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Saturday August 22, 2009: Health Care and not so healthy care

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Health care talk seems more prevalent that actual health care these days. Today's show is about practicing Health Care and not so healthy care.

1. Eric Levine - National Health Insurance Talking Blue
The Disable In Action Singers In Motion -
do you have ble cross, HMO, UFO, H I P?
no, but Ive got B L O O D running down my A S S so they took me to the O R  S T A T
"profiteers disease"

2. Capitol Steps's Tracey Stephens - Ten Pills and You're Fine
Campaign and Suffering -
"If youre health is in decline, just take 10 pills and you're fine"

3. Modern Man - Side Effects
Modern Immaturity - Inverted Turtle
belly button lint, how many evenings are ruined for you because of huf (hy

4. Austin Lounge Lizards - The Drugs I Need
The Drugs I Need - Blue Corn Music
it may cause agitation, palpatation, humiliation, rusty urination, life as seen in dicken's fiction...
... but its worth it!

5. Cala Ulbrich - Prednisone
Sick Humor: The Lighter Side of Illness -
"you start with one complaint, now youve got 7 or 8"

6. Herdman, Hills, Mangsen (Joel Mabus) - Druggest
At the Turning of the Year - Hand & Heart Music
"acetaminophen, or just a little aspirin acetylsalicylic for the pain, dose of guaifenesin, plain and simple robutussin...."

7. Eric Levine - Ology Song
And The Parking Spots Are Nothing But the Best -
All the ology doctors

8. Garnet Rogers - Election Night: North Dakota
At A High Window - Snow Goose Songs
"theres one thing this country won't forgive, and thats the sin of being poor"
"he got sick 3 years ago, and he took too long to die, with no insurance and just my income, the doctors beld us dry"

9. Roy Zimmerman - Dear Number 1036924053887
Thanks for the Support -
 the insurance company letter suggesting suicide as health care

10. Loudon Wainwright - Doctor
History - Charisma Records
"thats just about all, you owe me 300 bucks, call me in the morning if youre not dead..."

11. Anne Feeney (Pat Cooksey) - Sick Note
Heartland - Super 88 Records
"half way up I met that bloody barrel coming down, that barrel broke my colar bone..."

12. Utah Phillips - All Used Up
Starlight on the Rails -
"he used up my labor he used up my time, plundered my body..."

13.  Laura Higgins - 27 days
Im Too Young For This -
dont tell me I'll be fine dont tell your friends you think im stronger than i am

14. David Roth - Manuel Garcia (cancer)
Rising in Love - Folk Era
"what are my choices?, cried Manuel Garcia
basicaly 2, cancer untreated quickly is fateful, treatment is painful with no guarentee"

15.  Beth Ferguson -What is Mine (cancer)
Dance on the Earth -

16.  Bitchin Babes - (West) Toe To Toe with the HMO
Beyond Four Bitchin' Babes - Shanachie

17. James Gordon & Sandy Horne - 1 in 5
1 in 5 (suffer from mental illness) - Pipe Street Records
"1 in 5 at sometime in their lives will be touched by an illness of the brain"

18. David Roth - Holland
Irreconcilable Similarieites - Wind River
written from the influence of Emily Perl Kinsley's "Welcome to Holland"

19. Penny Nichols - Thank you
8 Voyages of nep -
From Penny: "What I remember most vividly is my symbolic journey, rather than the medical description. It makes me wonder whether all of us
breast cancer survivors remember our own symbolic journeys more clearly than anything else. So, the question then becomes, how are you experiencing your journey;
"The 8 Voyages of Nep is a book and CD chronicling my metaphorical journey through breast cancer treatment. The CD includes 12 songs of grief and healing to listen to as you read the book.

The  book/CD t gives you a chance to think about these questions for yourselves and how you approach your own healing choices." There are pages to fill in your own in the booklet that accompanies the CD>

20. Cheryl Wheeler  (w/ K White) - Is It Peace or is it Prozac
Mrs. Pinocci's guitar - Philo
something Cheryl actaully said, and knew it had to become a song

21. John Forster -Codependent With You
Entering Marion - Philo
Im so addicted to all your allures, that when i die the life that flashes before me will be yours

22, Nancy Tucker - Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist
Treasure From The Attic - Collie Flower Records
my checkbook reminds me of my therapist, people yawning remind me of my therapist

23. Nancy Lee Baxter - Terrarium
Touch and Go - Harvest Moon Recrods
Nursing homes care and non care
"we pretend she can taste, hear, walk , grin, pretend she says something when she talks..."

24.Mark Weigle -One Less Dancer
The Truth Is -
His lover is claimed by aids

25. Trout Fishing in America - Need a Bandaid
Big Trouble - Trout Music
"I think I need a bandaid, maybe three or four..."

26. Faith Petric(Krug) - Geritol Gypsy
Faith's Favorties -

I know for sure where I don't wanna stay, old folks home...
With an Ira Pension Plan social security, damn it I wanna have some fun, ramblin renagade gramma, that will be me

27 David Roth - Letter From A Fan
Another Die of David Roth -
David reads a fan letter of someone getting surgery while listening to a cd of David's.

28 Kelly Carmichael - (Dorsey) Terrible Operation Blues
Queen Fareena - Dog St Records
"You got two or three tumors, shoped like a cube..."

29. DaVincis Notebook -Liposuction
Bendy's Lad -
the drs bill may vex ya, but it sure beats anorexia
"a fancy vacuum cleaner.... new immediate weight loss plan"

30. Dave Van Ronk - St James Infirmary-
And the tin pan bended an dthe story ended - Smithsonian Folkways
let her go, let her go, god bless her

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