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Saturday June 27, 2009: Title Cuts

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This week we saw the news override each day's big stories: Iranian dissent, Madoff being stripped of some assets before being sentenced, picking up pieces of a downed plane off Brazil, the Governor or SC disappearing to Argentina,  and we lost Farrah Fawcett, we lost Michael Jackson, ed McMahon,  Its a bit overwhelming. Plus its graduation week for many. Well - I'm not commenting on any of it musically today, simply playing TITLE CUTS.. and here they come. First up the title cut of Cheryl Wheeler's newest release, just out.

1.  Cheryl Wheeler - Pointing at the Sun - Dias Records
" Here on earth we praise what God has done...and all the plants are pointing at the sun"

2.   James Keelaghan - My Skies - Greeen Linnet
"If you look out through my eyes, you'll see a different point of view"

3.  Lucy Kaplansky - The Tide - Red House
"Now I see this anger is the horse I chose to ride"

4.  Ben Bullington - White Sulphur Springs -
We have a White Sulphur Springs just 5 min from the station, the seniors there are graduating at this very moment.

5.  Sarah Jarosz (Ja Rose) - Song Up in Her Head - Sugar Hill
Evidently this girl JUST graduated high school last week, and already has a review in Rolling Stone.

6.  Blame Sally - Night of 1000 stars -
"Fragile eyes of a man with a gun"                                                                                         

7.  Michael Troy - Mill Town Boy -
"school days are in a purple haze"

8.  Rhythm Angels - Girls Like Us - High Horse Records
"We burn hot and we fall hard, girls like us are like the stars"

9.  Christopher Smith - Gravedigger's Boy - Small Time Productions
"He stands in the corner, looks down at his feet, as the partners take hands"

10.  Girlyman - Joyful Sign -
"There's something wrong when people disappear"

11.   Jim Byrnes - My walking Stick - Black Hen Music
"I can't be outdoors without my cane"

12.  Pierce Pettis - That Kind of Love - Compass
"cant be bought or sold or faked"

13.  David Ferrard - Broken Sky - Flamingo West Records
" we didn't give"

14. Serena Ryder - Is it Ok - EMI
"this isn't the way I need you anymore"

15 Joe Crookston - Able Baker Charlie & Dog - Melagrito Records
" the runways they used were the runways we built"

16 Stephanie Bettman - Get Close to Me -
"get close to me when you feel you don't know"

17 Ben Bedford - Land of the Shadows -
"just a northern boy didn't mean a thing, only seen mississippi in magazines"

18 Calaveras - Green Girl -
"bringing dreams to every sleeper, finding love some day"


Appearing at   a benefit concert for the Anthracite Heritage Museum  tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. It is at McDade Park in Scranton. THe two men will be palying music from a newly released album of songs of coal mining and other songs of northeast Pa.    Call 570 963 4804 for information.
19 Jay Smar - Three Jolly Welshman
Heritage & Coal Mining Songs of northest Pa.

         Bound for Glory can be heard at  8pm tomorrow night, you can hear Tom Pacheco and Chuck Brodsky

19. Amy Speace - The Killer in Me - Wildflower
"..the lover in you don't mean the things you say the lier you hide has found the thief in me"

20. Tom Kimmel - Never Saw Blue
Made famous by Shawn Colvin, and featured in "Runaway Bride"

21  Cori Brewster - Buffalo Street -
"We followed the laws of the human heart"

22. Albert and Gage - Dakota Lullaby - Moonhouse
"hear the last of the sad coyotes cry"

23.  Laurie McCalin - Ascend -
"Cuz I don't wanna fall in love"

24.  Spring Creek - (My Love is) Way Up On a Mountain - Rebel Records
A good segue into the bluegrass show which is up next.

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