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Folk Plus for Saturday May 16, 2009:
Musical instruments and playing them

Folk Plus is a mostly lyrically theme based show of contemporary singer-songwriters. It may sometimes include some nostalgic cuts, spoken word or Broadway if keeping with the theme. Folk Plus has been hosted since 1993 by Angela Page. It airs Saturdays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at 90.5 fm in Jeffersonville, N.Y. and 94.5 in Monticello N.Y.  following Car Talk. Hear this show at the archive site at  on the archive page, or stream it live at

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Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings

1. Andrew Sisters - Boogie Woogle Bugle Boy - Best of Andrew Sisters - MCA Records
"They made him blow a bugle for his uncle sam"
"The next day the cap went out and drafted a band..."

2. Bread - Guitar Man 355- Best of Bread - Elektra
"Who draws the crowds and plays so loud baby, its the guitar man
 "Whose gonna steal the show you know baby its the guitar man"  "got ot play...."

3. Cosy Sheridan - George and His 88 Keys 408- Grand Design - BWE Music
"My Grandfather used to play 76 Trombones and Miss Otis Regrets on a piano on a flat bed truck all the way down main street"
[ all in F# since he learned on the black keys]

4.  Robert Preston - Ya Got Trouble & 76 Trombones - Music Man -
"When Professor Harol HIll's on hand, River Citys gonna have her boys band"

5.  James Keelaghan - Kiri's Piano 500 - My Skies - Green Linnett
During the "relocation" of the japanese in America, personal items were taken, one lady sent her own piano into the sea rather than give it up
Love that line "sometimes we must sacrifice to gain our dignity"

6. Sara Grey - The Bass Viol 134- Back in the Airly Days - Waterbug
"they are looking for their spot, I've found mine"

7. Chenille Sisters - Mama, I Want to Play Rhythm 335 -  Mama, I Want to Play Rhythm - Red House
"I don't wanna ...carry a strada...vari...ous..."  great rhyme

8. Debbie Holland - Violin Song 318- Bad Girl Once... Soccer Mom Now
"Mommie I dont want to play that violin ... I hate it and I want to quit"
" say that I will thank you when you're gone, but if youre dead how will you know?"

9.  Joel Mabus - Cripple Creek 651 - Banjo Monologues -
"Its fairly easy to play that basic melody.." "Its not a fiddle tune by the way, it was born and bread on the banjo"

10.  Lou and Peter Berryman 209- Accordion to Zither - Some Days - Cornbelt
From A to Z with instruments... Accordian, Banjo, Cello, Dulcimer, Euphonium...."

11. Kate Campbell - Yellow Guitar 318 - Monuments - Large River Music
"Was a man with a yellow guitar standing by the side of the yard... his ax is what I had to hold"

12. Steve Tilton & Maggie Boyle - Let Your Banjo Ring 420 - All Under the Sun - Flying Fish
Steve's liner notes talk about how the mood of the song changed when he used a flatpick. [written for a documentary.]

13. Darrell Scott - Hummingbird 350- Family Tree - Sugar Hill
Dedicated to Mike, a listener who is the biggest fan of this song about the untimely end of an instrument.

14. Joe Crookston - Hands Metal and Wood 510- Able Baker Charlie and Dog - Mel
"your hands on the metal make the rosewood hum"

15. Juggernaut Jug Band - Coney Island Washboard Intro and Song 107, 236 - Don't Try this at Home -
"Thimbles on her fingers made the noise"

16.  Sparky and His Magic Piano  -  Capitol Records
"Thats a terribly difficult piece, how can such a little boy play it"

This was a big hit in my house growing up. My sisters and I can recite it from beginning to end, and perhaps is responsible for our interest in playing piano.
Sparky's Magic Piano was recorded in Hollywood in October 1947.   My LP says "Written and produced by Alan Livingston, music by Billy May, talking piano by Sonovox"
"Piano music on the Magic Piano album was by Ray Turner. The voice of the piano was generated by Sonovox, an early version of the talk box. Sparky was portrayed throughout most of the series by Henry Blair. The character was later played by June Foray. " - from Wikipedia.  

17.  Chuck Brodsky - A Toast to the Woman in the Holler 637 - Tulips for Lunch - Waterbug
Heres to the sweet gift of music

18. Michael McNevin - Hob Thrasher 420 - In the Rough -
"When you got 90 year old fingers, you play the fiddle best you can and when youre stuck inside an airport, you let a stranger join your band"

19.  Rick Fielding - If Jesus Were a Picker 416- Lifeline - Folk-Legacy
"If you saw him at a festival you may not be impressed just another long haired hippy boy..."
Moses, St Peter, Judas, St Paul, Little Peter...

20.  George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps  347- Love - Apple, Capitol

21. Arthur and friends - Arthur vs the Piano 255- First Almost Real Not live cd or tape - Rounder for Kids
"I don't like the piano, Im sorry Mr Bach..... practicing is just the same thing over an over.... practicing is just the same thing over an over. practicing is just the same thing over an over. practicing is just the same thing over an over. practicing is just the same thing over an over."  then he hits a few wrong notes and loves what it sounds like and is off in a impro heaven refusing the invites of buddies to go out and play "gotta practice".

22.  Billy Joel - Piano Man 538 - The Complete Hits Collection-  Columbia
"He knows its me theyve been coming to see"

23. The Bobs - Imaginary Tuba - Get Your Monkey off my Lawn -
"He umpas very well but only he can tell"

24. Charlie Daniels... bit of Devil went down to georgia....

25. Flatt and Scruggs - Dueling Banjos 324 - MCA


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