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Saturday August 8, 2009: New Acquisitions

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Today's show is of newly aquired or yet to be played releases.

1.  Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway
Greatest Hits - WB Rhino
"I guess it must be wunderlust or trying to get free"

2.  Tom Chapin - Upstate New York Waltz
Let the Bad Times Roll - Sundance
"we barely were speakin when we got ot beacon and broke up in whappinger falls"

3.  Ellis Paul - Hurrican Angel
The Day after everytibgn changed -

4. 16 refugees waiting on daylight...
Exxons having one hell of a year, Theyre making it clear, that I cant pay

5.  Jack Hardy - Ask Questions
Rye Grass - Great Divide
"a flood in the 9th parish ward
...dare to hold them accountable, ask questions"

6.  Carolann Solebello - Michael
Glass of Desire -
"I'm sorry for the things I left unsaid, letters I left unwritten.."

7. Jon Fromer - Gonna Take Us All
Gonna take Us All -

8.  Jon Brooks - War Resister
Moth Nor Rust -

9.  Tom Akstens and Neil Rossi - Police Came and I Didnt' want to Go
Scoundrels, Trains and tragic Romance Old Time Music for New Fangled People
Snowshoe Records

10. Tom Akstens and Neil Ross - Relax Your Mind
Scoundrels, Trains and tragic Romance Old Time Music for New Fangled People
Snowshoe Records

Tom and Neil are playing a free concert on Route 97 August 23, 2pm.

11.  Arlo Guthrie - Unbelievabale Motorcylce Tale
Tales of 69 - Rising Son Records
"what we're going to do is sing the song again"

12. Buffy Sainte-Marie - When I HAd You
Running for the Drum - Appleseed
"praying for a dream come true, like the one I had, when I had you"

13.  Nathan Rogers - The Jewel of Paris
Gauntlet -
"she put it away, so that on this day, the price of his freedom was paid"

14.  Sarah Bauhan - Calum's Road
Lathrop's waltz - whister's Music

15. Bill Bachman - This Band Was Your Band
Big world Out There -
Parady about the beatles to the tune of Guthrie's hit

16. Brett Perkins - Paul McCartney
Red Light, Green Light, Go - gateways

17.  Tommy Prall - Kick Your Boots to McCartney's Roots
National Ear Care -

18.  Robert Bobby - Bobby And Joanie the single
"at the old folks home like its 1963"

19.  Elvis Presley - In the Ghetto
Elivis in Memphis - legacy
An old favorite

20 Bob Marley -One Love/ People Get Ready
B is for Bob -
lets get together and feel alright

21  Wailin' Jenny's -(Heather, Niki, Ruth)  Intro/ Driving
Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House (Jim Thorpe Pa) - Red House
Hypnotized by the white lines... heart keeps singing the same song...

22.  Anna Dagmar - The Waves COMe in THrees
The Waves Come in Threes -
Trust in me the tide is turning

23. Christylez Bacon  on Fink and Marxer - It's the Beatbox
Banjo to Beatbox -
the human beatbox! We all got a million drums inside our chest...

23. Maia Sharp - John Q Lonely
Echo - Crooked Crown Records
people like you are never complete without a ring on your finger, a dog at your feet...

24. Naomi Sommers - Two Sparrows
Gentle as the Sun -
I can walk on water but I dont know how to fly

25.  Earl Klugh - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
Naked Guitar - Koch Records

26.  Ruth and Mikey -  Another Day Another Dawn
Waltz of the Chickadee -
My mum was visiting from Florida, and she chose that one

27.  Jonathan Edwards - Angelina
Rollin' Along: Live in Holland - Strictly Country Records
My mothers second choice "lovely voice"

28.  Liz Meyer - Trust Me
King Easy Radio Sampler Vol 5 -
Trust me to give my heart when its not wanted....
my love will be your lifeboat

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