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Folk Plus for Saturday June 6, 2009:
In Honor of Maris Hearn 1937-2007

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Tomorrow at the forestburgh playhouse at 2pm will be the third annual concert honoring Maris Hearn. Maris was born June 13 1937, and left us march 8th, 2007.  More on her biography a bit later. She had a show here on WJFF for over a decade called The Gumbo Shop.Maris began each Gumbo Shop with what she called the calendar.  She would highlight the week in history, noting dates of important events, as to not lose the memory of those more notable in the march for peace and justice, Maris' two most sacred values.  Andrea Henly Heyn has kept up that tradition, and here is the calendar for last week, on which i have based some listening for today's Folk Plus.

1. Airing of Maris' calendar for the week of May 31st - June 6 2009

May 31, 1819 Poet, journalist, essayist walt Whitman was born

2. Jack Hardy - Oh Captain My Captain (Porto Limon)
The Cauldron -  Prime CD

June 1, 1926, Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker in Los Angeles, California

3.  Elton John - Candle in the Wind - Love Songs - MCA

June 1, 1950 Maine senator Margaret Chase Smith reputiatied senator Joe Mccarthy's anti-communist witch hunt with her "Declaration of conscience" which stated that the basic principles of Americansim are the right to crtitisize, the right to hold unpopular beliefs, the right to protest, and the right to independent thinking

4. Pete Seeger  before the House Committe on Un-American Activities

1967 Sgt Pepper was released by the Beatles

5. Beatles - SGT Pepper's lonely hearts club band

June 2, 1863 Harriet Tubman lead a raid with black union troops freeing 750 slaves

6 Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert - Harriet Tubman
Lifeline Extended - Appleseed

June 3 1900 International ladies garment workers union was founded
7   Si Kahn - Blue Jeans for you, Brown Lung for Me - Threads

June 4 1966 civil rights worker James Meredith was shot in Mississippi
8. Bob Dylan - Oxford Town - Freewheelin - Columbia

June 5 1968 RFK shot
9. RFK speaking the night he was shot

June 6 1944 Allied landing D Day
10 Ian Robb - D Day Dodgers

Our station manager at the time, Christine Ahern wrote this about maris in the summer 2007 issue of Sing Out Magazine:  

Judith DeMaris (Maris) Hearn, Folk D J, Peace Activist, Lesbian, Feminist, athlete and avid bicyclist, died on March 8th, International Women's Day, after an almost 20 year battle with cancer. Maris had a long running show, The Gumbo Shop, on WJFF, hydro-powered community radio in the Catkills. Maris' knowledge of music was vast, and her music collection enviable. Despite cancer, Maris had enormous energy and an inspiring love of living. She'd be the one you'd always notice at concerts and festivals sitting right up front, wearing bright festive colors, and clapping and ... ...

If Maris were with us today - no doubt shed be on a bus, or biking to california and working diligently to overthrow proposition 8 and ensure that next year california would reverse what stands today blocking gay marriage. With tht in mind here with a Roy Zimmerman tune are Charlie King and Karen brandow.

11. Charlie King & Karen Brandow - (Zimmerman) Defenders of Marriage
On the Journey -

12. Susan Werner - Uncle John - Midwestern Saturday Night -

13.  Mark Weigle - Do You Go - The Truth Is -

Our memorial concert for Maris in 2007  featured Pat Humphries and Sandy O.  last year's concert featured Rod MacDonald and Peggy Atwood.  The Friends of Maris Hearn are now presenting The Third Annual Maris Hearn Memorial Concert. The concert will take place in The Tavern at the Forestburgh Playhouse tomorrow, Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 2pm. The concert will feature one of Maris’ favorite artists, Alix Dobkin in a benefit for community radio station WJFF Jeffersonville, New York.   In 1973, Alix Dobkin with Kay Gardner, produced Lavender Jane Loves Women, the very first album by, for and about Lesbians in the history of the world. From then until now, Alix has focused on the lives, concerns and perspectives of women who love women.

Maris participated in a workshop at Sloan Kettering where people were urged to look at their lives as a legacy and produce something to pass on the legacy they would like to leave. Many wrote stories, Maris chose to tell hers in a 6 CD compilation.The headings are: Life, Lesbianism, Country, Activism, Peace/war/hope, Cancer, Time, Death, Still Here.  Here are some selections from that compilation.

