  Joel Raphael - Last train to Nurenberg - The Songs of Pete Seeger: If I Had  A Song - Appleseed
By Pete Seeger

7.  Mae Robertson - Lullabies- In White Light -
By Cosy Sheridan

8.  Geoff Bartley - No Money Down - Heart that Wind Howl - Waterbug
By Chuck Berry

9.  Burns Sisters - Something Real - Out of the Blue - Philo
by Steve Seskin-Allen Shamblin

10. Acoustic Blender- Lives in the Balance - Crazy Whirled -
by Jackson Browne

11. Carey Creed - Blue Boat home - Peace of Wild Things - Axalea City
By Peter Mayer

12. Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat - Aint No Cure For Love - Private Music Inc.
By Leonard Cohen

13.  Dave Van Ronk/ Frank Christian - Amoeba Hop - Big League Babe - 1 800 Prime CD
By Christine Lavin

14. Lui Collins - Second Effort - Baptism of Fire - Green Linnet
by Stan Rogers

15 Girlyman - All Through the Night - Somwhere Different how (Live) -
By J. Shear

16.  Gathering Time- Crazy Horse - Songs of Hope and Freedom -
By Josh Joffen

17.  James Talley - Ladies Auxiliary - Woody Guthrie and Songs of My Oklahoma Home - Cimarron
by Woody Guthrie

18. Jay Mankita - Old Devil Time - Jay Mankita
by Pete Seeger
Jay will be at the Tusten Towne Hall in Narrowsburg.  Call 845 252 3043 Doors open at 6pm, 7 pm show.
"Jay Mankita jumps up and down with a big grin on his face, playing incredible guitar, getting everyone laughing. Moments later, he's doing a dead serious song with no accompaniment. Come here this guy, I think he's one of the half dozen best songwriters today" - Pete Seeger

19. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen - Tide and the River Rising - A Sense of Place - Redwing
by Cindy Kallet

20.  Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone - Forbisher bay - heart walk - Overall Music
By James Gordon

21. Laurie McClain - Give Yourself to Love - Trumpet Vine -
By Kate Wolf

22.  Vance Gilbert and Ellis Paul - Gentle Arms of Eden - Side of the Road - Philo
by Dave Carter

23.  Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry - Welcome ot the Game - Remembering Rachel -
by Rachel Bissex

24.  Cindy Fink & Marcy Marxer - Orange Cocoa Cake - A Parent's Home Companion - Rounder
by Lou and Peter Berryman

25.   Mara Levine - If I Were a Carpenter - Mara's Gems -
By Tim Harden

26. Karen Savoca - No More Songs - What's That I Hear? The Songs of Phil Ochs - Sliced Bread
By Phil Ochs

27.  Joe Crookston - Logical Song - Able Baker Charlie and Dog
by Roger Hodgson  [Supertramp]

28. Lucinda Williams - Lately - Going Driftless- Red House
By Greg Brown

29.  Odetta - New Orleans - Lookin For  A Home - MC records
By Ledbetter

30. Joan Baez - Requiem - Day After Tomorrow - Razor & Tie
by Eliza Gilkyson

31. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - Lucky Ones - Kings of Love - True North
by Willie P Bennett

Heads up on local performances
Sloan Wainwright at Hyde Park next saturday
Tom Pacheco in Middltwon a week from tomorrow
Robin and Linda Willians At Tusten Theatre May 2
Jay Mankita next friday at Tusten Town Hall


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