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Saturday July 25, 2009: Summer 2009 Sing Out! Highlights
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Gordon Waller has died. He was half of the duo Peter and Gordon -  a British Invasion -era duo contisting of Peter Asher and Gordon Waller. They released (in Febraury 1964) the hit A World Without Love in February of 1964.  Since Peter's sister was dating Paul McCartney they released some Beatles covers: Lady Godiva, Woman...
Gordon died a week ago Friday, July  17, 2009 at the age of 64.  From:
Asher commented: "Gordon remains one of my very favourite singers of all time and I am still so proud of the work that we did together. I am just a harmony guy and Gordon was the heart and soul of our duo. ... I shall miss him in so many different ways. The idea that I shall never get to sing those songs with him again, that I shall never again be able to get annoyed when he interrupts me on stage or to laugh at his unpredictable sense of humour or even to admire his newest model train or his latest gardening effort is an unthinkable change in my life with which I have not even begun to come to terms."

Todays show is a highlighty on the Summer 2009 issue of Sing Out!
Listed are comments in quotes from the reviewers in the issue above. According to Mark Moss, who has run Sing OUt for over 25 years, "things are pretty tough for magazines these days, what with the economy in general and the overall print malaise. As we head toward our 60th anniversary next May, every new subscriber we can drum up helps ensure that we can try to continue. If folks want the resource to be there, it's time to step up and put their money where their hearts are!"

1. Alison Brown - Forky on the Water
The Company You Keep - Compass
"effortless playing of master musicians"

2. Guy Davis - Can't Be Satisfied
Sweetheart Like You - Red House
"organic connections between the traditional blues and African American songster traditions with folk music, rhythm and bles and contemporary songwriting"

3. Jorma Kaukonen - River of Time
River of Time - Red House
"clean and colorful fingerpicking"

4. Michael Jermone Browne - Low Tide
This Beautful Mess - Borealis
Browne "plainly cannot sit still"  also SO says: "Michael is one of the many Canadian  players (other examples are Stephen Fearing and Harry Manx  ) who are not known nearly well enough in the States."

5. Jesse Winchester - I Turn to My Guitar
Love Filling Station - Appleseed
"nine of Jesse's always finely crafted original gems and three excellent versions of songs he didn't write."

6. Danny Schmidt - Better off Broke
Instead the Forest Rose to sing - Red House
"an avalache of a singer-songwriter"

7.  Antje Duvekot - Ragdoll Princes & Junkyard Queens
The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer - Black Wolf
this release "qualitfies her place among the most notable contmeporary singer-songwriters"

8.  Gretchen Peters with Tom Russell - Guadalupe
One to the hand  One To the Heart - Frontera/Scarlet Letter
" a stunning collection of mostly western -themed songs"

9. Ben Bullington- Twangy Guitar
White Sulphur Spings -
"he captures the essonce of farmers, drifters, frivers, and just plain working folks better than any songwriter Ive heard in many a year, and he does so with poetic skill........." "soon you feel intimately involved"

10. Tom Rush - (Mentor Williams) Drift Away
What  I Know - Appleseed
Tom says in liner notes that he wanted to cover this cut differently than the rock n roll known cover.. here he adds cello and its slower and simpler.

11.  Pierce Pettis - Something For the Pain
That Kind of Love - Compass
"We take refuge in his hope" " sitting doewn to a Peirce Pettis record is kind of like settling yourself into church"

12. Ben Bedford - Twenty One
Land of the shadows - Hopeful Sky
"Bedford gets it, he turns history into compelling and poetic drama."

13. Annabelle Chvosteck - Resilience
Resilience - Borealis
"formerly of the Wailin' Jennys... a great opportunity to get to know this talented writer and artist"

14. Priscilla Herdman - (Kate Rusby) Underneath the Stars
Into the Stars - Stardreamer
"her voice just gets better with age"

15. Cosy Sheridan- The Story of Longing
Eros - WInd River
Cosy Sheridan posses an eccentric muse, or perhaps it possesser her."

Debra Cowan - Yon Green Valley
Fond Desire Farewell - Falling Mountain
"many of the songs are rooted in either traditional British Folk music or in the British folk-rock revival. ... contemporary offerings.. Richard Thompson, Steve Tilston, Chris Moore, Nic Jones... Bill Caddick..."
In her liner notes for this cut, Debra says she admires the outlook of the young lady in the song and particularly her parting shot " A contented mind bears no slavery"

David Stoddard - Parfrey's Glen
Get off my Lawn -
"a humorous entertainer and songwriter with solid guitar and piano chops"

JIm Bizer of Yellow Room Gang - Happy New Day
Happy New Day, Yellow Room Gang Vol 2 - Yellow Room
"a collective of accomplished michiga-area songwriters who meet for a montly songwriters circle."

Magpie - Before the Morning Sun
In This World - Sliced Bread
"delicious combination of Greg's fingersyle guitar playing, the pair's easy harmonies, and the quiet polish and joy of 35 years of performing together."

Magpie, Dan Schatz, Emma's Revolution - Singing Through the Hard Times
Singing Through the Hard Times: A Tribute to Utah Phillips - Rightous Babe
"29 songs recorded specifically for this project and 10 more that were previously released. ... 29 songs written or co-written by Bruce"

Bob Gibson - What You Gonna Do About Love
The Living Legend Years  -  Bob Gibson Legacy
Fifth and final cd in a series of five. This is a compilation of highlights fromt he other four albums.

Acoustic Blender - Live Peace
Crazy Whirled - Acoustic Blender
Covers and originals by good harmony singers with a political repertoire "lt shows what four folks who love to sing can do"

Eric Brace and Peter Cooper - I Know A Bird
You Don't Have to Like them Both - Red Beet
Two journalists unite to make music

Harvey Reid - Show Me the Road
Of Wind and Water - Woodpecker
Reissue of 1988 release. Notes say original release was probably the first cd ever put out on an artist-owned label.

Bruce Cockburn - Wait No More
Slices of Life: Live Solo
"When he's alone on stage I focus my attention much more on the songs, both their lyrics and Bruce's superlative guitar playing.... an album I've wanted for years"

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