14.  Dar Williams - When I Was a Boy- Honesty Room - Razor & Tie

15.  Susan Graham White - Not afraid to Fly  - Not Afraid to Fly - Blix Street

16.  David Roth and Anne hills - That Kind of Grace - Rising in Love - Folk Era

17.  Magpie - We belong to the Earth  -Seed on the Prairie - Long Tail Records

18. Iris DeMent - Wasteland of the Free - The Way I SHould - WB

19.  Holly Near - Could have Been Me - And Still We Sing - Calico Tracks

20. Anne Feeney - Have You Been TO Jail for Justice -

21.  Tom Paxton & Anne Hills - (K Wolf) Links in the Chain - Under American Skies - Appleseed

22.  Pat Humphries - Bound for Freedom - Hands - Appleseed

23.  Buffy St. Marie - Universal Soldier - best of - Vanguard

24.  Peggy Seeger - Heading for Home - Heading for Home - Appleseed

25.  Dave Carter with Tracy Grammer - When I go- When I go - signature sounds

26.  Joe Crookston - Fall Down Like the Rain- fall down Like the Rain - Milagrito Records

27. Phil Ochs - No More Songs - Best Of - A & M

28.  Hazel Dickens - (J. Tally ) Are they Gonna Make us Outlaws
Maris used this for her program theme.

29.  Maris' Calendar for the week of June 67 - 13, prepared by Andrea Henley Heyn.


Maris Hearn’s Full List: Legacy CD project

Disc 1: My life: Childhood, Family, Me

1.        Joan Baez: Gracias a la Vida

2.        Dar Williams: When I was a Boy

3.        Pat Humphries: I Will Be With You

4.        Rhianon: Love of the Land

5.        Janis Ian: Honor Them All

6.        John McCutcheon: Calling All The Children Home

7.        Iris DeMent: The Way I Should

8.        Cathy Winter: Heretic Heart

9.        Ferron: Testimony

10.     Tom Paxton: Peace Will Come

11.     David Roth & Anne Hills: That Kind of Grace

12.     Susan Graham White: Not Afraid to Fly

13.     Holly Near: Emma

14.     Mahalia Jackson: I’m Going to Live the Life I Sing About In My Song

15.     Sweet Honey in the Rock: Every Woman

16.     Alix Dobkin: If It Wasn’t for the Women

17.     Margie Adams: Long Haul

18.     Alix Dobkin: These Women


Disc 2: Lesbianism, Love, Earth/Water

1.        Ferron: Harmless Love

2.        Sonya: Who’s So Scared

3.        Romanovsky & Phillips: When Heterosexism Strikes

4.        Alix Dobson: Shameless Hussies

5.        Girls in the Nose: Sappho’s Song

6.        Malvina Reynolds: Magic Penny

7.        Guy Davis: If You Love Somebody

8.        David Roth: May the Light of Love

9.        Peggy Seeger: Love Will Linger On (?)

10.     Dave, Carter & Tracy Grammer: Gentle Arms of Eden

11.     Magpie (Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner): We Belong to the Earth

12.     Malvina Reynolds: The World’s Gone Beautiful

13.     David Massingill: The Return

14.     Three Dog Night: Joy to the World

15.     John McCutcheon: This Time of Year

16.     Sloane Wainwright: Cool Morning

17.     Jeanne Ritchie: Now Is the Cool of the Day

18.     Pat Humphries: To My Old Brown Earth


Disc 3: My Country/My World, Activism

1.        New Lost City Ramblers: How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live

2.        Peter, Paul, and Mary: Blowing in the Wind

3.        David Massingill: The Great American Dream

4.        Iris DeMent: Wasteland of the Free

5.        Jackson Brown: Lives in the Balance

6.        Scott Ainslee: It’s My World Too

7.        Holly Near: No More Genocide

8.        The Burns Sisters: I Am a Patriot

9.        David Massingill: No. 1 in America

10.     Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free

11.     Sara Thomsen: Is It for Freedom

12.     Kate MacDonnell: Mercy

13.     Laura Nyro: Save the Country

14.     Pete Seeger: 50/50 Chance

15.     Hazel Dickens: Are They Going to Make Us Outlaws Again

16.     Natalie Merchant: Which Side Are You On

17.     Holly Near: It Could Have Been Me

18.     Sweet Honey in the Rock: They Are Falling All Around Me


Disc 4: Activism (cont.)

1.        Anne Hills & Tom Paxton: Link in the Chain

2.        Malvina Reynolds: It Isn’t Nice

3.        Anne Feeney: Have You Been to Jail for Justice

4.        Peter, Paul, & Mary (with Ritchie Havens): The Great Mandala

5.        Hazel Dickens: They’ll Never Keep Us Down

6.        John McCutcheon: Step by Step

7.        David Bloch: 13 Words

8.        Sweet Honey in the Rock: Ella’s Song

9.        Ruthie Foster: Woke Up This Morning

10.     Pat Humphries & Sandy O: Bound for Freedom

11.     Holly Near: I Ain’t Afraid

12.     John McCutcheon: Not in My Name

13.     Anne Hills & Tom Paxton: Carry It On

14.     Cathy Winter: Love Every Step of the Way


Disc 5: Peace/War, Home, Hope

1.        Nanci Griffith: From a Distance

2.        Buffy St. Marie: Universal soldier

3.        Pete Seeger: Oh Had I a Golden Thread

4.        Judy Small: Walls & Windows

5.        Pete Seeger: Take It from dr. King

6.        Tommy Sands: The Music of Healing

7.        Pat Humphries & Sandy O: Peace, Salaam, Shalom

8.        Eliza Gilkenson: Peace Cell

9.        Holly Near: Planet Called Home

10.     Buffy St. Marie: Piney Woods Hills

11.     Rhianon: Toward Home

12.     Peggy Seeger: Heading fro Home

13.     John Lennon: Imagine

14.     Charlie Murphy et al: Light is Returning

15.     Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, & Ed Trickett: Turning Toward Morning

16.     New Lost City Ramblers: Keep on the Sunny Side

17.     Magpie: Give Light

18.     Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, & Ed Trickett: Julian of Norwich

19.     Jean Ritchie: Let the Sun Shine Down on Me


Disc 6: Cancer, Time, Death, Still Here

1.        David Roth: Manual Garcia

2.        Susan Werner: Still Believe

3.        Mary Gauthia: Lifetime

4.        Pat Humphries: Old Devil Time

5.        Peggy Seeger: Thought of Time

6.        Hank Williams: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

7.        Dock Boggs: Oh Death

8.        Malvina Reynolds: This World

9.        Phil Ochs: No More Songs

10.     Laura Nyro: And When I Die

11.     Iris DeMent: Let the Mystery Be

12.     Joe Crookston: Fall Down as the Rain

13.     Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: When I Go

14.     Sweet Honey in the Rock: Believe I’ll Run On, See What the End’s Gonna Be

15.     Magpie: Quite Early One Morning

16.     John McCutcheon: Step by Step

17.     Magpie: Good People

18.     Janis Ian: This Train Still Runs

19.     Pat Humphries: Swinning to the Other Side

20.     Hazel Dickens: Won’t You come and Sing for Me

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